"A gyerekek bemásznak az üzletbe az ablakon."

Translation:The children climb into the store through the window.

August 18, 2016

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This isn't first sentence with az ablakon meaning through the window. Can we have a bit more explanation on this?


It's implied here since bemásznak az üzletbe is used.

The crawl into the store into. Since window is the connector - you have to go on window to get into the store.


Why not az ablak át az üzletbe?


"Ablakon át" because át takes the superessive case. Otherwise you're right.


The át is missing? So i reportet anyway.

If i change the word order, do i have to change/adapt the verb?

A gyerekek bemásznak az üzletbe az ablakon át.
A gyerekek átmásznak az ablakon az üzletbe.

Is the emphasis changing even though the two places are behind the verb? First it is more important that they end up in the store, and in the second sentence its the fact that they went through the window more in the focus? Or is the focus anyway on the children and anything after the verb is totally unimportant?

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