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"אני רואֶה אותו כל שבוע בבית הכנסת."

Translation:I see him every week at the synagogue.

August 18, 2016



ani roeh otó col shavúa b-beit ha-cnéset


Is the article "the" before synagoge required here? How would you translate "I see him every week in synagogue" into Hebrew?


Would you say "in synagogue" like you would say "in class"? If so, it kind of means the same thing, right? And we do the same, colloquially, we sometimes say בבית כנסת and mean בבית הכנסת, also בבית ספר instead of בבית הספר, but I think we only do it with construct location names.


It would be translated to: אני רואה אותו כל שבוע בבית כנסת (without ה הידיעה). I believe that both are correct but The Synagogue is much more common that just Synagogue.


I also left out the "the" and was graded as incorrect...


"i see him all week...?" Isn't that correct?


I think you need to add the definite article to make it "all week":

<pre> כל השבוע </pre>

Otherwise, the meaning is "every":

<pre> כל שבוע </pre>

That's the way it works in Arabic, and I'm pretty sure that's how it works in Hebrew, too.


can mean weekly " כל שבוע


Yes. "Weekly" pretty much means the same thing as "every week".


The word 'temple' is often used in English to refer to synagogue, eg. "I see him every week when I go to temple".


My question relates to the word 'Knesset' as referring to the Israeli legislative chamber and how you differentiate the two:


My guess is that 'Bet Ha-Knesset' means synagogue while just plain 'Knesset' means the Knesset. Is that correct or is there a better way to distinguish these two? Or is context the only real distinction?


It would be unusual in English to say, "I see him every week at(in) the synagogue" unless it was clear in the sentence that it was a specific synagogue, for example, "I see him every week at the synagogue around the corner" (or "on Main Street"). Otherwise, one would just say "I see him every week in synagogue. It's a bit ridiculous to say that an answer is wrong in English, when it is actually a more correct translation.


what is the difference between כל שבוע and בכל שבוע? don't they both mean every week? Also, with regard to the ה before כנסת - in english we say "in synagogue" meaning the synagogue that we both go too... i see him in synagogue or schul... every week... we would NOT say i see him in the synagogue


I see him at the synagogue is equally correct

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