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100% of users upgraded to the website redesign

A few minutes ago we finished upgrading all user accounts to the new Duolingo website design!

We've been testing the new design for over two months with more than a million users. According to all our metrics, this new design performs significantly better than the old one. New users, old users, heavy users, casual users, all of them use the website on average more often and for longer each time, progress further down the tree, and have higher estimated learning outcomes.

As many have pointed out, there are two features from the old design that are not currently in the new one: the vocabulary tab, and a way to view the daily progress outside of the lesson end screen. They were temporarily removed because we didn't feel they were well integrated with the rest of the features, and only a small fraction of Duolingo users took advantage of them. We think both are important, and are working on a way to integrate them better so they are useful to everybody.

Our mission is to have the best language learning platform possible, and these changes are measurably helping people learn more effectively.

Edit: As with any major change in user interface, this change takes some time to get used to, but I hope that you give it a try for a few days before jumping to conclusions. Millions of users have been upgraded, and their behavior indicates to us that they like the change after getting used to it.

February 6, 2014



this is my opinion. I really LOVE duolingo so so much that it actually became my #1 virtual language class. the thing is that, but I liked how the old one seemed... it was kinda trendy, proper and sharp...this one looks more childish and kinda less detailed to my eyes. I know you guys put effort on this, so I'd like to recommend a win-win suggestion: add an option in settings that we can choose two types of skins. the classic skin (which is the old one) and the modern skin (it's this one).


I agree. I absolutely hate the new design. It's childish, useless and confusing. It spoiled my day. I'm totally disappointed. Hope you'll have mercy and give an option to switch back to the old skin. Plus it literally hurts my eyes (especially the white coloured surface) and seriously dissuades me from doing my exercises.


I'm not even going to use Duolingo again until the design is either fixed or reverted back to the old one.

Or until Russian is added, but I don't see that happening soon.


Fixes are coming, as they have stated.

The design is not being reverted because they feel that the data overwhelmingly supports the superiority of a the new design.

Russian could be here in as soon as 10 weeks.


I agree. It looks silly. I can't believe you got downvoted for expressing an opinion.


sigh it happens. got used to it. I just got this new skin an hour ago and it was like an anti-climax. and besides, as a devoted member, what can I say: love hurts.


While it might look just a tad bit different, the layout of the sites changing is significant. The old one and the new one are essentially two different websites. To allow us to switch between the two sites would mean developing for two completely different websites. It would heavily retard all progress. We'd hardly get new features because they would have to work so much.


come on man, they're just bunch of pics I talked about. how's an aesthetic design gonna slow things down?

it's just the skins I mentioned. the main structure will be left intact.


It actually doubles the work - we push out features every day in order to better the user experience, and maintaining two versions of it (which we have been doing for the past few months) means having to design for two different "skins" and then implementing for both. Every change and update then needs to be made in two places for two completely separate pages.

Aesthetic design isn't just pictures - it is a major part of the effort that goes into creating and maintaining the website. I don't exactly think you'd be pleased if instead of a fully working page, you were dropped into a "picture" of a fully working page =P


well as a user, all I see is some adjustments . most of the site seems the same before but only the pics got changed (if anything, it lost some of its features as well). and aren't these pics already taken from the duolingo app itself too? I rarely saw new pics except for skills like "flirting", "christmas", etc.

of course, I am definitely programming ignorant and just sharing my user experience :) ... but, if there's no alternatives, then: "adieu vieux peau, tu me manques beaucoup!" (I REALLY got sad when skin got changed)


Better the user experience? Rolling back to the previous interface would do that, and solve your problem with having to update 2 interfaces as well. Frankly, you could go back to the interface you had when I first started using the site - I liked seeing explicit dependencies between lessons - and I'd be equally happy.

Don't take away functionality and call it an improvement

And as for "aesthetics" - I know you folks who study "design" somehow conclude that "pretty" is an absolute requirement, whereas "useful" is secondary - but you are dead wrong. I quit working for a company last year who drank the "design" koolaid - at the point when they decided to "upgrade" my workspace. The new furniture looked great - of course it was so noisy I couldn't concentrate. They told me we were "working better by design"; I told them I'd received an absolutely compelling job offer elsewhere.


That would mean constantly updating the skins. Plus, the team has carefully looked at the data (and I've even seen it mentioned that we might get some data soon as well). They don't take data lightly. When the half hearts things was taken away, people complained, but it was really hurting some users' performance, including my own. If their data says that the new design is appealing to the majority (which it is) and that it makes users return more often, I trust them.

It's different at first, but everyone will soon be used to it and we all know that the team is open to reasonable suggestions


I really, really don't like the new design. Buf it the team listens to the feedback, solves the issues pointed out and reinstates missing features, I can live with it.


Wish it was public transparent knowledge who the "US" and "WE" were in these posts from apparent Duo reps.


The "us" and "we" both refer to fellow employees.


My "agree" was for the previous comments about having two skins!


It looked childish to me since before the layout change. It's not as drastic a change like Facebook layout changes or Microsoft Office (I'm talking 2003 vs 2007) software so I don't really see why there would need to be classical mode.

Edit: If you disagree, please reply to my comment and explain why and don't just downvote >. The whole comment thread here is based on personal opinion and not any objective evidence. Anyone else could use the same argument that it is "childish" which I agree with but I could also argue that the old layout was also childish, therefore we will both reach an impasse.

Edit 2 : You can try out this method, but you'll need one of these three extensions for your browser (Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, or Stylish). Here is the link: http://userstyles.org/styles/90750/duolingo-dark-customizable

Note that you can change the text colour and whatnot!


I absolutely agree with this. I use Duolingo every day, because I felt it was a friendly, accessible, semi-serious adult platform for a language study guide. This is great for kids, I'm sure, but it's really put me off. When I'm doing a lesson, I don't feel the text is the focus of the page anymore, there are too many awful, Windows 8 style distractions.


It's so much faster!


perhaps the speed difference is different by platform - I am seeing slower speed- and the page does not load all at one time - laptop


Much slower here as well.


Very slow here too.


I'm experiencing a slowdown with the new design as well. As well as things only loading half way.


I think it was the best change. I will have some trouble on the next few days trying to get used to the new layout, but if there are research behind this design, proving it is better than the last one, I'll give that a chance.


I know ^-^ It just arrived this morning and I'm so happy :D


it's so much faster for me as well! :D


Okay, here are my complaints:

Firstly, the correct answer box being in the left bottom was a mistake and I think most people will agree with me. Harder to see and on my laptop I have to scroll down which is quite annoying... big mistake Duo! Fix this pronto.

Secondly, the colors. The white is a bit bright, but I'll probably get used to it. I actually like the new font, though!

Thirdly, the sign overall. Some aspects of it seem childish and unnecessary. There is too much white space and I have to scroll down further to get to where I need to be, which is an unnecessary evil in my opinion. It's harder to switch from different languages and such..

Sorry for the rant, but I feel strongly that the new format is a mistake. Some aspects of it are good (the font, for example, and I quite like the circular flags) but overall it appears a bit childish and unnecessarily large. Too much white space!

Oh, and also the strength of each individual lesson needs to be brought back.

It's a free app, so Duo can do what it wants. This is just my opinion...


Agreed. And to explain a bit about the correct answer box: It used to be that you could simply look down an inch when you got an answer wrong, or when you got an answer right but misspelled a word, or when there was an alternate translation. It would be there in bright easily read colors. Now your eyes have to travel about 8 inches across the screen to a very difficult to distinguish (lack of contrast?) and small font at the very bottom of the screen. And since there may be corrections on every answer regardless of whether or not you got it right, you want to look for this area after every answer. This is VERY difficult to do in timed practice.
And I think this problem is compounded by the fact that most websites are designed to have the pertinent information at the top and middle of the screen. It feels very unnatural to do everything at the bottom, and I've actually had to tip my laptop screen to help deal with the problem.


I agree with your first point. It was so much easier to see what the mistake was before.


I completely agree. The bright colors, the huge expanses of white space and the poor contrast all distract markedly from the learning process. Moreover, the placement of correct answers during timed quizzes was much better in the previous version. Too much eye candy!


It's pretty nice! I'm pretty neutral, really.

My big problem is that the individual skill discussions are gone. I can't even tell you how lost I would have been without them!


Thank you for all of your feedback. We do appreciate it! As we've mentioned, we're working on a new way to see your learned vocabulary. What we had before was used by a very small fraction of the learners. We're also going to be adding new features (that many of you have requested in the past!) and be refining what you see today. Our number one goal is to provide the best language learning service in the world. This update is helping us teach more effectively and will help us continue to achieve this goal! As with any design update, it can take a minute to get used to, but we're taking all your comments to heart.


I believe the duolingo logo and general platform is as user friendly as one may want, as an image resulted from logotype and general background. There is no need to integrate any further in the way it is actually used, things like: very round and extremely feminine/childish fonts, or icons that are harder to understand just because of the idea of following a curvy/roundish line. In my opinion the designer is not fully professional and has a junior entry level of understanding how to make a professional user friendly job. I understand duolingo works as a motivating game with the users, and that makes it so engaging, but still, the users are not toddlers. Also regardless of the idea that the design has a childish feeling to it, it is harder to follow. A new better design is not a matter of "getting used to it". It is a matter of being intuitive and clear. Even though the old one was more detailed and less iconic, because of it's "3d feeling", there are surely better more simple and clean design that are also, first of all clear. "Clean" should not loose the ability to be "clear". I am saying that from a impartial point of view, considering that I do tend to prefer more iconic minimalistic designs, but this one that you guys adopted, is pretty poor. I do like duolingo very much, and I want to use it further, but this leaves me less excited. Please understand, it is not a matter of "getting used to it" The design is simply not as useful, or clear, from a usability point of view, as it should be.


I agree. I do have a background in design and this is simply not good design, unless it's intended for grade school use. It's way too cute, and the pages are poorly proportioned, as if everything was made oversized and simplified for children. I've enjoyed Duolingo, but the childish feeling it now annoys me enough that I'm probably going to drop out. there are other, adult ways to learn.


Wow, you really did use "extremely feminine" as if that'd be bad . . . and equated it with "childish" to boot.


Not the place for this.


Obviously, I disagree and I'm sure I'm not the only one given the upvotes.


It's always the right place to point out sexist remarks, however inadvertent. How else will people know they've offended.


I totally agree and I don't think it's too difficult to have have multiple themes, many websites have this feature so why can't duolingo have it too?


Thank you for your reply, Luis.

Why not leave the old way to see learned vocabulary until the new way can be unveiled? Who cares that the old way was used by a small fraction of users? DuoL has many many users, so even a "small fraction" is many many people. And now that specific number of those many many people is clearly unhappy.

If the vocabulary section were still intact, it might make it easier to get used to the jarring cosmetic changes.


I truly love it and find it more faster than ever. I just wanted to say a few things that will make it better, according to my point of view and of friends:

  1. Discussions visible for skills. (That was really helpful)

  2. Write on your own "Activity", like it used to be on the "Stream".

  3. See the trees of other users on their profiles.

  4. I prefer the word "Awesome" more than "Like". (Hehe, I know this is just a detail, but I would love to see the "Awesome" again.)

  5. Put the language's flag on Duo's shoulders again in the trophy! (Please, it just looked more cool and more personalized.)

  6. Bring back the Progress chart of each day, it was so cool and really useful.

  7. One more thing, when all the hearts are gone, there's not a crying owl anymore. I understand why it's not there, I've seen many comments about how sad it is to see Duo crying. But I miss it, I hope you'll bring it back, at least a sad one, instead of a crying one.

  8. When I hover a friend I can't see his/her user name. (In my profile and other's users profiles)

It doesn't come to my mind anything else, but I want to be clear, I love the new layout: it's so much better, beautiful and faster. Plus, you can see the profile's pics much clearer now. :) Thank you so much for your work and all the staff's work.


I think you did a very nice job of not complaining while also indicating preferences. Nicely done.


Please bring back the vocab tab and the sad owl!!


I agree with javax. I appreciate that the vocab tab and the daily progress are two features that you are definitely planning to bring back, but please, please, don't forget 1 (skill discussions) and 3 (seeing other people's trees). I would also appreciate getting 5 as well, but it's not as important.


Thank you for your huge efforts to make learning many languages easy. I'm pretty new here and have only seen and used the new interface, so I can only read about what used to be in place. I'm quite pleased with DL. I'm a fan. After trying many other approaches to learning Italian that I didn't stick with, I find DL to be THE approach I'll stay with. Can't wait to see the vocab features, and I hope there's a way to set the vocab scope so that it narrows to a module or modules I can select then study with focus.


Luis, you're trying to sell New Coke and a lot of people who loved and recommended Old Coke to their friends and relations are not very happy. Bite the bullet and stop telling us how "the update is helping us teach more effectively" and that it is our problem for not "taking a minute to get used to [it]." I spent the last 55 days trying to get used to it. I used to spend ten minutes or so reviewing vocabulary under the vocal tab then I would zip through several lessons a day. Now I struggle through one lesson on a very poorly designed screen.


New Coke is an excellent summary of the current redesign. Pity someone felt the need to downvote you for being so accurate.


And some anonymous "Shirt" downvoted you Wirelizard. I so dislike the "downvote" because it shows how many folks are too scared to say their piece and put even their avatar name to it! How Fragile is That?!The downvote sucks as do all who use it anonymously. I have upvoted you and hey, have a lingot. MY NAME IS JACKJON


You're wasting your time with Luis. He has "Earbots" He so loves himself. He is programmed that way. I feel sorry for him.


Any comment on the low contrast/font issues?


I have to say I'm rather furious about this. When I first joined Duolingo I was given the new design. Then my husband joined and was given the old design. Despite having gotten to level 8, I created a new account so that I could use the old design for one reason... VOCAB TAB!!!!

Some of the lessons throw a lot of words at you. That vocab tab was one of my chief ways of reviewing things. It's well and good and very useful to practice each skill on its own, but a lot of times certain words come up with much greater frequency than others. The vocab tab let me review ALL the words that a lesson contained.

