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Teaching English for speakers of other language

I wonder, is there only one option to teach English (from Spanish)? If not, how can I change the source language? I am from Indonesia and I really need this for my students. I would love to help if there is an ongoing project to make it available in more languages.

Thanks, Jefta

August 19, 2016



English is available to teach from 21 languages, with another 4 on the way.

One of those available now is the English for Indonesian speakers course. I put the link in your other post.

Edit: I now realise you are talking about classrooms. I just went in to classroom settings and changed the source language to Indonesian. However, after saving, it changed the source language from Indonesian to Spanish. Is this what you are seeing? This only happened the first time. I then change it to both Vietnamese and Czech - which both saved OK. I then changed it back to Indonesian and this time it saved OK. Now my classroom is described as English for Indonesian speakers.


How did you do that?


It does seem like a bug that it swapped Spanish for Indonesian.

Have you tried following the steps I detailed above?

I chose Vietnamese and Czech, since they also only have English as a target language. I was just trying to see if this was a general problem.

However, it would be interesting to see if setting (and saving) both of them, clears the problem for you as well.


I tried to mess around with the settings, and I found that ONLY if I set my main language to Indonesian, my problem is solved. Which is not handy at all, since I am learning Spanish and some other languages from English, and if I switch to Indonesian I can't access those courses. Is there any way to keep the Schools website in Indonesian while using Duolingo in English? (Or it would be handy if I can just switch the class' language source alone, since someone might be able to teach English to both Spanish and Indonesian speaker, and having two separate class for that.)

Thanks a lot!


After you changed it, did it not stick? I mean, once you have changed the classroom source language, are you then not able to change the language of you own account back. Or do you lose the setting again?

One thing I forgot to mention is that I have an English course I am learning from Vietnamese. That might be why I was able to change the classroom setting. However, once it was set, I had no problems.


Hi, No, it went back to the course English for Spanish speakers. Could anyone help with this?


After trying to invite a student, the curriculum changed to English to Indonesian. I guess it will not change anymore. Thanks all who tried to help. I hope this info would be useful for other people too.


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