"A nagy fehér autó bejön a kórházba."

Translation:The big white car comes into the hospital.

August 18, 2016

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INTO the hospital? A car? :-))


Yes, an ambulance. Through the car entrance, hopefully.


Hogy mondják magyarul azt, hogy "ambulance"? kórkocsi?


It can be also mentőautó. But I like your "Krankenwagen" guess:)


Which can also be "betegszállító".


Yes, it is a nice word. But by the way, we are also having the NOTARZT. Ez a sürgös mentö orvossal? 112 Tel. szám. Krankenwagen is the normal Ambulance.


Well, In Hungary when there's urgent need for an ambulance call 104. At least that's what the head of an ambulance station told us on a first aid course. 112 is just too slow, but I guess in Germany it works better.
I guess Notarzt is mentőszakorvos or mentőorvos. They have medical degree and travel to the scene in the ambulance.


Hi bro! The answer is "Mentőautó" So you mean Ambulance-car


It could be a big white car.....like a rich, mom-to-be or a rich guy so stressed out he needs a vacation.......or maybe it's a kindergarten teacher who feels guilty about not educating her kids.


Initially, I put "into" the hospital, changed it to "to" and of course it was marked wrong. Hungarian logic intrigues me. I understand that Hungarians say egyetemen on the basis that you can't enter a university, you can only enter its building. I'm now wondering how a big white car can come into a hospital without physically entering its building. Alternatively, is it the case that the Hungarian concept of hospital includes all its land so that by entering through the gates the car is coming into it? That makes perfect sense to me in English but does it make perfect sense in Hungarian?


------- and i put "up to " . . .

Big 18 mar 19


large and big are synonyms. is coming into is equal to comes into.


comes into same as enters - not accepted


Maybe it's just very sick. Poor car.


Driven by an óvónő? Hee hee

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