I'm studying Spanish and I was really struggling with the Occupations lesson. I was struggling to remember which occupations changed with gender and which did not. This is precisely why I wanted that vocab tab. It made all the difference for me!

So I've spent the last three weeks or so building back up my skill tree. All so that I can use the vocabulary. Thus I'm really, really bothered by getting shoved into the new design when features are still missing.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the vocab tab ASAP!!!!


Put me in the camp of strongly preferring the old design. Can't really complain about a free service, but if you're taking feedback, I find the new font much harder to read, and don't see the cues nearly as clearly for new words and old words (formerly yellow and blue highlights, which are now underlines). And on my laptop, the white space pushes the bottom 10% off of the screen. I also miss the strength bars on the completed lessons.

I do appreciate the work tho, this is a great service!


Did the font change from serif to sans? I agree that something about it looks off-putting, childish almost. Some people might like it, but tastes vary -- I use Garamond when I can.

Lots of the site looks blurrier. Like "Redo", or even "Post" and "Cancel" in the buttons for the ocmment; combination of the font and the contrast. The white on gold of "Strength 5/5" is also harder to read. The "Tips and notes" context text is gray on white on its main page, again hard to read; easier to read as a pop-up, actually. "Report a problem" and "Discuss" are green on green, an odd choice.

And as I said earlier, putting the right answer down and to the left seems a horrible idea.


Wow...I just refreshed my browser after being on all day and things are suddenly different!


What is this odd-looking green owl you are using for your icon??


Odd-looking? That is the original design of the duolingo owl...


No, that's the original mobile design. It came out a while after the real original design. The original mobile design was a lot more chibi than the actual original design, which was this http://www.teleread.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/duolingo-owl.png. Also note the difference in the color of the feet between the original mobile design and the real original design.


Oh, you must be right. I didn't notice the difference before.


Looking good!!! Thank you so much, I love Duolingo!!


Definitely not a fan... The design shows me less information at a glance than before -> always a bad design move. It's clunky and feels very Microsoft Skype... I want to see more of my tree at a time than the 5 or so floating in a giant amount of whitespace. More annoying to use = me not wanting to use the site!! Bad idea guys..


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I had the old interface earlier today :(

The high contrast is burning my eyes, it's definitely too bright


See my post. The issue is actually low contrast. No worries, sir, they'll sort it out!


Hey all - LOVE the site but I'm having a real hard time with the contrast in the redesign. Color contrast is a big accessibility issue that wasn't addressed in the design. Looks the only text that passes is the grey-on-white but even that is only a couple steps from failing: Feedback boxes: http://screencast.com/t/Mn702oOQkj Highlighted text in prompt: http://screencast.com/t/EQG7mMwB Blue text in prompt: http://screencast.com/t/NSlAP9OH6 (reverse also fails) White on Green (buttons) http://screencast.com/t/O846JlEpwx Site I used for contrast check: http://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/


Wow---Duo team---you like data? Check those screenshots to see proof your new colours are failing. With numbers! So I'm not just imagining this eye strain.


Relevance: I do research and innovation work for a large virtual school and posted an article to my team about Duolingo today—but a site with a basic accessibility issue like this wouldn't make it past our first round of review. Overall I do love the new look!


Thank you for posting this. I've finally had time to try a lesson on the new layout but only got a few questions in before my eyes started hurting. Using f.lux to tone down the screen brightness (I'm in a fairly dim room at night) helps a little but it's still a lot less comfortable to use than the previous site.


I have to agree with those who say that the webpage looks very childish. It is overdesigned and too colourful and I have trouble using the functions because of this. The skill tree is hard to see at a glance, I cannot see it clearly if I finished a skill or not, all I see are these lame pictures. I like to go back to previously finished skills for a practice if my knowledge became weaker, now I find it hard to see how strong my skills are. It would be great if there was an option to change back to the previous design. Please-please!


Please bring back the old one. I don't like the new one. The old system has reminding bars under each lesson to let me know I'm strong or weak at a specific lesson. also I cant get my voice recognized in the new design. Google Chrome also keeps on asking me to allow microphone which never happened in the old system.


This is very annoying.


Yes. Now you can always repeat the same lesson because you don't know at which one are you weak. And I miss daily progress, too. It seems the alternative translations have been returned.


Is there any chance that you will reduce the size of the skills' icons, and maybe make it a little more compact ?

Could we know when to expect these features to return?


My biggest problem is that there are no individual skill discussions. Those SAVED me. Please bring them back.


Yes, the loss of the individual skill discussions is definitely going to cause me to spend less time on the site. There are a lot of wonderful users who have contributed immensely helpful comments, and now they're impossible to find. The community is here is one of Duolingo's strengths!


Current work around
Spanish: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1586053
Portuguese: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1637359
German: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1726154

(I don't think one for French or Italian exist)


I also like the skill discussions. I don't always need them, but they are incredibly helpful when I do need them.


Third that idea!


Second that idea.


Yep, totally agree! Learned so very much from those individual discussions.


Awesome, it's nice to finally have this infamous new website design. ;-)


I have been using the Desktop and Mobile (iPad) versions of Duolingo, and have to say that the consistency across platforms just got much better. For all we preach about good HCI / UX at CMU, this was due. Great job, Luis and Duolingo team!


That's the problem - a computer is not a tablet. Limiting a computer to a tablet interface is a downgrade.


It doesn't have a tablet interface. It has an interface that is completely separate from the tablet, though their design styles are made to look similar for the sake of uniformity.


I would disagree. It looks just like all the other tablet apps trying to be trendy.

Looking at this page now (on a PC screen), I see 21 gigantic icons, a huge cartoon-font banner with round buttons, colored arrows and circles, a ton of whitespace -- and only 10 lines of actual text. If those giant icons and buttons aren't designed for small screens and touch-input, they're wasting a huge amount of space for nothing.


I also find the icons to be too big, and that there's too much whitespace wasting screen space, which means more time spent scrolling down to where I want to be. Also, the lesson descriptions and progress summaries that came up on mouseover are gone.


Thank you so much, @Luis. I completely love it!! :D And I'm sure that the new Vocab is going to be better than before ;) Thanks for your work.


I'm a big fan of the old, but I'm perfectly open to the new and will give the changes some time before making any real opinions. Thanks for providing us with this wonderful free tool!

Couple things I noticed though: First: As users had pointed out before- It's so bright! Maybe that's something we'll get used to though. Second: All the helpful info while doing a lesson is very very low and small. This means the eyes have to travel quite a bit over the screen, and it is not relaxing.
Third: A scroll bar is now necessary when doing lessons. I have to scroll down to report or discuss an issue.

Anyone else with these same issues? Thanks again, staff for your work on Duolingo, I truly enjoy it.


I agree with your statements... the scrolling is quite annoying. Hopefully Duo will fix that soon.


I fully agree with your assessment of the color scheme, helpful info that actually enhanced the learning experience getting reduced in size and moved to a visually inconvenient on-screen location have in my strongly held opinion/view devolved the this language learning program. Also as many people have posted to this thread. The font style is really not quite right for a language learning program in which readability of text should always remain at the forefront regardless of interface design concepts and ideas. I cannot state nor emphasis this strongly enough and feel that it is truly "common sense".


Luis, I know you hate, hate, hate to publicly discuss dates, and understandably so - I don't like to do it either in my work. That said, can you give any indication of what sort of time frame we're looking at when you, or others at Duolingo, use terms like "soon" or "temporary" to describe the absence of the Vocabulary tools, or their replacement? Is this a high priority for you guys? Are we talking weeks, months, 3Q, 4Q?

On a related note, will the existing ability to directly access a word's vocabulary page (e.g. https://www.duolingo.com/word/es/desear/Verb ) remain available in the interim? I've compiled a full list of German vocabulary words and links up to a few lessons beyond the final checkpoint, and hope that they'll still be useful while the full Vocabulary functionality is missing. (Unfortunately, I didn't have time to compile a similar list for Spanish vocabulary before my account was switched to the new interface.)


Rumors say it's back in March


is there any way for the user to adjust the colors or brightness of the new screens ? or the size of the icons or print? on a windows platform, the amount of bright white/grey space on the screen, the small print, the pale colors of the print now make this a really harsh screen to read - pale blue print against an incredibly bright background-- very difficult to read this for more than a few minutes


I agree. wishing there was just a customization tab where we could change the aesthetic style of site ourselves, at least the brightness and colors... or is it that the websites are way too different from softwares? idk.


I am also finding that for some of the questions where we type a response they're using a small box--- so we can't read our entire reply...only the last few words...makes it difficult to proof it before hitting enter-- and this was not the way it worked before......no idea why they would change it - since they surely have left plenty of glar-y white space all around it.

having to scroll down for just about every question to read the last few lines (in PINK of all things!) is also strange


Perhaps it will work better, but the primitive graphics are not appealing!


OK, so I'm not going to lie, after using the new layout for a little while, the brightness is really starting to hurt my eyes. I'm not sure if it's the contrast or the font or how bright everything is or what, but using the site is making me physically uncomfortable now. : (


I get a headache too. Try to dimm the screen, if you use a laptop, maybe this helps a litte.


Wow! It's great! So glad to have it now :-)


While I'm in the camp that preferred the old design to the new design (it seemed cleaner to me), I won't condemn you over a matter of personal aesthetics. I"m not exactly sure how this new design is more efficient. It seems to have the same overall interface packed into a shiny new wrapper. If anything, the larger icons makes it LESS efficient in my mind, since I have to scroll more to get to things. But not so much so that it's a huge drawback.

However, I can't say that I appreciate the fact that you have forced everyone into an interface that is, by your own admission, not completed. Whether or not your data, whatever form it took, deemed them to be important, the truth of the matter is that until those original features are restored as you seem to intend, this interface is still incomplete. This changeover should never have happened unless it could do so without adversely affecting the users. The only things I should notice when something like this happens are the new graphics and any NEW features that you have ADDED to improve the user experience. No one should wait after a forced changeover for access to features that weren't ready yet.

If I'm being honest, I don't use the vocabulary tab very often. I love the idea of it, however, I thought it could be better designed. In particular, I would prefer to see the definition of the word without having to click onto it's individual page (perhaps something to consider in the future). However, clearly other people use it, whether or not your data displayed use as significant, and you shouldn't have changed things over until such time as the change could accommodate that usage. Unfortunately, it's an all too common problem on everything from websites (free and paid) to video games. The ability to update after release has made programers of all types feel they can release a partially completed product as soon as it's "good enough" and fill in the gaps later, not considering how that will effect the users who now have to deal with the inadequacy of the partially completed product. From buggy video games to photo hosting sites updating before adding functions so basic as organizing your pictures. Duolingo is just the latest in the trend.

Now, to end this rant on a positive note, I still very much like this site. It is a fun way to pick up a new language (something that is both cool and useful) that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. It certainly beats the language classes I took when I was in high school. I love what this site is, and I salute you for making it. While I'm not crazy about this changeover, the core functionality of the site seems intact, and this won't cause me not to use it. Here's hoping for a quick return of missing features, and much more fun language learning.


Luis, we may have been a small percentage. However, I implore you to "muy rapido" return the Vocabulary tab. I constantly looked up the gender and number information and read through the sentences to gain a broader depth of knowledge into the words I was learning. It may not have registered as usage, because I did not "practice weakest words". But I am saddened that the information disappeared right in front of my eyes, today. The words listed currently, on the lists of words to learn, are not consistently the singular-masculine form. For those of us with this previous foundation, it is important to have that pivot point. Thank you for considering and please integrate them quickly.


Is the thing that shows up at the bottom of the screen when you get an answer right or wrong further toward the bottom of the screen now? It feels like a bigger effort to see it, particularly when I'm doing timed practice. Or maybe I'm just imagining that it changed. Maybe I'm just thrown off by the white background?


No, I think you're right: it's both further down and much further to the left, and more effort to see.


It might be that the new design (due to low contrast and lots of whitespace) has just exacerbated issues that existed before, but I am finding the basic user experience of answering questions very jarring after getting the new design.

After answering the question the feedback may as well be invisible to me. After every question I have to seek it out rather than having it appear where I am currently looking.

This is especially bad for incorrect multiple choice answers, as the correct answers are shown as text at the bottom of the screen, rather than just highlighting the answers I got wrong in red, so I have to spend a lot of effort just working out what I got wrong.

I really hope Duo fixes these problems as these small things make the site much more difficult to use.


Your comments are spot on - viewing mistakes and correct answers should be an instant thing - not an extended treasure hunt. Do please copy this comment direct to support so they are more likely to read it and take it on board.


Another major problem in my mind... As far as I can see, there is no way to practice/strengthen a skill unless you have taken all of the lessons in that skill. This really bothers me!!! Some of the skills have a lot of lessons, and I heavily use the ability to practice/strengthen those skills while still working through the lessons in the skill. This is one of the primary ways I use Duolingo. When I'm struggling with a skill I like to practice everything I've learned in it so far before I add more onto things.

Someone please tell me I'm just missing how to do this and it didn't disappear with the update!


Yeah, lack of practice of a specific skill is major pain in the a...


Not a fan of the website redesign, the visual anyway. Change it back please...I really hate the app format on my laptop with its cartoonish/gamey icons and extremely large fonts. I'm bummed.

ooh though i did find one positive new feature...i like the animated line graph at the end of the lesson. i think previously the line graph was only a feature only on the app.


Just got it after not having it a few minutes ago. :-)


Actually, I just wanted to start my practice with the vocabulary tab when it happened... (sigh) I really hope you'll find a way to restore these functionalities soon. Big thanks for Duolingo anyway!


While I completely agree with you that default behaviour should be mandated by what the data says.. which your team has effectively conducted via A/B testing, forcing consistency is not always the best way of maximizing utility.

If 80% of people prefer red, and 20% of people prefer white... you may indeed find maximal results in the data by giving people something in between red and very strong pink. However the way to satisfy the greatest number of people would be to classify them as either red lovers or white lovers and offer them a choice.

