Duo Lingo is stuck :(

I can not access new lessons in Spanish. I can go to the old ones are redo them just fine. However, I can not open any new lessons. I have sent a email to Duo Lingo but have not heard anything back. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Cheers

August 18, 2016


The problem is the last skill you have done.

You have to redo all the lessons of that skill, but not with time practicising or strenghten, but only the lessons redoing on itself.

When you redo the lesson with the problem, you are free to go to the next skill.

It is a known problem that occurs in different trees.

August 18, 2016

Yes you are correct. Thanks

August 19, 2016

can say is that I had been so well but you just refresh away

August 18, 2016

Hello mshutze, it could be that you cannot access any new lessons because you haven't completed a skill necessary to unlock the new ones...that would be the only reason I can think of. For instance, if you have two skills left before you can unlock the new checkpoint, and you've only done the second one, you have to complete the first one before you can unlock more. :) Hope this helped!

Also, can you please move this conversation to 'Troubleshooting' just edit your conversation, and change the topic to troubleshooting by pressing the topic button, thanks!

August 18, 2016

Thank you your suggestion worked and I have moved the conversation :)

August 19, 2016

Cannot access lessons. Go to redo and the message "Aw Snap" appears. Unable to restart. Any suggestions other than what Duolingo advises and does not work?

August 20, 2016

Ditto in French. Is there no-one listening.....? I know it is free, but this frustration is REALLY stressful.

May 5, 2017

Cannot access lesson. Keeps offering me a test, for which I don't have enough gems, or to sign up and pay. I say 'no thank you' and try the lesson again, but get the same message every time.

December 13, 2018
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