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"Tôi thể liên hệ bạn như thế nào?"

Translation:How can I contact you?

August 19, 2016



Just curious, I speak with a southern accent and I say "liên lạc" for "contact". I've never heard of "liên hệ" before. Is there actually difference between "liên hệ" and "liên lạc", or is it just a dialect thing?


liên lạc is also Sino-Vietnamese from 聯絡. In Chinese they both mean "to contact/get in touch with" as a verb, or "connection/relationship" as a noun - not sure if there is a difference in usage. Maybe it's like that in Vietnamese too?


Thanks for the insight!


Good question. I speak with a northern accent and I would use 'lien lac' as well. I am not sure as my Vietnamese is only so-so, but I would say there is a difference. I understand 'lien lac' as 'to contact' or 'to communicate with someone (by phone etc.)' but 'lien he' more like 'having a relation/something to do with someone'. But I might be totally wrong.


Some of these sentences used "với" with "liên hệ", but not this one. Is it always okay to omit it?


My understanding was that 'Làm sao' would be a more appropriate question when asking a question like this, while 'như thế nào' is more about asking for descriptions of things. Perhaps I was misguided. Can anyone explain how these two question words differ? As they both translate as 'How'.


Should accept "may" as well; doesn't.


This should be làm sao or làm thế nào not như thế nào

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