Now I'm not talking about lookfeel...(which is much more web 2.0 and better in the new version) but I've noticed in the forums that there are at least two classes of people you might be mindful of. The majority, who are sensitive to increased difficulty and will use the site less.... and a very vocal minority who discuss more, are more ocd (and tentatively may help and engage more), and who would prefer the site to more critically and accurately assess their fluency, which would risk driving the majority away. This is with respect to the more complex features which you don't feel the data suggests belongs on the site.

This would ideally be done by having a "hard mode", copying what many games like Quake have done (since you guys are into gamification)... which forces the tight tuning of skills. In the minority, there is still a significant class of people who like hard games. See Gaming guru (and previous Google Advocate) Chris Pruett's talk here http://goo.gl/zKvf5p from 20minutes in for evidence of this. Metrics have made most casual gaming publishers develop the myth that there is no market for hard games.

This would include bringing back the vocabulary weakest/specific word drilling, zap word strength on wrong answers more predictably, differentiating word reading strength vs word writing strength, more english-to-foreign language exercise translation and less multiple choice, Also a new foreign voice -to-direct english translation (no text)... and also displaying the reward level for skills on the tree to indicate your effectiveness of the time trial, not the hearts.

I fully accept that such a mode should have to be enabled in the settings menu. It should not be default... but I think you might find that as many as 15% (an educated guess) would enable it given how many people love hard games... and in this case, more efficient/effective language learning.

All the best. Daniel Gerson


I am simply putting in a comment here to share that I quite agree with the things you wrote and would really appreciate it if at least the entire contents of you second to last paragraph would once again be reintegrated back in to this piece of software or coded as additional functionality.


Thanx! Much appreciated. :-)


I'm going to miss the old layout, it had grown on me quite well.


The new platform is very disappointing, not as effective (in my view) as the 'old Duolingo'. Even more discouraging, it doesn't work in my Internet browser. As I have XP as an operating system, I am unable to use the IE browser recommended. And the other options (Chrome/Mozilla) take me out of my preferred Microsoft ecosystem. So all in all, not an improvement, rather an erosion to what was previously a very effective language system.


Disappointed! Wasn't given the option of not changing and this is much more difficult to use on my Kindle. Can't see what I am typing as it's covered by the header when the keypad comes up, plus I REALLY miss the Vocabulary section, which I found extremely useful. Also find the font a bit too small. Seems like every one else is loving the new look though, so perhaps it's just my age!


How old are you? and sorry, but you're wrong. If you read some of the other posts, other people don't like it. (Myself included)


Thanks for your comment - I really appreciated it. I'm 61 - and only discovered I could read other people's comments after I posted mine (I'm new to this kind of thing and am still learning). So I read through everyone's comments and was relieved to see that some people feel the same way I do. I'm just so disappointed at the moment because I was loving duolingo so much, but am hoping that I'll get used to the new format in time.


Have you considered using our Kindle app? It is more tailored for use on a tablet.


Thanks, will look into it.


Please stop improving something that's been perfect.


I don't like the new design as much as the old one...


Why in the world did you remove the Vocabulary tab???


They are learning foreign language? So let's remove vocabulary! Greatest joke ever...


As Luis stated above as you clearly didn't bother to read, they felt it didn't fit well with the new design in its current state, so rather than waiting around for a few months to release the new design, the team decided it would be best to go ahead and update and then re-add the vocab soon after once it was finished.


I don't care about the new design. Frankly, I liked the old design better. I'd rather wait for the entire redesigned thing to appear WITH the vocab tab all at once.


In general the new layout is very pretty, but unfortunately it ruins the user experience: You waste a lot of precious screen estate making it more bothersome to navigate.

One way to fix this would be to make some of the values configurable: Icon size and spacing. Lock topbar or not.

  1. The locked topbar eats my precious vertical space. Unlock it, so it scrolls off when I scroll down.

  2. When pressing 'page down', the first few lines of the next page end up unreadable under the topbar, so 'page down' is now: 'page down' 'arrow up' 'arrow up', which gives a bad user experience. Unlock the topbar so it scrolls off.

  3. On my home screen it was annoying that I had to 'page down' 3 times to get to the lessons. Now I have to 'page down' 7 times, which is even worse. Please make an option with compressed layout, e.g. all icons and space between icons halfed.

  4. When pressing 'back' in the browser to return to home screen, I again have to 'page down' 7 times. Why not leave the scroll setting in place?

  5. On the skill lessons page (e.g. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/Verbs:-Infinitive-1) I never had to scroll to find the next lesson. I have to do that now. Please make an option with compressed layout so a full skill page can be seen without scrolling.

  6. On the work page (e.g. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/Verbs:-Infinitive-1/8) the icons and spacing is so big that I have to scroll every time I want to click 'Discuss sentence'. Please make an option with compressed layout so a full skill page can be seen without scrolling.


Although I believe it will be a pain for staff members to track literally a million posts in this thread I do hope they fix some of the problems mentioned here.


Why there is still without vocabulary list? It Should be all ready only upgrade, upgrade now without complete function just bring us inconvenience.


I want the old design back!!!

When I saw this one I was sure it was some kind of downgrade due tu repairs or something. It's a step back!

Can I switch back to the old one???


I don't like the look of the new site at all. Very childish. Very off-putting. Very messy. Words ring hollow when you say most users like it, when the responses to this post are overwhelmingly negative (although also very respectful, and clearly from people who love the site). I can't speak for the functionality yet, but the appearance is a big step backward. I hope you can recognize a mistake when you see it. Please give us something clean, compact, mature, and easy to watch/read.


I think the old version of the site should still be up and you should be able to choose between it and the new one. Honestly I like the older version better. It had the skill points for each day of the past week, and more importantly it had the list of your vocab words and let you practice them individually or just practice your weakest words. There's also virtually no visible info on people you've friended or are following, and I can't tell what reason there is anymore to bother friending anyone when you can't see their skill tree or vocab list. I would like the option to use the old version until more features are re-added to the new version.

Also, is it just me, or does the new version seem a lot slower too?


Dios mio! It's so loud! My eyes needed time to adjust. And it's a shame you took away the vocabulary. I was going to get around to using it one of these weekends when I could sit to actually study Spanish. Rosetta Stone doesn't have any thing of the sort which is why I appreciated the ability so much!


I'm not a fan at all of the removal of the vocabulary page along with being able to see all the vocabulary learned within each section. I frequently referred to both for a quick memory jog and for verb endings. I really hope they will be integrated again soon, it significantly affects my Duolingo experience :(


Well! I liked the old design just fine! And I REALLY miss the daily progress report. Sometimes I am not sure if I've practiced on a particular day, and with the daily progress report I can easily check. Also I have just set a personal goal of 25 points per day, and now it'll be more difficult to keep track of the points! So I'll be glad when you bring that feature back, and the vocabulary too.

I haven't done any lessons on the new site yet but is it true there's no discussions on individual lessons??? I used to find them really helpful.

Maybe when I try it for a few days, I'll find some reason to like it. But at first glance, no, I don't like it, and if there was a way to go back, I would.


OK, now I've tried it and I don't hate it completely after all. There ARE discussions, so that is a relief! My total daily points and the points for the rest of the week show up on a graph at the end of the lesson. That's good - not better than the old site, but good. And the hints and tips section is still there, just in a different location. Is the audio clearer, or is that just my imagination? So OK Duolingo - you look a little weird now, but we can still be friends.


For me, the audio is much less clear since the redesign. There is a lot of distortion that was not there before.


I dislike this new design--in particular the huge icons that eat up the screen. I guess I will get used to it, but this redesign is such a waste of time!


Why oh why do application developers CONTINUOUSLY have to change something that works?


Because they weren't satisfied with it, so they improved it. Many things work, but they are not perfect, or they can be improved. Many surgical procedures worked 50 years ago, but they were improved and no one complains about that. Car designs worked, but they are better. Just because something "works" doesn't mean it's perfect. There can still be room for improvement.


Sorry, I should have made what I was trying to say clearer.

I don't feel what we have is an improvement. The graphics make me feel like I am back in playschool, and a number of useful features have been removed ( vocab, seeing your daily score, seeing score on individual lessons within sections ). No new features have been added to improve any of the functionality. Just because something looks 'prettier' ( and even this has not been achieved in my eyes ), does not make something better. It feels like tinkering for tinkering's sake.

I ama web developer by trade, and my frustration stems from seeing this practice over, and over, and over again...


Can I get the old version back?


I am with you! I have enjoyed this program for quite some time and now it has changed and is missing things, and I can barely see it.


The chart which told me how many points I'd acquired each day, and most importantly today, has disappeared? I like to try and keep a consistent average when time permits, but sometimes I forget how many lessons and practices I've done that morning. Any chance we can have this back? A quick timed practice shows the chart after I've practised but it's much more useful to know that beforehand.

Edit: Apologies Luis, I didn't read your post carefully enough, you've said that this feature will return, so thank you. Hope it will be soon, I don't want to lose my streak as a result!


Ditto. "Have I used the site today and how much compared to previous days" is basic information.


Here's a user-created hotfix for both of you. naut even hinted that he might just adapt this code: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1682701


I need that vocab tab, it has helped me get a streak. (unfortunately I lost it.) :(


Purchase the timed practice when you can. As long as you get one correct, you can maintain your streak.


NEEDED IMPROVEMENT FOR NEW INTERFACE: Please put the correct translation back up closer to the actual exercise. I really dislike searching for it in the bottom left every time I miss a problem.


Please leave the old design as an option that we could switch back to once we tried this one, please :)


I'm just going to say I was a bigger fan of the old design. It worked well and showed plenty of information, with no clutter at all. It was perfectly modern and useable; this update feels like a step backwards, and cheapens the feeling a little bit.


A font without serifen is desastrous when learning a new language. I and l are really hard to discern especially when you don't know the words.

Besides, I miss some of the features of the old design. What is the use of a new design, when lots of feature have to be programmed anew? ABM?

The new Layout is cheesy. Sometimes, less is more.


Cheesy. Yes. That's the adjective I was searching for. You think they would have beta tested the new graphics, etc. with people who had already completed DL trees...Also, san serif print is more difficult to read, but most graphic designers only care about "the look."


And green is a no go (especially in combination with reds) as there are many green-red blind around. So you should never use green or red for background and/or scripture. white on green or dark green on light green is a no go too, it is hard to read. The constrast in the new design are a catastophe.


I've just done my first lessons in the new format and my poor eyes are aching. The glare on the page is eye straining, the font is so hard on the eyes and the garish colours of the graphics make it even harder.

As well, while I know much about the changed graphics are a matter of taste, I have to say they make me feel like I've strayed into a primary school child's game.

As well a lot of the things I found useful have vanished and while it's nice to know that the vocabulary will come back eventually, not having it now does limit the value of the site.

On the positive side I do like that the words the lesson is focussed on are now clearly visible instead of having to mouseover.

I know changes take time to get used to but, when they affect the functionality of the site as many of these do, I suspect there'll be a number of people who go elsewhere and that's a pity.


Like a lot of people, I preferred the previous version, but I'm sure I'll adjust.

However, I do miss the stacks of coins!

I also really miss the discussions on the lessons, and the individual progress bars for those. I hope that when the decision was made to remove the discussions, that you looked at views for them as well as at how frequently they were posted on.

I know that I didn't need to ask questions because I could see someone else had already asked, and been responded to. I found the discussions really helpful.

I also liked seeing which sub-skill areas were closest to needing to be refreshed & working on those, as well as scrolling through vocabulary and working on words that didn't have a full bar next to them.

I know some functions will be returning (like the vocabulary) - I just wanted to put in a plea to bring back the discussions on the skills before someone permanently deletes the backup copies!


The old design was much better - easier to track progress and more user-responsive. I find the upgrade annoying and much less effective. The changes, despite your expressed hope, are not measurably helping people.


Yuk! Why fix what wasn't broken? The main "advantages" seem to be: 1) I have to scroll farther to get down to the lessons I'm working on, what with the larger icons 2) There's less text, requiring more hovering waiting to find out what a given control means 3) I have to learn a new interface in order to regain abilities I already had.

Naturally there's no announcement, let alone a link to an explanation of how to interpret the various icons, such as the curved arrow that may be intended to convey some hint of my current proficiency.

What's with this fad for interfaces designed for visually impaired illiterates - large icons, no text? Is my problem that I'm too old to be part of the "target audience" - schools still taught reading, writing, and even grammar, back in the pre-computer dark ages?! and I just can't empathize with the computer-raised generation?

If I didn't have a streak to maintain, I'd abandon duo while I calmed down - and maybe come back, or then again, maybe not. After all, I'm no more familiar or comfortable with the latest duolingo site than I am with whatever competition might exist. And while duo does some things right, I am a bit sick of being taught things I'm 90% sure are dead wrong (e.g. "clair" being used as if it meant "light weight" in French) , and not being taught grammar, to the point where the masculine and feminine forms of an adjective are "different words", whereas e.g. a verb and adjective form with the same spelling are "the same word."


Looks IOS-y interesting but I liked the old color scheme. I don't like it immediately but I don't see it changing my behavior on this site either. Bring back the missing features! :)


I hope you get the vocab put back in soon


Can I request a change to the old system? I have three main complaints which are major, the first one is pissing me off big time.

1: It asks me to allow for microphone access EVERY SINGLE TIME when I get a microphone question. I could disallow the microphone option, but I do enjoy the questions and clicking it EVERY SINGLE TIME is very time consuming when I do the timed challenges.

2: Doesn't let me view my daily points. I like to make sure I hit 100+ every day and it let me know I was on track.

3 no vocabulary section so that I can continuously drill the words that I am having trouble with.

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Is this why I have to tell my browser (Chrome, Windows 7) to allow my microphone EVERY SINGLE TIME it wants me to talk? Until recently, I only had to allow once per day. This is kind of annoying.


Most disturbing

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User JackFrost88 has discovered a solution to this problem:
Basically, make sure the URL begins with https://


There is no way of telling how many questions one has left in a session. That's extremely frustrating.

