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Translation:To put on make-up

August 18, 2016



This looks like at one time it would have literally meant "to pinken oneself"?


Good shout but ‘ym’ would cause a nasal mutation so I’d assumed you’d get something like ‘ymhincio’ ?


ym- as a reflexive prefix in a compound word causes a soft mutation of the word in the second part of the compound. For example:

  • pincio => ymbincio
  • golchi => ymolchi
  • dangos => ymddangos


That’s right. I was thinking of the prefix an-

Silly me


Can "to make up" be accepted (or not....?)


How is this related to colour?


I personally have no idea but my dictionary says that "parlwr pincio" means "beauty parlour", so maybe it has a meaning similar to, uh, "to beautify oneself"? (...Not entirely sure that "beautify" is even a proper word, heh.) It helps me to remember the word, anyway.

Although "coluro" is also listed as a verb meaning "to make up" "to paint", or "to conceal", so maybe that could be an alternative to "ymbincio"? (And a more obvious one, at that.)


So, colur is assumed in ymbincio?


In the English that I speak you would more likely say 'The actors are making up.' than 'The actors are putting on make-up.' I think 'to make up' should be accepted as a translation.


I disagree about which phrase is more common. I have a strong feeling that "putting on make up" is more common than "making up".

However it's an entirely valid phrase and ought to be accepted.

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