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  5. "בחורף יש שקיעות יפות במיוחד."

"בחורף יש שקיעות יפות במיוחד."

Translation:In the winter there are especially beautiful sunsets.

August 18, 2016



As a speaker of UK English, I would like this to accept:

In winter there are particularly beautiful sunsets

(And I have to confess that I am not familiar with the grammar or even meaning of the first of the two recommended translations :

"In winter there are in particular beautiful sunsets" :-)

Possibly a glitch or typo ?


As an Australian, I agree. I just reported it.


DL must have made a correction after your post. They are now giving, "In winter there are especially beautiful sunsets." I'm in the USA, and "particularly" sounds fine, too. I'll test it the next time I have the opportunity to see if they have added it to their list of acceptable translations.


This American agrees as well!


Also, one can use 'specially beautiful'.. implying uniqueness.

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