EDIT: I had experienced a contrast problem. After adjusting my screen's contrast, it was fixed.


what is giving me more problems is that I feel my eyes a lot more stressed and tired during the lessons with this new design. I cant' remember if before the screen behind the text was yellowish or something similar, but now black text + white screen + light blue circles for the voice = less use of duolingo because my eyes can't effort this part of the design. I hope you will find a solution soon, because I like the rest of the new design and I would like to use duolingo more :-)


Ever heard of "Red–green color blindness"? It seems, You don't want these people on duolingo anymore. Otherwise, I can't understand this: http://imageshack.com/a/img33/5320/9tk1.jpg That is one of the first things you learn, when giving talks: NEVER EVER combine Red and Green! (Besides Red on red or white on green, which is also a no go as seen in the picture). Well this is only a problem for about 8% of the male population. 92% will surely be quite happy...


Luis, you've gotta bring back skill discussions! In French, since there are no grammar notes, that was the only way to figure out really complicated/nuanced grammar without beating one's head against the proverbial wall. I'm all for simplicity, but not at the cost of practicality.


Yes! ^-^ I'm going to miss looking at your helpful input about French object pronouns :P


childish desgin, missing vocab. section, annoying fonts etc. I get it and agree with the complaiments but let my ask: who likes the new desgin? I mean luis says it's so great and he has statistics and all so he probably know something but it doesn't make any sense because everybody complains and no features were added, while some we reduced.

So who likes it? And why?


I had the same problem. Another failure in functionality in the new format.


I can't say anything about the old design because I didn't use duolingo back then .. I am here for two weeks (even though I am registrated longer) .. but no vocabularies are ridiculous .. most important feature while learning a language. There's also no statement, seems they just ignore our complaints.

Everyone who learns a language needs the vocabualry tab. Fact.


Most people that like it, or at least don't mind it, aren't going to bother to post about it. The opposite, however isn't the case. Those of you that hate it are far more inclined to complain - loudly. The fact is that even though there are a few hundred unique users whining about the changes in this and the two or three other similar threads that preceded it, they represent less than 0.001% of the user community. Don't make the mistake of thinking that a (relatively) small, but very loud group of users is indicative of the mood of the community at large.

For the record, I like the new design. I'm a bit peeved over the missing Vocabulary section, though.


Not true. There are plenty of people commenting about how they like it. It's just about personal opinion. Personally, I think it's a childish format and I dislike it, but who are you to say the majority of people agree with you? You don't know that. I'm not saying most people dislike it either. All I'm saying is that I don't know where the majority lies, or if Duo really does have statistics, but that MY OPINION is that I dislike it.


If luis says most people like it based on their statistics so it's probably true because I don't see why would he lie about this. Just wanted to know who are those people who likes it, why they do and why I don't see them. Also I have to mention that threads here have plenty of positive review from users about things on Duolingo, it won't be fair to say that people don't know how to praise when needed


Maybe luis wouldn't lie intentionally, but how accurate were the statistics really? It was only tested on a small percent of the population. Maybe if we could see the data.... but I agree with RockinAbs, I dislike the new interface strongly.


I doubt there was any "lying" involved (what would be the possible motivation?), but it's really easy to be misled by analytics. I know...it's happened to me. You just have to make your decisions based on the best data available and sometimes it doesn't work out as expected.


Where is the vocabulary tab? Couldn't find it anymore >.<


It's coming back soon!


I also noticed that I can't find language-specific streaks. It's a pretty minor thing, but I used them to see which languages I had practiced already that day. Also, my German streak was somehow higher than my overall streak.


On the other hand, it now tells me when I strengthen a specific skill while doing the general practice. This is very useful for me!


Who downvoted you, Jsprwstr? Tell me and we'll pay them a visit. I have just re-upvoted you. The annonimous downvote sucks. ❤❤❤❤❤❤! Have a lingot


Well thanks. :) I don't really mind the downvote, but thanks for the lingot, it'll help me get over the shock of the new design.


I can't see my daily points (the golden coins) and I can't see my poisition in the scoreboard :( ... I'm trying to get used to it...


my teacher needs to check on everybodies progress but can't now


Have your teacher install this in her browser. It will allow her to view everyone's point values for the day. User groups are also in the works, so she will be able to see your trees soon. naut even hinted that he might just adapt this code: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1682701


"We removed functionality, but you can install a third party script to replicate it" seems rather off.


I can't find the vocabulay section (for example: when I was learning verbs I used to enter to "Verb lesson" and at the right there were all the verbs in a list I learned so far, and I could practice all in their all conjugation), now I don't have it. I can't learn my italian in this way. I prefer it like it was before!!!! Please


Are there any kinks still being worked out? Because it takes a full 45 seconds for my tree/homepage to load to the point where I can actually click on anything. And even then, after 3 minutes of just sitting, letting it load, I am not able to scroll smoothly down my tree. This happens with no other tabs open. When I DO have other tabs open, navigating to Duolingo basically freezes everything else. I understand that the design aspect is a matter of taste, but this is about useability for me. (I'm pretty sure it's not a problem on my end because other websites are working fine. I'm running Firefox on a Mac.)

At this point, I'm not seeing any aspect of this redesign as an "upgrade". I hate to only complain because I love and adore Duolingo and so appreciate the staff here, but I'm really hoping that at least this loading issue can be resolved. Thanks!

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I thought I'd like it based on the very, very brief glimpse of it I had a couple of weeks ago, but now after using it for a little while I'm finding it really strains my eyes. I also have to agree with some of the other users' complaints about lost features, especially daily progress. I'm disappointed.


where can you see how many coins you have earned on the different days of the week? this was on my home page on the old version, but now i can't find it...


also, why are the correct translations' fonts SO incredibly small... too much whitespace again! and too much distance from our responses... irritating and less user-friendly.. fail!


Dear Luis and other Duolingo friends,

Hey there, I would just like to leave some feedback on the new skill tree design. I thought it was very helpful when we could mouse over to see brief summaries of the lessons (it was very helpful when I was deciding if I would use Duolingo). Now, all I see are icons with abbreviated headings. So a suggestion: Use the full name of a lesson, instead of an abbreviation. That way people like me don't get confused :).

Examples: V: Pres 1; Dat. Case; V: Pret. I'm not as language savvy as many of you are, and these confused me. I tried to mouse over, but was not given any indication of what I would learn. This transparency about lessons is very important to me (it makes it easier to google these things too haha). It's also been helpful while studying. For example, during the first adjectives lessons, I was concerned that it didn't cover adjectives that precede the verb. So I scrolled down the skill tree to the second adjectives lesson, moused over, and saw that that lesson covered my concerns. Awesome, right? It would be great to have a similar function in the new site design.

Also, this is a minor thing, but when recording, I liked that the old version showed me that it registered my voice. At least I knew that it was for sure connected! It helped me trouble-shoot when I had issues. The new one seems to just cut me off if there's an issue.

Thanks for reading!!


That's exactly what I was thinking! The icons on the home page (RIP tree/flowchart) are absolutely huge and there's whitespace everywhere, but the lesson titles are abbreviated to the point where you have no idea what they are...


The contrast for the progress bars in Immersion is way too low. It's very difficult to see the difference between "Needs to be checked" gray and the "Untranslated" pale blue because they are the same colour intensity! Contrast = different color intensity = visibility. Bring back the brighter blue. Please.


I'm really depressed about the missing vocabulary tab and hope it's coming back soon. Till now I used to sort the words on the vocabulary tab according to their strength and if some of the words had only two bars I practiced the "weakest words", otherwise I progressed with new things in the tree. I guess this doesn't work now, because I don't know if there are weak words. How is one supposed to decide between practising and learning new things in the new design?


I don't remember being asked if i wanted to upgrade to the new version, so I guess that's why there was a 100% take up!! Choice is nice


I am very disappointed in the changes that have been implemented to the new duolingo website. First, the loss of several features shows that this update was not ready to be implemented in the first place. Second the sharp contrast in colors particularly with the bright red streak flame and lingot icon and the blue back ground with a white outline, basically seers the users retinas. This color combination really hurts my eyes and makes the website much less enjoyable to use.


I was one of the last! only now it changed, and I dont like it! give me an option for the old style! btw, I am #400 commenter! I dont like the "new" minimalist look to everything nowdays, (i.e. ios7, win8) give me the old owl back!


sadly, many voices got lost here... in my opinion, even windows 8 looked better and far professional than this childish theme.


One of the things that I found most attractive about duolingo was the beautiful layout design that was easy on my eyes and also very clear to quickly visually determine what things meant. The new layout looks nice too, but I find the new bright low-contrast layout to be annoying to my sensitive eyes. Also, it takes away uniqueness from duolingo because a lot of sites are going to this same sort of design (that reminds me of Windows 8). I find the new layout more confusing because of lack of clear borders and guide lines, instead of being clarified by simplicity.

These are my personal opinions. I thought the old layout was perfect and I see no reason for it to have needed change. It is quite possible that most of the world disagrees with me and that the new layout was a very good move. Because of the sensitivity of my eyes, I may have to stop using duolingo.

I am using duolingo on Windows 7 in Chrome with a 1920x1080 screen resolution.


I'm in a similar position of possibly having to leave. Even reading through the discussions has strained my eyes, something that has never happened to me before.


jgreaser directed me to install "stylebot" on Chrome and then apply this style: http://stylebot.me/styles/4922 This improved the duolingo layout for me, and I see that I can use stylebot to further adjust the coloring of many elements on the page to my needs/preferences.


Thanks, arcticfennec. I'll try that.


The utility of the site just dropped significantly. I'm just going to focus on one aspect here.

While there are many things that Duolingo does well, it does an awful job teaching grammar unless you supplement it with other sources.

Therefore, the loss of the discussion areas for each learning section is a huge loss.

It seems really ungrateful to throw away the work of so many people who helped create learnable material from chaos.


I look forward to the return of the vocabulary tab as I used it oh so much. Otherwise loving the new design. Thanks!


Non!! Je n'aime pas le change!! I miss my old duolingo already!!


100% of users had no choice.

When I heard about the vocab tab being taken away I kept hoping I would be one of the last ones to be converted over to the new interface. (fortunately for me, I guess... I was.)

My first impression of the new design is, well... it's new. Everything is way too big. I have to scroll a whole lot more. Maybe you could waste a little more white space?

As a native English speaker working on French, I found the vocabulary tab invaluable, often times for checking the differences in the 'gender' of word. (Gender for inanimate objects is a difficult concept for me to grasp)

I've read your previous posts (even weeks before the new change hit me) so I am aware that the vocabulary section is on the 'to-do' list, and due for a return. I implore you, Please make bringing back the vocabulary tab a priority.

Thanks for the site, still loving it!


The vocabulary tab is exactly why I came into the discussion area. It was very useful and I'm very sorry to see that it is considered to be unnecessary simply because only a small fraction of Duolingo users took advantage of it. Please put the vocabulary tab back.


I really miss the vocabulary section and the daily measure. The streak by language helped me know which languages I hadn't yet done each day, since I come back to this between other things I must do elsewhere I am looking forward to the reintegration of these. You always provide us with so much, so thank you!


Thanks you for giving the detail information of the new design... however I do like the old one... can't I stick on it? Don't we have choice to choose one of them? I know you have been working out hard to design to better use.


by the way... this is a small complaint. my little sons (10 and 9 yrs old) love the crying owl appears when I LOST all three hearts (!!), but this new one only shows three broken hearts on the floor, so they are booing.


I also liked to use the vocab tab, it was very useful to learn other meanings of the words, or review the words I learnt. I hope you can bring the tab back, please!


Thank you Duolingo! I love this program!! I appreciate all the staff's hard work that keeps this site running strong. I know it’s a free service but thanks to you I'm on a 50 day streak of 4 different languages!!!

I commented earlier, which was an initial response to the redesign, but now after completing my daily lessons, I am SO sorry to say.... I hate the new design. The graphics are formatted to function on the app, not on a computer, and I can only try to explain how frustrating that is. Really disappointed here and there are numerous annoying nuances therein, including the biggest of them all I think- the new location of the text translation. Why would you move it at all, let alone halfway across the screen? Then the incorrect answer box does not display the correct spelling including the appropriate accents/characters anymore. Also gone are the strength charts per lesson and the Monday through Friday bar graph, which help more specifically track your progress and identify your weakness areas. The latter is a particularly indispensable feature when you are learning multiple languages, where you want to track your progress and maintain streaks with each. Oh and please enlighten me as to why the cursor moves back to the beginning of the answer box when you replay the audio? Lastly, the vocab tab wasn’t a big feature for me, however apparently it was for many others, as per the comments here, so bring that back too please.

I didn’t notice that the vocab list was missing, but maybe those who did also didn’t miss the weekly coin bar graph like I did. But that is okay, I think it is awesome that we all take advantage of different features on duolingo to achieve our language goals. Because at the end of the day the point is to move on up those levels right and build your streak? so the more features duolingo has to offer to help users succeed the better.

OH and THEN, there is the new graphic style, which others describe as childish, though I would perhaps say gamified. This coincides with the basic premise it’s a game and its fun and addictive as pointed out on the login page, but does that mean the graphic style has to go full on Angry Birds? Now the lesson icons are so enormous only 4 fit on the screen as a time, which causes insane amounts of unnecessary scrolling. I definitely preferred to see a portion of my flowchart at a glance, and I also liked the navigation tabs to move from the store to the discussion to the lesson chart. Now, cartoonish icons float everywhere and even the text is blown up and imposing.

I’m sorry to rant and rave like the others but I guess I didn’t realize how protective I was of my progress during this streak I'm on, so... PLease PLease PLease do those of us who use Duolingo from the web and not from the app a solid, and revert to the original style and format. Or somehow brilliantly work out the kinks, bring back our coveted features, and create a cohesive duolingo experience that can perform well on the app as well as on the web.

I heart duolingo!


The contrast has made it way too difficult to read and I miss the vocabulary feature which I used extensively to master the words I have already learned. Overall I do not see the benefit.


