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"Nine is an important number to me."

Translation:Dziewięć to ważna liczba dla mnie.

August 18, 2016



Why this is not correct: "Dziewięć jest ważną liczbą dla mnie"


Seems more or less okay, added.


Why doesn't this work? "Dziewięć jest ważnym numerem dla mnie"


OK, that probably should work, so added it.. But generally, in maths, "number" = "liczba". "Numer" is mostly an ordinal number, like number of the house, of a locker, of a room, reservation, order etc. Also a telephone number.

So your version sounds so-so, it's rather on the verge of acceptability. But okay.


If it was, say, your father's unit number in the marines, or your old house number, or something else, would you say "…ważnym numerem dla mnie" in that case?


Frankly I still would, personally, probably use "liczbą", because even if "7" was my locker's number, house's number and my number on the list of the class, it's still "moją szczęśliwą liczbą". (my lucky number).

The only situation, when at least right now I think I'd use "numerem" is a telephone number, like for example my old number from the telephone I lost.


Hmm.. Why doesn't 'dziewięć dla mnie to ważna liczba' work? Is this completely wrong or does it just sound really bad?


Sounds about as bad as its English word-by-word translation.


OK. I need to rant here for a few seconds. One my pet peeves with this course is being expected to know, without any contex, what is the most important idea in a sentence and to put it in the correct position in the Polish sentence ( i.e., do not use the English word order as a guide.). The other is expecting to know what "sounds bad" in Polish without much explanation of what "sounds bad" means in any given situation. I tried what Philipp88107 proposed because in other sentences "dla mnie" seems to work fine in Polish in the interior of the sentence, even when the English version would have it at the end. In this sentence, however, it now sounds as bad as the English version. In fact, it is so bad that it cannot be correct and is not an acceptable Polish sentence. After working on this course for about two years, I have not developed an "ear" for what sounds good/bad in Polish. It is frustrating to say the least.


I don't have Polish ears, but my impression is that in your sentence the position of "to" is what makes it sound bad. "Dziewięć to dla mnie ważna liczba" seems to be better and is accepted.


I strongly feel that a few 'Emphasis' or 'Stresses' lessons could be added to the skill tree, not only for Polish but also for other languages (Hungarian is another prime candidate). Have an English sentence with the emphasised word in bold, and give three translations with differing sentence structure. These lessons could also introduce the stressed and unstressed forms of pronouns (e.g. ciebie/cię) in a more systematic way. Different skills could deal with emphasis when negation or contrast is involved.

@Jellei, would love to hear your thoughts on this :)


Sounds great, but we don't have a way to 'bold' a word in a sentence :| We hope to be able to introduce such things in a more systematic way, though.


I just asked my polish workmate and he said "Liczba dziewięć jest dla mnie ważna" this would be "the number nine is important to me" Seriously... I'm not smarter now :-D


"Nine, for me, is an important number." Sounds ok to me, Not the way I'd usually say it since it emphasizes the "for me" rather than the nine - but not impossible.

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