"A kocsma bejárata zárva van és mi szomjasak vagyunk!"

Translation:The entrance of the pub is closed and we are thirsty!

August 18, 2016

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I've reported it, but its a bit tiresome having to keep on phrasing the English translations as "The X of the Y" in order to demonstrate possession. Someone needs to go through all of these and add the more common "The Y's X" e.g. in this case "The pub's entrance"..


Good point, but as often in language, it's a bit more complicated; in this case I think one would say "the pub is closed", or "the entrance to the pub", or "the door of the pub", or "the pub door"; I don't think that one would normally say "the pub's entrance". I think that the general point is that language reflects cultural behaviour, so that a straight translation from one language to another sometimes sounds odd. (British pubs don't have guards as far as I know). Hope this helps.


"The Y's X" is not always possible where "The X of the Y" is, especially if Y is inanimate.

Also, I see your "someone needs to go through all of these..." and raise you a "someone (meaning you) needs to go through all those sentences and report the missing alternatives".

That'll get things done faster, I think, because it draws their attention to the sentences which need attention.

Unfortunately, I think there's no simple global search-and-replace for "make sure that X is accepted everywhere that Y is (but check that you don't introduce weirdness during this change)".


A rather general remark: can you one really close/open the entrance or the exit? I believe you can close and lock a door, gate, fence - whatever serves as an obstacle between out here and in there. So, a translation "the pub's door is closed" shall be equally accepted

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