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  5. "You are very cold."

"You are very cold."

Translation:Jesteś bardzo zimny.

August 18, 2016



I just like hearing the guy say "zimny."


why is zimne wrong


What exact answer have you tried? It works in "Jesteście bardzo zimne" for when you address a group of women.


Doesn't this construction mean to be cold in terms of personality? Wouldn't to say that someone is feeling the cold use the dative case and be something like, 'Jest ci (wam) zimno'?


Both the personality and bodily cold, while dative is used for perception of temperature, so:

  • Jesteś zimny, bo masz Aspergera. – You are cold because you have Asperger's(setting aside whether that's true, it's just an example).
  • Jesteś zimny, bo umarłeś – You are cold because you died.


  • Jest ci zimno, bo na zewnątrz jest -15°C – You are cold because there is -15°C outside.


Just as a matter of interest Emwue, did you really expect a response from the the cadaver when you said "Jesteś zimny, bo umarłeś"?

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