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"A rendőrök befutnak a bankba."

Translation:The policemen run into the bank.

August 18, 2016



In colloquial English, "the police" can mean both "the public authority charged with maintaining order" == rendőrség, and "the people working in the police force" == rendőrök.

Consequently, a rendőrök can be translated correctly in multiple ways. All of the following are correct English:

  • the police
  • the police officers
  • the policemen

All of these variations must be accepted as correct. If any of them are rejected, please report that as a mistake.


--------- then there are the cops . . .

Big 18 mar 19


the police run into the bank. why is this rejected?


isn't the police rendörseg? (with the long umlaut)


Policewomen = rendőrnők. Rendőrök = police officers or policemen


‘Police officers’ got rejected. Meanwhile, in normal courses, ‘policemen’ is begrudgingly accepted with a message saying it’s not appropriate to use that word anymore.

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