I appreciate a sense of good design but in this case the usability does indeed seem to be more poor. Less features which are key like: spelling, strength of the lessons, being able to follow friend's learning tree was quite motivating as well. Skill discussions as well useful. Also the design in itself is maybe more minimalistic and iconic, but not so clear and easy recognisable as the previous one, even though it was more three dimensional. It might look more clean now, which I believe it was the initial idea behind this change, but I see it to be less useful at this point. Necessary improvements would be nice of this design. And re integration of all the lost futures. Although the cleaner style of the design probably is a good idea, it needs to be more clear and improved, and not to effect the usability of duolingo. I feel frustrated as a user at this point.


I believe the duolingo logo and general platform is as user friendly as one may want, as an image resulted from logotype and general background. There is no need to integrate any further in the way it is actually used, things like: very round and extremely feminine/childish fonts, or icons that are harder to understand just because of the idea of following a curvy/roundish line. In my opinion the designer is not fully professional and has a junior entry level of understanding how to make a professional user friendly job. I understand duolingo works as a motivating game with the users, and that makes it so engaging, but still, the users are not toddlers. Also regardless of the idea that the design has a childish feeling to it, it is harder to follow. A new better design is not a matter of "getting used to it". It is a matter of being intuitive and clear. Even though the old one was more detailed and less iconic, because of it's "3d feeling", there are surely better more simple and clean design that are also, first of all clear. "Clean" should not loose the ability to be "clear". I am saying that from a impartial point of view, considering that I do tend to prefer more iconic minimalistic designs, but this one that you guys adopted, is pretty poor. I do like duolingo very much, and I want to use it further, but this leaves me less excited. Please understand, it is not a matter of "getting used to it" The design is simply not as useful, or clear, from a usability point of view, as it should be.


Excuse me, but did you just conflate feminine with childish? Wow!


Generally, was better before.....


As I agree with the majority of grievances below, I fear that this may appear seem overly flippant - but I do miss the owl. His tears were very motivating.


Aesthetics: The softer tones of grey on white, and white on light blue text may be pleasing to the eye, but the reduction in contrast makes it difficult to read. I imagine this would be considered an acceptable trade-off for young people, but you are torturing those of us who are over 40. A similar aesthetic change in iOS 7, got me to trash my iPhone.


This ^ is also good feedback. The metrics of the human biological vision system degrade as we grow older. Simple fact of life as every person on this planet experiences it. Please take this "data" into consideration. I promise if you do and design the graphic interface to this program accordingly you with in word as well as action have truly improved this piece of software.


"After getting used to it"...

Nope, not happening. Strange colour scheme, awkward changes in the question window (why is the right answer as far as possible from the user-supplied answer, anyway?) and most of all, you can't really call this an upgrade when the entire Vocab section has vanished.

This is an upgrade like Windows Vista was an "upgrade" to Win XP. Please upgrade us back to the previous version!


I'm reserving judgement on the skin, but if it helps me learn I'm sure I'll like it. As some others have noted, it's a bit large, but I can adjust my zoom to deal with that.

The vocabulary page is important to me, though. It's not quite what I want/need, but I use it to build what I do need. I look forward to its return and hope it doesn't take too long to reappear.


How can I see other people's tree?


I'm pretty sure that's one of the features they took out with the update.


For me all this "redesing" is just "throw new graphics and remove useful features people use for learning". Why not leave vocab in place? If someone didn't use it then fine - he was not forced to. Strengthen individual skill button - yeah, remove it. Improving by removing, yeah...


That's definitely not what they're doing. They are going to re-implement these features soon enough. Give them some slack, the product is free.


I'm tired of this "free argument". Service is free so don't complain! It's free! Be happy! It's free! But I don't have a problem paying for a service I find useful, so the "free argument" is invalid.


Yes please! I miss the classic look and all the features of the old one. BUT I will trust you that you have our learning foremost in your minds and will NOT kwetch!


Please bring back the vocabulary tab ASAP, or provide a way to get to the old interface in the interim. I like the convenience of the iPad/iPhone versions, but that functionality was what kept me coming back to the website.


I also feel that the "You are correct"/"Correct solution" display is worse than either the old design or the iOS interface. My screen resolution is 1280x1024, so no, I don't have to scroll to see what's displayed, but I do have to move my eyes much further, which adds a delay when I'm trying to associate the correct answer with what I was just seeing/thinking. Think of it as Fitts' Law but for attention. It seems like a small thing, but I can definitely feel a hit to my focus every time I have to look down there.

I haven't been a member for long, and I used the iOS versions for weeks before recently trying out the (old) website. The vocabulary tab and individual word references were invaluable. I think the website still has /an/ advantage in that it provides the "Here's something in English, speak it in Spanish" tests, which the iOS versions don't seem to have, but the issue above and the lack of the vocab tab mean I'll probably just switch back to the iOS version entirely until things improve.


I am really missing the ability to play back my recordings. It helps a lot with pronunciation to be able to hear myself speaking.


I really need my vocab, please fix it soon!!!


Hm, the vocabulary tab could be quite useful...


It's a real shame that you can't see the vocab any more, or strengthen individual words - real loss! Hope it gets reintegrated asap!


I really miss the vocabulary and also the tab showing daily progress. I need that incentive. Why remove features, even if not everyone uses them? To increase speed? To reduce maintenance? I think that the new website is a bit TOO streamlined.


Thank you guys at Duolingo for designing such a efficient way for learning a language. I just wanted to say: Having a few features which are not useful for everyone doesn't mean that you should exclude them . I prefer to have a few extra features that to lose some of the good features . I hope you improve the new version with the benefits of the old one.


I would like to ask if you know what a contrast is? I have nothing against redesigns in general, but I hate redisigns done wrong, like this. I feel like I'm playing candy crush or something - but what is more I hardly can see - for example lesson progress bar fields (the not yet done ones). The same comes for grayish buttons with white text. I know this differes from screen to screen and it may look fine on full-brightness on Macs or cheap-office stuff, but when its comes to readability in a slightly dimmed screens - its a crap, sorry.


It doesn't look great on a Mac either.


Never mind whether you like or dislike the new look . . . has anyone (like me) tried to report a problem? Well, you can click on the first option. And that's it - no other option is available and forget clicking on 'Cancel' because that won't work either.

Sorry Duolingo people, but enthusiasm does not make up for sloppy work or research. Until things get a lot, lot better and the site is returned to a format that doesn't belong in the Kindergarten I'm out of here. I'll check in once a week to see if anything has improved (moving the solutions back to under the answers instead of half a screen away would be my vote for first correction after the above)


On a couple of occasions, I have reported about the problem I have been having with distorted sound (since the new interface was introduced). I can click on the "sounds wrong" option and I can also type in a message. I haven't noticed if there is a "cancel" button.

What I am finding though, is that I'm wasting a lot of time trying to maneuver through the site, instead of trying to learn a new language.


Thank you, duolingo people, for your diligent work on improving the usability of this free service. I have already benefited greatly from this site and I appreciate your dedication to your users. Please consider polling users on the visual appeal of the layout. Many users suggest that the bright low-contrast scheme causes eye burning and fatigue. Making the screen brighter increases eye burning, while making it dimmer increases eye fatigue/strain. It may be important to know how many users are affected this way.

I personally have to stop using duolingo now because of my sensitive eyes. I hope that this is not the case for most people. Thank you again for your dedication in developing and providing this free service. You guys are awesome.

EDIT: jgreaser directed me to install "stylebot" on Chrome and then apply this style: http://stylebot.me/styles/4922 This improved the duolingo layout for me, and I see that I can use stylebot to further adjust the coloring of many elements on the page to my needs/preferences.


At some point simplicity means over-simplified. I feel like you have reached that point. It just feels "dumbed down" to me. (Of course, thank you a thousand times for the whole thing. But I liked it better before. I find this version off-putting.)


The new site design is extremely hard to get used to. I haven't done a lesson yet to verify the problems other users are having, but just opening up the page and seeing the site design is very jarring. It looks like a children's toy more so than it did before. If I hadn't been using the site before the upgrade, I think I would be turned off by the fact that it looks like it was designed for children ten and under.

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One thing I really miss is my daily coin count, giving me an idea as to how I'm doing each day.


I prefer the old skills tree.


I realize that the design team studied the data and came up with the idea that this was going to be the best move for Duolingo. And even though this is free I think that this feedback we're hearing from everyone is very healthy. I guess what I can't wrap my mind around is in all these 'test groups' that got to see the new design first why weren't all these concerns (being voiced here now) addressed before rolling it out for everyone? I wonder if most of the people in this test group were 'new users' who automatically got the new interface and didn't know what they were missing in the first place and so never complained...?

I realize that bouncing between two formats would have been twice the work for the team but I for one would have been happy to sit with the old format for a couple more weeks without any updates or 'fixes' at all just so you could focus your energies on making this one more seamless and without all the issues we see today.

I love using Duolingo and will continue to do so with this new interface but I hope that the design team can also find a way to appease the users by re-incorporating some of the things it seems like the majority of people on here are begging for them to bring back. I hate to see us all here having to complain and waste time on an interface change when we should be out there enjoying learning new languages!


I think you should start a vote to get opinion of your users about the changes. As for me, i am strongly against them. The interface became much more confusing and harder to use, new design doesn't seem "serious" and it is harder to use for a long time, many features were lost, and, which is the main thing for me - you removed some small, but very motivating features, like coin stacks and streak extansion info. I have used Duolingo for more than 7 months and recommended it to many of my friends, but now i am thinking of changing it to something more suitable for me ((


My browser just had a mini heart attack switching between old and new design until it finally opened discussions in the new design. Time to go exploring.


I love your username! :-)

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I do think this new design is an improvement over the old one, and unifying the design across all platforms makes sense.

I won't miss the vocab section as I didn't use it. What I do miss is the strength of each individual lesson. Due to working in a remote area for 6 months I only had limited access to Duolingo and naturally my tree degraded. I am now working to get it back up to gold. Just practicing some of the later lessons is not enough, I have found I need to redo them, I have forgotten too much. With the new design it is hard to keep track of which lessons I have redone and which I have not as there are no individual lesson strength bars. The daily XP counter was handy too.

Thanks for such a great resource, can't wait to see what the future holds.


"unifying the design across all platforms makes sense. " That's what microsoft tried with Win 8. the result is history. Now this unifying bug is reversed with 8.1.


I try to use only the keyboard - it's faster that way. It works allright, except for the multiple choice questions. It's not a big deal, but I'd appreciate it if you guys could fix it. Thanks anyway.


I won't be using Duolingo again until the vocab is re-instated.


Come on! You've got a streak!


So? Like having a streak is the important part about learning a language?

I myself will not be using the immersion section anymore. Thin hard-to-read font, bad contrast. Not worth it. Even at the current price of free.


I was just saying that it's a shame to lose a long streak like that.


I'm back, but I'm still grumpy! Where's the vocab?


Well I'm certainly not one to just overreact to change and I'm giving myself some time to get used to it. As far as my fist impression goes, however, I have doubts about the direction this is heading. The main screen is okay but what's with the lesson choice screens. There used to be beautiful envelopes and now bland grayish boxes with just text? Meh... Also some functionality is gone (temporarily?). I believe you know what you are doing Duolingo team, so I'm sure I will get used to it, but please don't fix too much things that aren't broken. Look what happened to translations which used to be really a useful and exciting feature.


Can't get to vocabulary anymore. That is part of my routine. The new website keeps locking up. I don't have time for this nonsense!


Please give us back a way to access a lesson's vocabulary ASAP !


The new design is okay but it loses a lot of features that were very helpful and useful to use when learning a language.


The new version does not fit all on my screen at once. I can see most of it, but it is wider than the my browser window (and it previously was not). I realize I could shrink it with cntrl-, but then I have to shrink and expand every time I use Duolingo, plus that would be intensely irritating, and I should not have to. In general I hate change (especially when things go more cartoony, as seems to be the trend), but I am willing to suck it up on all fronts and pretend to love the new format in every way except that now it does not fit on my screen well. I don't want to be constantly scrolling left to right, nor to be constantly shrinking and expanding the view in the window. Please fix this part! I promise I won't complain about any of the rest of it if you fix this!!


(Also stuck scrolling up and down when previously I did not have to, not just left and right). Too big!!


Please return the vocab option. I used it daily to reinforce my weak words. Also it was a great grammar aid.


Am I the only one who now can't tell which specific lesson must refresh?


You are not the only one.


The new interface is very slick, but it is too much in a lot of places. I remember the first redesign a few months ago (~iOS7 time) and it took a little time to get used to but all the features were still there. This new UI is far too glitzy and can be difficult to use during lesson time, so I hope you listen to your followers and make some regressions.

Looks like I'm going to enjoy using the iOS app for a while until things get sorted out.


Please get the vocab section back ASAP


Previously, on the multiple choice questions, if you got a wrong answer a tick would appear next to the correct one. Now, the correct answer appears written below. So you have to read it, then compare it the multiple choice options to work out which one it is. It just gets a bit confusing. It was much quicker to absorb before.


Totally agree! I had a hard time figuring that out. And when two answers are correct it shows them separated with a comma.. Just so long and unclear! Not aesthetic also.


Not happy with the redesign and the missing features. No conjugations anymore, really? You now have to go to an external website to look it up. That might be one reason why users "use" the new design longer.


Mouse over a verb> click the c> conjugation. I just did it.


That is what I used to do in the old version. I haven't seen it since I got "upgraded". Now I only get the unconjugated form of the verb, no "c". Maybe I have to play with it more.


There you go. The difference is either the computer or the browser. My home computer has a conjugate and explain button. TTU


Hate the new design....why??? Should we be expecting a face-lift every 3-6 months?


Where are the help text for each lessons (on what's inside)? Really miss the old looks. Is it possible to customize it differently for each users?


I would like to have the VOCABULARY section back. Integrate it soon please!


One thing that I think Duolingo should definitely go back to is having the solution set right below the answer window. Moving it down screen and to the left means that you have to shift your line of vision away from the answer that you have given (correct or otherwise) and that detracts from the impact - it splits the two so it's harder to register the correct answer or to compare the incorrect answer with the correct solution.


I can't believe you guys got rid of Vocabulary! It was my favorite way to get skill points.


Terrible redesign but since you seem to have committed to it, can you at least give us back the vocabulary tab?


