"Három férfi az autónál vár, a másik három férfi bemegy a bankba."

Translation:Three men are waiting at the car; the other three men are going into the bank.

August 18, 2016

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Is in+into needed in the English sentence? three men wait at the car, the other three men go in into the bank. Does autónál mean, that the men are waiting by the car (not in the car)? Is AT the car the same, like by the car, next to the car or beside the car? (nál)


"In+into" isn't needed and it is actually wrong. It should read "the other three men go into the bank"

Az autónál means by the car, next to the car, in the general area of the car.


Köszönöm :-) But the Duo sentence says AT the car. Does AT mean in or by the car? I thought always, that it means in. (in the house, in the garden)


It means by or near the car, not in it.


you can't wait AT the car, you might wait BY the car or might as well wait at the restaurant

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