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  5. "זה התפריט של המסעדה שלנו."

"זה התפריט של המסעדה שלנו."

Translation:This is the menu of our restaurant.

August 18, 2016



The speaker speaks so fast that I can't understand him! What should I do?


You should go back to earlier lessons and memorize those simpler phrases and words.

It is true that the speaker is fast. But he speaks very clearly and distinctly if you are well familiar with the words.


Really? You can't say this is the menu for our restaurant???


The prepositin used to "for" is ל (lamed), generally.


Speaker is WAY too fast.


Just wait for some of the other exercises. This one will feel slow. 0.0


I'm learning Italian and French on this platform (Duolingo) and in those languages there's an option for slow reading of the example; it does help. We should request from Duolingo to do the same for the Hebrew course.


Yes i agree. Please a slow button


I find that if I use noise canceling headphones I stand at least a 50% better chance of figuring the phrase out.


Why is this wrong: This is the menu of our restaurant


the audio is so fast!!! :O


This translation was rejected ,"This is the menu of our restaurant". I believe that this translation should also be accepted.


In fact, the provided answer was, "This is our restaurant's menu."


The construction of this sentence is confusing to me... I generally make sense of hebrew sentences word by word and then "assemble" the sentence in my head, but this one is throwing me for a loop.


זה התפריט של המסעדה שלנו.

First: ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎שלנו = ours, ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎our.
so: המסעדה שלנו = our restaurant.
The rest is quite literal:
[This is] [the menu] [of] [our restaurant]. Or,
"This is our restaurant's menu."


it would literally be: "this the menu is of the restaurant of us" --> "this menu is of the restaurant of us" --> "this menu of our restaurant"


I knew the words said "This is the menu of our restaurant." but because you wouldn't say that in English I wrote "This is our restaurant menu." How would you say my answer in Hebrew?


I did this is our restaurants menu and got it wrong


nathan87, that is exactly what Duolingo gave me, which they shouldn’t have because restaurants spelled that way is plural, not possessive.

In November 2020 they accepted from me This is our restaurant menu.


Ze ha tafrit shel ha misadah shelanu


Well whats all that say!


.....in 1 hour..... strange translation


It should be a little slower




I think even in tel-aviv no one speaks as fast as this reader


This menu is our restaurant's......... Why was that rejected?


Probably sentax. I would bet Duo has not considered all of the possible outcomes of tranlation that would still communicate the sentence meaning. If you would like, use the flag icon to report another way you believe it should be accepted.


I don't understand why it has to be so fast all the time. Give a slow button like the other languages have.


I don't think there has gons much effort into programming this course, nor is their a good understanding the needs of learners. I am on the point of quitting. The woman speaks too low, some men speak extremely fast. Many sentences are absurd and much of the vocabulary has no practical use. Why do I have to learn the difference between teaspoon and spoon, for god's sake? Or write: the elephant has no tail?


I share your frustration in regards to the audio examples. And I agree it is not well geared towards a learner to actually learn how to pronounce these words. I heard a person say that the course is still in beta.... if that is true then a lot of the issues make sense, and hopefully they fix it. They need to run a normalize filter on the female audio clips..... that would fix the woman speaker issues. And they need to redo the male audio clips as he slurs a lot and speaks way to fast. However, this is modern Hebrew, so teaspoon and spoon are valid vocab to learn. And the sentences are weird... like "my duck does not want to eat you", but that brings humor to learning. lol But before quitting, I would suggest using Memrise. Another user suggested it, and its awesome! Its like a flash card program that parallels the Duo course, and the speaker for the audio clips is actually understandable! Its a shame we currently need another app to learn how to pronounce words, but at least we have the option until Duo finally get these issues resolved. So hang in there, I feel your pain!

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