I have the same issues as many described above (I LOVED the vocabulary and miss it and I hate the new juvenile screens, but mostly, I don't like that I am typing over the prompts (write answer in English) and they dont dissappear so I'm constantly having to go back and backspace and retype to get rid of the prompt. It's very annoying - i wish we would have had some indication this was happening and perhaps some input! I think you're fooling yourself if you think that this is a welcome change!!


❤❤❤❤ you Fuckballs. I can't practice individual words any more or see what needs practicing before I start. It alienates users if you change things up without an option. That's why people don't use facebook anymore, it's why people hate youtube now. You had a good thing going, but you had to unnecessarily change things to convince yourself that it was progress.


Who had the idea to remove the vocabulary tab? It's a homepage to learn languages ..


Please restore the vocabulary tab ASAP. It is shocking to hear that "only a small fraction of users took advantage of it" since it is a rich resource that summarizes conjugations, tenses and sample sentences. It also helps me plan my practice more consciously: yes practicing the whole overdue session is important, but in many occasions I only want to practice certain particular words to further my understanding...Now it seems that this very important feature (among others) is sacrificed only for a fancier-looking website (with a few minor improvements). Before these features can be restored Duolingo should at least provide a possibility for the users to go back to the old website.


daily progress monitor in a Major loss (to me/and maybe to others). Vocabulary training, also gone!, is surely a necessity in learning a new language(?). Your learning support is poor, ie telling the user what the next lesson is testing, hopefully this is not descending into a computer game.....


i don't mean to be over critical, i think this is a great free resource. there are some improvements possible...


I do not like the new Duolingo website design. There are a lot of features not working properly (audio) more delays and less incentive features. I probably wont keep using it if things are not fixed, it's too frustrating.


PLEASE bring back vocabulary and discussion on a skill by skill basis. I have loved this service since I started using it last year, but I'm pretty sure improvements were needed in areas other than visual-design considerations (i.e., make them in grammar explanations, more practical vocabulary lists, et cetera).


Not a fan of this new design. At all.


I strongly dislike the new design


The new design is definitely a step backwards. I find the new one less user friendly and some features have disappeared altogether. For example, the vocabulary section was, in my view, one of the most important ones as I could focus on the revision of my weakest words. This section has disappeared from the new version. What has justified these changes?


Please bring back the vocab feature as I loved being able to focus on words where my skill level was lacking. Also, when I wanted to look up a word I have previously learned but could not remember all the forms this feature was very valuable to read more forms of the word. The new format shows how many words I have learned but I am unable to check and see exactly what those words are anymore. Please bring back this feature.


Do NOT like. Where did the word lists go that went with each "chapter". I liked those for reviewing purposes. This change was NOT for the better.


I much prefer the old skills tree icons.


I'm still using the site and trying to get used to it. So far my results have been that reading text on the site is more difficult in certain places due to contrast issues, the overall color scheme is questionable, and the site in general is much less enjoyable to use.

It's gone from being a site I enjoyed using to something I put off interacting with for as long as I possibly can, basically. I've been forcing myself to use it in hopes that I'd get used to it, but so far there's no luck there.

It's a massive disappointment, so far.


Ditto - I keep hoping that some improvement will happen but so far nothing Despite minimising the screen there's still so much empty space that one HAS to scroll down on just about every sentence - such a waste of time and so frustrating.


I've been using the new site for a few days now. It's different, but I don't have many complaints. The biggest thing I'm missing is the vocabulary, but I understand it will return.

However, one thing that I believe deserves attention as soon as possible is the color choices for the text and backgrounds. Some things are just very hard to read due to lack of contrast. This is not a matter of preference or aesthetics. It's a matter of access. People with vision problems, or even older monitors that are fading away will find it difficult to make out portions of the site.

I think that programmers, who typically have the latest and greatest technology and young(er) eyes tend to forget that not everyone is similarly blessed. That light blue is particularly hard to read. I have a pretty good monitor, but my eyes are getting old, and there is no cure for that.

Thank you for your consideration.


To be honest, if I am spending more time on the site it is because it is harder to use and my lessons now take significantly longer to work through. My difficulties began the day I was switched over to the new interface and, suddenly, I couldn't do what was doing the day before. My skill points graph reflects this. I quit lessons more frequently. I am learning less and spending more time on other sites to do things I used to do here (memrise and anki, for instance, to train vocabulary). I've been on the new site for a couple of weeks now, so I don't think it is a matter of "getting used to it". Learning a language here is now harder than it was three weeks ago.

I am wondering what measures you use to decide that people are "learning(ing) more effectively"? That's not the case for me nor the people who have been complaining about the loss of functionality that supported our learning strategies. Setting aside my opinions about the graphical changes, the site seems to be, more than anything, dumbed down.

And that is a real shame.


Thank you for taking the time to inform us of this. One of the reasons why I treasure this site so much is that you cherish user feedback and make changes accordingly, I can honestly say that no other site I use - language-related or otherwise - interacts with its users quite like Duolingo. You're in a league of your own. I'm eagerly anticipating the return of the daily progress chart (whatever form that may be) and the ability to view other user's trees. I've noticed that on the IOS app, one could view a user's level, amount of XP's and amount of words learned by clicking on their profile, is there a reason as to why one can't do the same on the web?


Cute new design! I however miss the smooth integration of old and new courses (in this case spanish from english, german from english versus english from german). Also in Opera (Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.16) the new page is lagging quite a lot.

Keep up the good work and kind regards.


Yes, I'm also finding it sluggish now. Both Firefox 21.0 and Chromium on Ubuntu. Not like the site was supersnappy before, but definitely feels worse.


Once again on the topic of seamless integration of original courses and incubator courses. It really is a pain to switch between those navigating through the depths of the configuration. It really should be possible to pick all your courses from the "Learning..." bubble next to your avatar in the top bar.

One additional thing, I really dont see, why the interface changes languages when switching courses.

Best regards


I miss being able to check what words to brush up on with the vocab tab. Please bring this back! Otherwise, I like the design and consistency across interfaces.


Personally, the only problem I have with the redesign is the loss of lesson-specific discussion pages. There are workarounds, but it is pretty annoying to have to use them. However, everything else I'll probably get used to.

I think what's key to remember is that Duo is a free service for us users. Similar language programs - even those that perform less effectively - cost money. Yet the duo programmers spend a lot of time and effort to try and make language learning more effective, based on data they take the time to collect.


I agree with you 100% regarding the free services of Duo. So my sincere thanks to the Duo team. Although I am not so happy about the contrast of the text and missing the vocabulary section, it does not mean that I am not grateful for this great opportunity to learn a language.


Even though I like the old layout better, I am fine with this change and I am sure I will get used to it. The things that bother me are the spacing and placement of the text, answer box, and pictures for the question part of duolingo which seems to force me to look all around my screen and looks unnatural as stated by other users. I also believe displaying lesson specific comments is important and has greatly helped me on multiple occasions (ex. colors section of german). It would be greatly appreciated if you would consider these changes in the future. Even though there are some changes I am not elated about, I still am extremely grateful to the staff at duolingo and would like to say thank you.


everything should be simple. but not simpler. integrate the vocab tab


Is anyone else having trouble with the microphone? I hit it, record, then hit it again and it looks like it records, but never says anything after. There isn't even a "don't know the answer? Click here to skip" button. So I get stuck with having to turn off the microphone. I really hate that! Being able to say the phrase was my favorite part!


You should really optimize it for 1024*768, also it would be nice to see the correct answers of the multiple choice questions in the "top window", not just in the red bar at the bottom. I also miss the old progress report where I could check how many points I earned a day in the last week.


Now that ^ is some good feedback!


I hated the new look at first (because it looks like the phone app version, which I am not fond of and don't really use), but after a couple of hours of snooping around, I don't mind it. Anyway, my comment is related to something else... What is the time frame to bring back the Vocabulary tab? I find it strange that such a key ingredient to learning a new language was left out of the new release. I would think the new release would be delayed until the vocabulary section was ready.


Remember old Duo? Will he be re-implemented in the site?


Re users staying on longer: Could the contests and lingot giveaways going on have affected use in this period regardless of the redesign?

Also, just redesigning means that people will be staying on longer to figure things out. Are you adjusting for this?

I'm not a big fan of the lesson redesign, sorry, BUT the immersion redesign is great, and I'm using it much more than I did before.


It's more likely that it's so much slower in my opinion.


We compare the activity of users with the redesign and users without the redesign, so contests and lingot giveaways would have affected both groups equally, meaning that a delta between the two is still a difference due to the redesign. And the reason that the ab test lasted so long was because we had to overcome the period of time where things like it being new and/or shiny influenced people using the site.


Do you all feel you gave it enough time for the redesign to stop being "shiny" to publish the measurements? I'm just interested. I would have thought a 3-4 month period of comparison would be more appropriate.


/ We compare the activity of users with the redesign and users without the redesign

Did the redesign include performance improvements (reduced page load times/etc.)?


I don't think the changes add anything. Who are the millions of users that are pleased?


They're busy not complaining.


My timing is awful. I was prepared today to go to the vocab section and write down all 90-some German words in my vocab. I especially wanted to focus on nouns and whether they required Der, Die or Das. Now I can't.


Through which skills do you require? I have a full list of vocabulary, including links to the vocabulary pages for each word, for the German tree through "Languages" (a few skills beyond the final checkpoint). I can clean up the list (currently an ODF spreadsheet) and make them available to you, if you'd like.


Hope you don't mind my jumping in, but I would greatly appreciate this! I'm finding I need the vocab readily available much more with German than I did with Italian. Danke schön!


OK. It seems like there's at least some interest in this list, so I'll post it in the German forum shortly. Just give me a bit of time to clean it up and format it properly, and look for it tomorrow.


I began to post the lists on the German forum, but almost immediately ran into trouble with formatting. For example, the presence of umlauts in links or of the alternate encoding for umlauts broke many of the links. I ended up deleting the post, and will instead look into posting this on tumblr or reddit and linking to it instead.

Stay tuned.


Thanks for your kind offer, but I since solved the problem by rummaging through the bookcases where I found my daughter's Intro to German textbook. Had just about all the vocab I needed.


The vocabulary tab was an invaluable metric of my progress and understanding of my word practice. I am extremely upset it was removed entirely. It helps to understand the multiple conjugations of a given word, their gender, and intuitively learn them, as well as provide a break down of conjunctions. Why would you just outright remove it without recourse, it's simply horrible.


I must have been one of the few who used the vocabulary part of the old design. I liked it very much and feel that it was a more directed way to keep the language fresh in the mind of the learner. I hope that the Duolingo team reinstates this portion of the program. Thanks.


Painful - I used the Vocabulary tab quite often. This design is a huge step backward - you should be fine tuning or presenting more features, not less. A big disappointment.


Crashing on me all afternoon.


Guh...my Vocab! I used it often to practice my weakest words. I vastly preferred it to the standard practice.


I love Duolingo and have made a lot of progress with it. I do miss the daily progress symbols, as sometimes I can't remember if I have been on that day or not. Please bring it back if possible. I have had a much harder time passing new lessons since it has changed. I have no idea why, but something must be off somewhere, at least for me. But thanks for the program. It's great.


I agree with the calls to bring back the vocabulary page. This is a very useful page for reviewing learned words. Now I have to try and guess which was the relevant lesson. Removing the vocabulary feature was, in my opinion, a huge mistake


I do miss the vocab feature, as I was using it to refresh words that I learnt before a year-long break from DuoLingo. Being able to practice "weakest words" was very helpful and avoided just getting the same few words from a lesson over and over again. It had taken me a little while to find the feature though so if when you bring it back it is easier to find, that will be good. Perhaps as a square following each of the individual lesson squares? So you'd have (eg) ...lesson 5, lesson 6, lesson 7, see all vocabulary. Otherwise, just getting used to the visual changes. Some will be better, some worse, most generally OK.


Not a fan of this new design. At all.


I just want to add my voice to the chorus saying that the vocabulary tab is GREATLY missed. It's a tremendous learning tool, very useful for a quick refresh without sitting down for a full lesson in an area that I've passed. I strongly hope that it comes back soon.


I just want to add my voice to the chorus saying that the vocabulary tab is GREATLY missed. It's a tremendous learning tool, very useful for a quick refresh without sitting down for a full lesson in an area that I've passed. I strongly hope that it comes back soon.


I do not see any advantage of the new interface, only some disadvantages because of the removed functionality. As it is said that some of them will come back, I do not see the point of upgrading everyone before having them.


I really liked the vocab tab, looking forward to having it back.


I really liked the vocab tab, looking forward to having it back.


"Millions of users have been upgraded, and their behavior indicates to us that they like the change after getting used to it." I wish there would be a website, that would teach basic understanding of statistics, just as the old duolingo interface used to do with languages. Have you taken into consideration, that some people might have been "wasting" their time on using features, that are now gone?

Why not simply add a switch in the Settings panel to change between "old" and "new" version?


I think this feature was in the old layout: in tree-view, when you hover over one of the skills, or lessons whatever, it would tell you what kind of words would be in that section. Could this be added in again? I think it could be very useful (I'm currently trying to remember which Spanish lesson introduced the usage of 'a' since I need to refresh that). Thank-you. Excellent website.


I NEEED the vocabulary. It's much harder to learn the genders of nouns in German if I can't revise them.

Also please bring back the feature which announced me whenever I was learning a new word.


Thanks to all who've posted the details they've discovered about the new interface. My concern is a serious one. I have vision issues, and all the white space now means that if I'm to get all I need on my screen, I need to reduce the type size till it's very hard for me to see. I have been enjoying Duolingo very much, and believe I have been learning, and contributing (a little, so far) to the translations, but If Duolingo doesn't restore/improve acessibility, I will unfortunately stop using it,


I would like to agree with the comments below. I strongly urge Duolingo to 1) Return the vocab feature as fast as possible 2) Return alternate translations as soon as possible 3) change the lowercase letter t in this font. Apologies if any of these points have already been addressed.


