"Dewi Lingo went to Wales."

Translation:Aeth Dewi Lingo i Gymru.

August 18, 2016

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Why is it "Aeth" and not "Gaeth"?


See the section notes in PastTense2, earlier in the course, for the short-form simple past conjugations of mynd, dod, gwneud, cael.

  • aeth comes from mynd (going, to go)
  • gaeth (caeth) comes from cael (getting, to get, being allowed to, ...)


Aeth is the past tense of mynd and gaeth is the past tense of cael. Also wnaeth is the past tense of gwneud.


Correct, but wnaeth is specifically the softly mutated form of the past tense of gwneud. Without any mutation it's gwnaeth


Why not 'Mi wnes Dewi Lingo fynd i Gymru.'?


Because Mi wnes i means 'I did':

  • [Mi wnes i/Gwnes i] fynd - I went
  • [Es i/Mi es i] - I went

'He did' is Gwnaeth e/o, and so:

  • [Mi wnaeth o/Wnaeth o/Gwnaeth o] fynd - He went
  • [Mi aeth o/Aeth o] - He went
  • [Mi wnaeth/Wnaeth/Gwnaeth] Dewi fynd - Dewi went
  • [Mi aeth/Aeth] Dewi - Dewi went

Have a look back over the notes for the various sections on 'Past...' for more details.

(And in any of those examples we can use e in place of o. You may sometimes come across Fe in place of Mi in front of the verb, too.)


Thanks! That helps.

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