"The milk is hot."

Translation:החלב חם.

August 18, 2016

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What is the pronunciation here? I have only heard חם once, so I can't remember it yet (and this question has no audio).


Strange, for me, there is audio for this sentence.


Some types of exercises do not have the audio, when other types of exercises for the same sentence do have it.


There is 2 leves of hebrew classes for begginers taught in Spanish in YouTube with Hoshiana official roeh david acevedo and practice here to develop the ear for hebrew, he also teaches of to use the most accurate apps to learn hebrew


How do we differentiate between "Hot Milk" as a substantive and (the) "Milk is hot"?


The milk is hot: החלב חם Hot milk: חלב חם


What about "Milk is hot?"


The same (I think--but I'm learning too)...

(1) החלב חם. = .The milk is hot

(2) החלב החם. = .The hot milk

(3) חלב חם. = .Hot milk

(4) חלב חם. = .Milk is hot


Almost. "milk is hot" would be חלב הוא חם. When the noun is indefinite, you need copula. The other examples you listed are correct.


Can somebody give me a link to learn letters please ? It's really hard...


If you would like to learn the Hebrew alphabet and how to write Hebrew (both print and handwritten versions) then click on this link. The whole series that he made covers the alphabet and vowels including how to write the nikkud.


Alternatively, of course, click on the tips and notes here at Duolingo to learn the alphabet as well. The only con is that Duolingo won't show you how to write the alphabet so if you want to know then click the link.


write it Hebrew and Hebrew flashcard app


A lot of items are missing the audio, like this sentence or a lot of pictures with new words. It is really hard to learn a new word if you don't have the pronunciation.


Although my phone has a hebrew language keyboard, it is not allowing me to type in hebrew. Therefore, i can't complete the lessons.


The correct answer should be החלב הוא חם or it should at least be a valid answer


Wouldn't it be correct to also use the articles "hey" in front of the adjective?


No, that would make it "The hot milk".


OK, that's an interesting system.


In Hebrew, adjectives have to agree with nouns they modify in gender, number, and definiteness. So "the good bread" is הלחם הטוב, they are both masculine singular definite.

On the other hand, if you have an adjective that doesn't agree with the noun it's next to, it's usually the predicate of the sentence– הלחם טוב means "the bread is good." Since it can't be modifying the noun, this is the only other possibility.


The setup for fill in the blanks is confusing. It appears that the words are following... backwards. I make mistakes because I cannot correctly figure the syntax. It does not help either that the typing begins on the left. I can write Hebrew in modern script, although the only things I can write are quotes from scripture! It is very difficult for me to see how to turn things around for these exercises. If anyone needs some help with letter recognition, as in they need a study partner, I will be happy to offer some help and encouragement.


Is there a plan to insert the Hebrew audio for these words and sentences?


Would it also be correct to write it as החלב הים חם?


Well, חלב is masculine, so you could technically say החלב הוא חם, but it's less natural than החלב חם.


how can i write hebrew in english typewritter?


No way to do it on an English typewriter which is a printing press of sorts. You would have to change the keys.

If you mean, For computer or laptop: Windows 10: Go to Windows Settings. Enter Language in the search box at top. When the selection options appear, arrow down and select "Edit language and keyboard options". Under "Preferred languages" in the middle, select "Add a preferred language" by clicking the + icon next to it. Look for your language and select it. Your computer has a language pack for it and will install it in a matter of minutes.

You can then select your main language, or just don't worry about it, because you will get a new "alphabet" icon added to your taskbar (prob by the time/date). I have ENG for an icon at the moment. If I want Hebrew lettering, I click ENG on the taskbar for the selection popup to pop up and choose Hebrew easily: שדגכךלחשדףגךכח and for čzech same thing, etc.


You can download the Hebrew keyboard (not typewriter, which a totally different thing) or use a virtual one.


Either download a hebrew keyboard, or go to branah.com/hebrew, type the hebrew, and copy paste into Duolingo.


I can't see a difference... ה‎ח‎ל‎ב‎ ח‎ם‎.


What you wrote is reversed. It's not correct.


Thanks, it must be a phone keyboard issue, I saw it correctly on the phone, but it does show reversed on the computer. That will teach me not to do Hebrew on the phone ;-)


It would be nice to have a Hebrew keyboard automatically pop up to allow us to type the requested text. The only keyboard offered for my phone is 3x4 keys and its almost impossible to type. Idea for the next update. Thank you!


je n'ai pas le clavier hébreu


i cannot write in hebrew on my lap top


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself. It's done in the language settings of your computer.

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