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"Việc học cùng nhau rất quan trọng."

Translation:Learning together is very important.

August 18, 2016



It sounds like viện(g). Doesn’t it?


Has to do with the position of your mouth when extending -c sounds. A similar thing happens with -p words which when extended sound like -m. You're essentially just "swallowing" the sound. Very commonly heard in songs.


Also, học sounds a bit like 'hup' to me. Seems the dot tone (dấu nặng) changes the sound of the following letter. Anyone able to explain the rule here, or know of a reference to get a clearer picture? Thanks


"Cùng nhau" vs. "với nhau." Are they interchangeable?


Learn together and with one another = Peace in the world


is viec hoc and dang hoc the same?


no, việc học is a gerund, the nominalization of the verb learn, equivalent of "the process of learning"; đang học is the verb learn with the present continuous marker, translate as "(be) learning", an action in progress.


hmm... i'm from the south of vietnam, and this is northern vietnamese so i'm not sure if it's because of that, but this sounds a bit weird to me. shouldn't it be "học bài cùng nhau là rất quan trọng?" right now, it kinda sounds like "the work of learning with each other very important" instead of "learning with each other is very important" ("học bài cùng nhau là rất quan trọng")

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