The new design will possibly put me off using Duolingo on my laptop - which I have been doing almost daily for about a year. I simply cannot see everthing on the page at once and have to keep scrolling up and down. If I make it small enough to fit on the page then the text is too small to read. It is ery very disappointing, I really dislike it.


I hope the DuoLingo team gives consideration to the highest voted comments here rather than simply interpreting their own usage metrics. That probably sounds more negatively critical than I intend. I'm still very grateful for it's existence.


To be honest, if I am spending more time on the site it is because it is harder to use and my lessons now take significantly longer to work through. My difficulties began the day I was switched over to the new interface and, suddenly, I couldn't do what was doing the day before. My skill points graph reflects this. I quit lessons more frequently. I am learning less and spending more time on other sites to do things I used to do here (memrise and anki, for instance, to train vocabulary). I've been on the new site for a couple of weeks now, so I don't think it is a matter of "getting used to it". Learning a language here is now harder than it was three weeks ago.

I am wondering what measures you use to decide that people are "learning(ing) more effectively"? That's not the case for me nor the people who have been complaining about the loss of functionality that supported our learning strategies. Setting aside my opinions about the graphical changes, the site seems to be, more than anything, dumbed down.

And that is a real shame.


I can no longer use the program. Mine shows no graphics at all.


There's far, far too much white space on the homescreen. It takes forever to reach to the bottom of the tree and makes comparing skill strength difficult as it can involve scrolling up and down several times.

I really dislike the skill strength indicators and the 'minimalist' design. I think it's far easier to glance at when the bar is a line, instead of being wrapped around the circular icon. I think there's also something lost from the gaming aspect of the site removing the tree and lines joining up icons.

It's been a while since the change has gone through, but I'm finding myself spending less time on the site due to the redesign. It's a shame but I really feel the new interface is a step backwards for duolingo.

As mentioned numerous times the font is terrible.


Looks good. Hopefully the vocab tab and daily progress will be added soon :) Thanks for all your hard work!


I miss the Vocab already


I just want to say that I like the larger avatars next to the user names, since I can actually see the images clearly now. I think I might go find an image for myself now that they're not so small.

The new design seems much cleaner and more efficient to me, but hopefully some of the missing features can be re-integrated somehow. I liked being able to see my weekly progress for how many XP I earned each week. I'm not sure how you guys decide how often it's "used" or not. I looked at it every time I logged in even though all the information I was interested in was clearly visible and in plain sight by default, so I never actually needed to interact with it to "use" the feature.

Also, I think that the vocabulary tab was a good idea in principle, just poorly executed. I never used it myself mostly because it just seemed too disorganized to me, and it wasn't easy to find the information that I was interested in. Of course, if I used the feature as much as some others, I'd probably get used to it, but in any case, I think that feature could be added back somehow too if it was reworked to be more usable and user-friendly.


It looks like I'm the only one who would prefer the old interface. It's not just the vocabulary I miss, I also have trouble reading the multiple choice answers. They show up on my screen in a poorly contrasted blue unless I mouse over them. The contrast of the green text in the answer (or correction) is also not as clear as "Type what you hear" in stark black and white.


Nope, you're not the only one. I much prefer the old layout.


Same here. Yet another sacrifice of usability for "web2.0" app-style cute graphics.


No, you're not the only one - the new design is total crap IMO, in terms of usability, looks, readability, helpful hints missing (alternative translations! skill discussions! vocabulary! placement of answers far away in the lower left corner, missing highlighting of accents! missing highlighting of correct answers vs. the incorrect one!, etc. etc ) - basically everything useful has been removed or changed to the worse. It really seems that no single thought was ever wasted on usability issues, or providing helpful hints. It seems that the focus has changed from being a learning application with gaming elements to being a game with some learning elements!

An explanation attempt: this design is much simpler, contains almost no functionality anymore, and that's why it appeals to a lot of people and is used more - most people are afraid of complex software, and apparently, if we can believe the famous "metrics" often cited, the old design was still too complex for many people.


The bar has been... lowered. It's odd; it's like the old design was thrown out, a new designer was brought in (or contracted), and then they tried to justify the hire (or expenditure), no matter the cost.

As just one example, we've gone from a respectable, stylistic, widely recognized symbol of wisdom, to a goofy cartoon blob that jumps around or levitates. I half-think that poor old Duo was shown the door just so designs like Coach Duo would work better. No offense meant toward the artist, but it's just widely un-liked.

And that's just the art side; I won't even mention the mindboggling removal of so many great features. I'm left wondering, what the heck happened?


This new interface design is horrendous and I absolutely hate it, the icons are very childish, the fonts are difficult to read and the colours make my eyes bleed. I was using the mobile app first until they redesigned it then I decided to use the website instead cause I hated the way it looked on my mobile, and now the same terrible design is applied to this website. why can't we have the option to choose between the two themes?


Exactly, just because I'm learning a new language doesn't mean I've suddenly regressed to being a six year old! The old graphics were fun without dominating the screen - now they've taken over and actually working at the exercises becomes a challenge just in itself. I'm sure there are some improvements there but I can't find them .


You're here to learn a language. Not have fun with pictures. Who cares as long as you can still learn?


Your comment makes it clear that you never used the old format.
It wasn't about "having fun with pictures", but the old format was sleeker, more compact, and less "fun", but more professional.
Many people thought new look was created to appeal to younger users, while making it less user friendly because you couldn't see as much of your progress, see which skills need strengthening, find your current position as easily with the new format.
So, the person you responded to wanted a "less fun", but more useable format. Unfortunately, duolingo had more users engage with the "fun" format, instead of the cleaner, "less fun/boring" format. It's ironic that you accused them of "wanting to have fun with pictures", when the opposite was true. They wanted "less fun" and "more professional". Honestly, this discussion needs to be locked, because at 2 years old, it really isn't relevant anymore.


I am not wild about the new cartoony look. But what really bothers me is the missing vocabulary link. I think it's essential to put the vocabulary link back now and cannot understand why it was removed. It's not like it took up that much space.

As others have said, why not have a choice of design? "classic" and "new".

(And then there is the flag thing for the languages. It really should be the British flag even if the site is a USA site. If country flags are going to be used, the flag chosen should be the one of the country where the language originated (sorry for that convoluted sentence....)


Duo teaches American English and Brazilian Portuguese. They are also an American company, so they choose to use the flag of their nation. This has been discussed many times and it's always the same answer.


Several exact repetitions of an answer do not make it correct.

From what I see, DuoL teaches English. It does not teach British English, or Irish English, or Scottish English, or American English, or Canadian English, or Indian English, or Australian English, or New Zealandish English, or South African English, or.... It's English. That's the beauty of DuoL, giving the opportunity to learn about various dialect and spelling differences that have occurred over the centuries.

Because there are so many countries in the world with English as the official language, it makes sense to use the flag of the country that first introduced English to the rest of the world. That would be England. Using the UK flag as the icon for English makes the most sense.

(If the decision is based on highest population, then the flag icon for French should be the flag of DR Congo)


Excuse me for appearing to reply to myself. I could not locate the "reply" link on Puddleglum's reply in which was written "It teaches American English. This has been officially stated and asked before."

Could you please point to the section on the DuoLingo site where this is officially stated?

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From what I see, DuoL teaches English. It does not teach British English, or Irish English, or Scottish English, or American English...

Duolingo teaches American English.

it makes sense to use the flag of the country that first introduced English to the rest of the world. That would be England. Using the UK flag as the icon for English makes the most sense.

The UK is not England.


@ Pont: "The UK is not England" Agreed, it is not. But English was started in England, which is part of the UK.

I do realize that I'm flogging a dead horse. This is the only official thing I find about what kind of English is taught on DuoL:

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Embrace and share regional language differences A language can have many words, accents and ways to say the same thing. We think that’s one of the wonders of languages. Approach these conversations with an open mind and attitude. -https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

And while I'm willing to embrace and share regional language differences, I would still prefer not to see the US flag as the flag icon for English. Not that there's anything wrong with the US flag. Perhaps there could be a way for users to choose a flag icon for their profiles - Australians could choose an Australian flag, Irish people could choose an Irish flag, Canadians could choose a Canadian flag, etc. etc.

edit: I would love it if someone would point to an official DuoL page (ie: not a comment in the discussion area) stating that DuoL teaches American English and Brazilian Portuguese.


Not only you not like. me too.

By the way did you have vocab list? Mine one don't have, i though they will complete all function only upgrade. But so far i found out there is few inadequate.

  1. vocab list missing.

  2. I can't see my friend TREE SKILL.

I think there is still many inadequate part but need to experience more only can know.


Yes, and besides I can no longer see what units have.


I'm not sure whats going on with the new layout (can't see the old to compare) but I do find myself squinting more to read it. I'll try to use it but so far it feels like something is off about it. Edit: as documented in my other posts, it's just a matter of low contrast between foreground/background.


It seems like everything is misplaced on the screen for me, like its too low down or something, i feel like i have to hunch to comfortably read everything, despite never having had a problem like this before!

EDIT: after an hour, my shoulders are aching :(


Yes I completely agree! I feel like I have to go searching down the page to find the correct answer rather than just glancing down to look at it. Also the discussion button is right next to my task bar which has caused me to open new programs accidentally.


It looks like I'm the only one who would prefer the old interface.

Are you joking? Look at the post made when the interface got changed a week or two ago.

Also, why does the letter "t" look so short?


It's the new font. And one of the reasons people feel the design is childish.


I don't like too. Childish design and it seems like everything is misplaced on the screen.


Yeah, it's harder to read the correct answer quickly for questions I got wrong in timed practice, especially for multiple choice.


I agree: also the text needs to be moved closer to the left of the screen...the new pagination is awkward. For those of us who have completed the tree, the vocab component is the most helpful. I'll keep trying this for a few more days but I'm sad that the look and feel has limited aspects of what is really wonderful content.


Same here. This looks more like a website for preschool children. Not to mention a terrible, terrible choice of the font.


I agree, the display contrast is very weak which makes it quite hard to read, unfortunately. And even on my big monitor I've had to decrease font size to help everything fit onto one page.


agreed...the new interface is painful. it looks like it is directed towards ipads/phones, but the old graphics were simple and faster. It's hard to read the new font.


Not the only one. I do see some improvements, but over all it's still "meh?"
One oddity is that the "pick one of three" no longer has numbers by the answers. Numbers still work for selecting an answer without a mouse, but there's nothing to tell you that anymore.


No I prefer it too


Just roll over then. The new one is okay, but don't just criticize it. There may be better things about it...


"Just roll over" is a terrible solution for poor contrast.

I'd also note the answers are in a different place. They used to be right under the answer box, now they're down and to the left. More and less natural eye movement needed.


That's pretty dismissive when so many of the complaints are about eyestrain. After only two lessons my eyes are stinging and aching. Never happened before but has been caused by glare from the background, poor choice of font and garish, over bright colours.


Thanks but i wish we still look at other people's progress


I must have been one of the last to get it, but here it finally is. I don't know what the big fuss was about, I like it. Not necessarily more than the old one, but at least as much. And I do prefer the bigger font when typing answers. I do miss the two features you mentioned, but as long as I know they'll be back, I'm okay. :)


There's a lot more than just two features that have been lost. I've only done one lesson since the change and I've noticed quite a few features missing.

  1. Correct spelling is not shown to you if you miss accents. It just accepts the answer with the wrong or missing accent and tells you to be careful but never shows the correct answer.
  2. Individual lessons within a skill do not have strengths anymore.
  3. The ability to play back your recording when being asked to speak is gone. Makes it much harder to compare your voice against the computers and see what you're saying wrong.
  4. Skill discussions have been removed.
  5. You can't see any information on the people you're following anymore. This would be good as a privacy feature but it looks like it's now impossible to see a friends skill tree or even how many words they know in a given language. There seems to be no point following people at all as basically nothing is shown.

6/7. The vacab and daily use tab which were mentioned in the original post.

This is just what I noticed after using the new design for a few minutes. This seems like a step backwards, no new features have been added and at least a handful have been lost. That's a steep price to pay for new graphics.


It also does not seem to give you the alternate translations. I was on much of the day (I just started a couple weeks ago but have been enjoying it a lot; I had the day off so I put some more time in) and then come home to this odd redesign. I liked that it would give, for example, "Je mange les pommes" with my answer "I eat the apples", another line that said "another correct translation: I am eating the apples". It no longer appears to do this. For this simple stuff, I understand that eat/ eating are interchangeable, but I do not know if I would have understood that as readily without this feature, and if there are more complicated ones down the road, I fear I will miss out. I also find the lighter contrast to be less easy to read. Bigger letters and rounder font does not make up for better contrast.


I noticed it doesn't offer "other correct translations" anymore too. I miss this feature! It was really useful, especially to learn phrases where the literal translation is correct, but there is also another meaning to the phrase (idioms etc.).


Yes! That's really important, since it seems the team haven't figured out yet whether they are going for literal translation or meaningful translation (idioms seem annoying when you are learning them but will be much more useful when we actually use the language).


I'm not sure I like the new design - that is a matter of opinion - but there are things that should be resolved: The low contrast - I too have trouble reading the text as many others have pointed out here. I kind of miss the alternate translations. But what really bugs me is a real bug in the new design: If you are asked for a specific word, you need to choose an article and write the word in the input field. So far so good, but I usually write the word first and than choose the article, but this way I can't hit the "check" button anymore. I have to go back to the input field and change something there to get the button back on active. If I do it the "right" way everything works fine - but my way doesn't work anymore. ...


Besides the contrast per se, this more colorful design seems to deliver way too much information to the viewer. I'm totally distracted by it.


You can also just type the article into the input field and it will select it automatically.


That's good to know. There is however one further bug, on the mobile app. On my platform, anway - HTC) which is this: the articles come up as - il, l, i', and l. !! it is only by educated guess, that I resolved that they are il, la, l' and lo. (in that order)


One way to change the article without clicking is to use "1" for first choice, "2" for second choice of article; you don't have to use the mouse then.


Actually the "another alternative translation" thing still exists. It only shows the other translations when you give a correct answer but not one of the "best" answers. And they are shown at the bottom of the page, so maybe you miss them


It's awkward to look at and the font is really small.


