"Is this yours?"

Translation:זה שלךָ?

August 19, 2016

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The literal meaning is "Is this that is to you?", right?


Correct. ש (in this context) means "that is". ל means "to". לך means "to you".

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    Why is זאת שלכם wrong?


    Because זאת is not a general "this", it can only come in the context of "this <noun>". Like "this shoe" - הנעל הזאת. To be perfectly fair, I can imagine a context for a sentence like זאת שלך? in the sense of "is this one yours?" but it takes context. Something like: I'm looking for my plate. - Is this one your? אני מחפש/ת את הצלחת שלי. - זאת שלך?


    The correct should be שלכם ou שלכן not?? I dont understand.


    "You" can be translated as the singular שלך or as the plural שלכם or שלכן. If any of these three are not accepted, please click the flag icon to report it.


    Why its wrong "זה אותך"


    Because "אותך" refers to "you" as an object. When you need a possesive it's "שלך". See tips and notes for this and "direct object" lessons.

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