"Dw i wedi ysgubo a glanhau."

Translation:I have swept and cleaned.

August 18, 2016

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"I swept and cleaned" was not accepted for some reason. I thought the past tense covered both my answer and the answer provided in Welsh.


No, there are multiple forms of the past tense in both English and Welsh. "Dw i wedi" is the welsh version of the past tense using "I have" in English. For your answer it would need to be "Ysgubais i a glanheais i."


That's what I had originally thought but I've noticed that many questions accept more than one form. For example, "I have gone" and "I went" are both accepted on multiple questions featuring "dw i wedi mynd."


I was also surprised by this.

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In English there is a clear difference between the sentences.

I have swept the floor. (ie a recently completed action)

I swept(did sweep) the floor. (An action completed sometime in the past)

In the first case there is no need to express a time of when the action was completed whereas in the second case there does not need to be some time expressed.

I swept the floor yesterday/this morning/at 4......

The same difference occurs in Welsh.


There is a possible subtle difference of implication dependent on context, but in many cases not a clear cut difference in meaning in English. If your partner arrives home and you say "I swept the floor" it implies something no less recent, and requires no explanation of what time in the past it happened.

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