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Streak freeze disappeared and streak length too low

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Sometime in the last week my activated streak freeze disappeared. However, I have logged in and completed a lesson every day this week - as my weekly progress confirms, with skill points awarded every day.

Today when I logged on it seemed to think I had already extended my streak for the day (which I hadn't) and it was at 36. When I then completed a lesson, it stayed at 36. But I have played every single day in 2014 - I signed up on New Year's Day. 31 days in January and 6 so far in February so I should be on 37.

Any ideas what's gone wrong?

February 6, 2014



Perhaps your time zone is off. If you were in a different time zone when you set up your account, that could be causing the problem.
Unfortunately, if that is the problem, there is no way to fix it at this time.


You had no activity on the 4th. When a streak freeze is used, it doesn't increase your streak - it simply maintains it.

This is your activity for the gap:

  • 2014-02-05 23:20:07 · de lesson
  • 2014-02-04 23:47:36 · de lesson
  • 2014-02-03 20:10:08 · de lesson

Your timezone is set to Europe/Berlin, +0100, meaning that your activity which appears on the 4th actually counted for the 5th, and your activity on the 5th actually counted for the 6th.

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Thanks for the explanations, but I still don't understand.

I set up my account whilst in the UK. I was in Berlin for 31st/1st/2nd and then came back to the UK. When I was in Berlin I checked whether it was still using UK timezone - it was - by refreshing just after (local) midnight and confirming that it still showed me as having studied that day, then again after UK midnight when it showed I'd entered a new day. So it must have reset from UTC to UTC+1 on or after UTC midnight between 31/01 and 01/02.

I appreciate you saying that it's not possible to reset my timezone - but clearly that has happened to me here, so it must be possible somehow. (And also, I need it to be possible - how on earth am I to maintain a streak if my 'day' ends at 11pm every night - which is often before I get home from work!)

And if I didn't play on the 4th (or rather, if what I thought was the 4th was actually the 5th), why does my daily activity still show me gaining XP every day of the last week? I don't understand how that can be the case.

Again, I appreciate the explanations - I'm just not sure they fully explain what I'm experiencing!

Edit: Oh, and in case it makes a difference - I didn't change my system time on my laptop whilst in Germany, since I rarely bother doing so when I'm only over for a couple of days. Although on 02/02 I did log on using my husband's smartphone - which probably was set to German time - to complete a couple of lessons. Could that have somehow caused it?

Either way, I think it might be a good idea if somewhere on the homepage you could see how long you have left in your current 'day'. I feel really cheated that my timezone changed without me knowing and I was thus penalised. Plus the aforementioned inconvenience of now having a 'day' which ends before I get home from work, making it difficult for me to maintain any sort of decent streak. Some way to reset your timezone (though obviously protected from exploitation) would also be good. It seems a bit absurd that a site designed to teach languages can't cope with people travelling!


bchan will be able to give you a better answer, but in case they don't come back, I will tell you what I know...
Your 'coin stacks' (and I'm going to assume point chart on the new format) is based off of your local computer time, while the streak is based off of a global time (not connected to your computer's local time.
Because of this, sometimes you can see your 'coin stack' increase of a day, but not get actual credit for that day until midnight rolls over for your time zone. I'm guessing this is to prevent people from cheating the system, but I don't know why the coin stacks don't work the same way.
I'm also not sure how your timezone is determined, but others have suggested it is based off of your IP address upon signing up.
Hopefully bchan can confirm/deny some of these 'facts'.

(DL is always looking to improve things, so some of this may have changed, but was correct last I heard).


This is correct - your coin stacks is your local time. It is not possible to change your account timezone at this time. However this doesn't make it impossible to maintain your streak: as long as you practice once every 24 hours your streak will be maintained.

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But my account timezone clearly has changed because I set it up in the UK but now I'm somehow in German time.That's what I don't understand. If it's not possible, then why and how did it happen to me?

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