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  5. "Is this yours?"

"Is this yours?"

Translation:זה שלךָ?

August 19, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Why is זאת שלכם wrong?


    Because זאת is not a general "this", it can only come in the context of "this <noun>". Like "this shoe" - הנעל הזאת. To be perfectly fair, I can imagine a context for a sentence like זאת שלך? in the sense of "is this one yours?" but it takes context. Something like: I'm looking for my plate. - Is this one your? אני מחפש/ת את הצלחת שלי. - זאת שלך?


    The literal meaning is "Is this that is to you?", right?


    Why its wrong "זה אותך"


    Because "אותך" refers to "you" as an object. When you need a possesive it's "שלך". See tips and notes for this and "direct object" lessons.


    The correct should be שלכם ou שלכן not?? I dont understand.

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