I have seen that - I wonder if it was not there the first day, or if I just missed it entirely. The basic alternate translations as in my example still do not seem to show up anymore though ("mange" for "eats/is eating" for example, but maybe that goes away after a certain level or lesson anyway? I am still fairly new to this site). Thanks for noting it though.

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When I had only a few minutes to practice, I would use the vocab section to focus on important and/or confusing words like "dejar". Please return access to the vocabulary ASAP. I think many don't realize how useful a tool it was, and how you could do quick lessons, on specific vocabulary, gain points, and not lose lingots because you had insufficient time to complete a full lesson, or were stymied because you couldn't complete the lesson without more than 3 errors. Since I have finished the tree, it has become a really important function for me, along with the strengthen skills section. I am very disappointed that it is gone.


I would use the vocab tab to practice my weakest words...I can't wait for it to come back!


I think you're right, I like the new design more than the last one but the vocabulary was very useful and easy and now it isn't there anymore..


I agree! I used the vocabulary section a lot for the confusing words, I don't understand why that would be taken away.


I also think that vocabulary section was one of the best features of this site. Please give it back!


In timed practice all you need to do is gain one point. So you can basically translate "un limón" to "a lemon", get the point, and then go at your own lovely pace until you die or until you do the 20 questions. You get the point and maintain your streak. It's rare to find a question that takes 30 seconds to answer.


Mostly I die, and sometimes without a point! ;-)


I do that all the time! Especially now that I'm reaching the harder levels of the tree. Keep going! :)

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Call me cheap, but doesn't that cost 10 lingots?? Vocab was free!

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Here you are, timed practice is on me!


You sir, are hilarious.

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Thanks, but I am returning them. Enjoy your practice!


You know you just pay that 10 lingots once an that unlocks the option for timed practice, right?

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Thanks, that wasn't clear to me....lol

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Other than that, I find the site still very functional, easy to use, helpful in the presence of errors, open to corrections or suggestions, appealing to the eye, and a wonderful means of practicing interactively. Keep on making improvements DL... Love ya!


I'm not trying to be argumentative here - just sincerely puzzled. How is the loss of so many features an improvement? I know lots of people love the new UI. What's better about it?

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I am not sure I can answer that. Not all improvements will be received positively, and this new interface definitely has detractors. But for me, the site still functions well. I am supporting improvements for what will be done in the future, or needs to be done now in the midst of this shift, not necessarily what has been done.


What I want to know is why we are suddenly subjected to horrible comedy fonts. The miniaturised t is awful. This is supposed to be a language learning site and this sort of thing does not help learners who come from using another alphabet - and I don't want to be learning a nonstandard character set when we finally get the languages that use other alphabets.


I completely agree, especially about the letter "t". "Sport" becomes "spont" or even "spon" in my vision, for example. Every "rt" or "nt" or "mt" that appears - I have to stop and decipher. Double "t" words also look funny: letter, better, jettison...it feels oppressive! Why??? was this choice made. Fix the "t" - it's the only letter that's undersized and it's feeling very puny.


I've actually seen this complaint several times. I'm just wondering how the "t" is miniaturized. I honestly can't see anything wrong with it.


The correct formation for the letter t that is taught to children and foreign language learners is that it is a three-quarter letter - it should be fractionally less tall than Pdl etc, but is nearly as tall as them, above what in typography is called the x height, and the cross bar comes in slightly above the height of the x/vowels or level with the top of them. This t is the same height as the vowels with the cross bar level with the cross of the e. If you look at how the t sits in this font in words that end in t, or at the relationship between the t and the h in the word three, you will see very clearly what is non standard about it. If you are learning Arabic or Russian or Greek from being used to the Latin alphabet, you spend a fair amount of time like a small child reading letter by letter before you start to instinctively recognise the shape of words. You want that word recognition to transfer to the majority of real world text, whether it be hand written or printed. The fonts for teaching languages in text books are chosen carefully as you want them both easily accessible and representative enough that they will not be confused. That t is confusing. It doesn't confuse you because you've been looking at the Latin alphabet all your life, you recognise the words, you are used to looking at comic fonts and display and decorative and all sorts of weird and wonderful fonts, you don't have to think about anything.


It's very difficult to take this website seriously, especially with the bold colors and childish/cartoonish font - just like a baby's joke book, or like a kiddy game. :þ

Plus, it strains my eyes to try deciphering the text, whether in English or another language; and even zoomed-in via my browser. :/


Oh, I was taught to smaller t initially, so it's no change to me. I've been using it since I could write. I was taught that it should be half the height of l.


Lost for words at that. Do you actually make the t minim height (i.e. the height of the upright line in the m and n etc?


I get why you were confused now. Maybe the font is different for some reason. My printed t is slightly above the height of an m and the cross is even with the top of the m.


I do when I print, when I write in cursive, which is most of the time, I don't. But when I was taught to print, that's how I was taught. Maybe there was just a shift at some point in how things were taught.


Did you see the image I posted below? We might be seeing totally different things.


Here's a link to what we're seeing: http://bayimg.com/LAioNaAFk

Perhaps the people experiencing the eye-strain from the font and colours are unlucky, it could explain why some are not understanding all the negative reactions!


Here's what I see, which is obviously different for some reason.



Comparing the full image you posted http://image.bayimg.com/c596159b17a78a3a9152c4f95323602431f75756.jpg to mine http://image.bayimg.com/36c4d1f11564142c7a22c35a6b0dcb8199e84fce.jpg, there is a massive difference in font rendering, your screen is so much easier to read! I would probably still prefer a different font, but I could put up with your version.


It looks like your browser isn't loading the webfont specified in this page's stylesheet for some reason. When I start Chrome with the command line option --disable-remote-fonts (which, as implied stops the browser from loading web fonts), I don't get the dwarf T's, but when I start it without the CL option, the diminutive T's are back.


Windows 8 RT, IE10. People have been making these complaints for a month, ever since the first changeover. I don't know if it's one particular group. There are lots of posts but this forum is quite difficult to navigate, particularly on the long threads.


Maybe it's a different browser? I see the miniaturized 't' and I'm using Google Chrome.


I am using Chrome in MacOSX. I also use Chrome is Win 7. I have seen no difference in the t.


What are your specs? I'm wondering if this problem is just limited to a small group.


I call them "Luis threads." They get so much attention and make it difficult to navigate because they are so popular. Any other thread is no problem. Have you tried Chrome on Win8? It could just be a certain font within Win8, because it looks like it varies, meaning that it's on the user end.


Different font. Completely different font, more or less what we had before.

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This is definitely a bug, and I agree it's horrible, but I'm sure it's not by design. Like Puddleglum, I have a normal legible t. Report it via the support tab or support@duolingo.com .


I have the problem font in Chrome and a not great but at least not abnormal one in IE.


i use firefox in windows vista on a laptop and the t is miniaturised but perfectly legible, i had not even noticed the difference until i read this thread. I am English and grew up learning that t was the same height as l, d etc in handwriting and this is a quirk of this font. On a laptop no problem but i can see that it may be confusing on a mobile. The lack of a vocabulary, in general and in skill sets is my biggest loss but admin says they are working on it. The change came as a bit of a shock to me, was there advanced warning and i missed it? I missed one day and came back on to the change. I miss the big congratulations when completing a unit as well


If you are concerned about being subjected to fonts that you don't like, and miniature letters, you can set your browser to use the font you specify (i.e. unclick the setting that allows the website to override the default font). I do that, just for readability - I also found the miniature t a bit hard to read at times.


thanks, really easy i just hadn't thought of it. tools/options/content/advanced on firefox


you are welcome. I use firefox also, so I suppose this might not be an option for people who are upset about the font and are on another browser. I like the font, which is not Comic as stated above, just a nice, clear, sans serif font. I just find the tiny "t"disconcerting.


Kudos for making those points so clearly, and daring to do so in the face of gushing praise and downvotes. This will be the first lingot I've given out. :)

I remain hopeful that the DL team are taking notes and will make the needed fixes to the learning experience that we've come to enjoy. I continue using DL, because I do like it, but despite the recent changes rather than because of them. It never seems to get mentioned that more people like/visit the site and use the site longer with time, etc., simply because of the fact that word is spreading of DL. I spend more time because I'm reading discussion, not more time learning German. The metrics that tell them that they're doing everything right are the same metrics that said the vocab page should go. Originally it was asserted that vocab wasn't helping and may actually be harming users' progress. What? It's a language site. I know streamlining (dumbing down) is big nowadays, but if you must do it, leave options for powerusers or risk alienating a significant portion of users (bottom lines notwithstanding).

I will say there is one way that the recent changes have been beneficial to me: They have opened my eyes to other services. Through want and need and reading Discussion, I've been shown the way to lang-8, lexisrex, dict.cc, paul joyce, dartmouth.edu, and even helpful about.com and wikipedia pages. When I first started using DL, I wanted to believe it was the only source I needed to learn languages. The recent changes have taught me otherwise. I cannot even look up words I DO know here anymore, let alone words that I don't, but wish to learn. That's not good for the site or its users.

Thanks for your post.


I too agree that the new interface is terrible, and here are some reasons why: The aesthetics have been significantly downgraded Daily score (I know this has been said, but i just want to reinforce by saying that the daily score was very helpful to me) I can’t seem to strengthen skills with the strengthen button (I can now only strengthen specific skills) Helpful tips on lessons have been removed (Along with vocab and skill discussions) Alternate translations have been removed for some reason For all these (and more) reasons, I personally want to go back to the old system, which seemed better 99% of the time.


You can strengthen skills with the "Strengthen Skills" button on the homepage.

Tips & Notes appear both in the lessons and on the skill page.


What I meant to say is that that button must be less potent now, as it doesn’t seem to help me very much.


I can see now that the Tips and Notes have been restored, and even improved. This was not the case when I posted the comment.


They've actually always been there, though some skills you will find do not contain Tips (Clothing, for example, has no special grammar rules that we explain).

Also the Strengthen Skills button should do the same as it did before. Note, though, that the more skills you have opened up, the less impact a 20 challenge lesson can have.


I see. Thank you, bchan.


Playing back voice is the biggest loss, at least for myself. Getting the pronunciation correct in French is rather difficult, so far I'm using Windows Sound Recorder to test but tabbing between the internet browser and the recorder for each iteration is starting to be a bit irritating. Definitely a bad trade off for a more polished site.


I agree, i do not like the change eather. I have to test the duolingo on mobile, i hope is more accesible and nicer. And i miss the correct answear shown and the recording part.


I don't understand your problem. I can play the voice as often as I like. I think duolingo alone is not sufficient to learn the pronunciation.


Not the duolingo voice. Your own voice, you used to be able to play back what you said to help you see what you said wrong.


I never had this. Even not on the old design.


That may have been a test feature only given to some people. I've never had that ability.


@sophiema: Apparently I can't reply directly to you as this is too far down the thread but it does appear they added the play button back although it oddly only shows sometimes and only after you've gotten it to accept your recording as correct.

While it's something it's not very useful as the only time I want to hear my recording is before it's accepted so that I can fix my mistakes.


Actually you can. After you get it correct, it shows "play" in the circle (used to be the microphone), and you can listen to your own voice by clicking on that.


Not to argue, but I'm pretty sure it was a standard feature, at least back when I started last June. I don't believe "test" features were being rolled out only to certain groups at that time. I used to use the playback to see if my voice was being recorded at all, since I had so much trouble getting Duo to hear my response. (I have long since disabled my microphone).


@kassandra8286 I don't know for sure that this applies to this particular feature, but Duolingo has been pretty open about the fact that they are constantly testing features with small groups. They don't really advertise that much. I also never got to see any of the "half hearts" that people were talking about, either. I think it's great that they do so much testing.


Great comments LukeHoltom, I miss the old format terribly at the moment. I also notice that the Discussion windows in the lessons seem to stick (on my IPad at least). I do not have the hang of commenting on a translation in the Immersion section if I do not want to make an edit. It seems poorer than the previous version all in all. (I miss all the points you mentioned.) I do wish the team spent more time on the actual pedagogical content of the lessons (ie erroneous translations, very strange sentences that trip you up and have nothing to do with the actual learning, ignoring of suggestions (not superfluous ones).


I agree. One HUGE step backwards. Horrible design. Previous was much, much better. Point 6/7 - where is my vocabulary??


Totally agree in every word!! Hope duolingo producers pay attention to you and take notice of that!


I agree with Luke and I would like to go back to the old interface. It worked faster than this one and I am missing a lot the vocabulary lists to review quickly important words. One law of sofware uptdates is not to remove any previous functionality. And we have lost a lot


No, I think it does show the correct accent... down in the lower left where you wouldn't think to look for it, and without the highlighting in place that I think it had before.


Not that I can see. It does still highlight the word that needs the accent but it never actually shows the accent. I'll try again later, maybe it's just a display issue for me but I'm certainly not seeing it.


I just deliberately errored on "a lemon" with "un limon". limon gets highlighted in red with "pay attention" above it; no accent there, as you say. Down in the lower left, in classy green on green, is the right answer, with a barely visible accent mark over the o in limón.


I think the biggest issue I have with the redesign is that the accents are much smaller and harder to read than before.


I can see the corrected versions too -- down in the left, like greenatom said. But it took me a while to notice those.


I found similar changes as LukeHoltom mentioned. I hope that these possibilities that we had in the old design will be again a reallity in the new version. Actually I was having fun competing with friends and trying to catch them in the learning tree... but now we don't have access to any information of people we follow. As LukeHoltom said, "no point following people".


There's something else. If you get something wrong, it doesn't point out the wrong word any more. Over some sentences I have to go like 3 times until I find my mistake, because the wrong word is no longer a different colour. Especially with timed practice, this is terrible. It makes me not check my mistakes, but rather just go on. This is not really what I want from practice.


I agree especially with point #5. It's frustrating that I can't see where my students are in their skill tree or if they have all their skills gold. I use Duolingo in my Spanish class as a great way to differentiate learning, but as a teacher, I need ways to keep track of how they're doing.

But even just as a normal user who has friends using Duolingo, I'd rather see how far they are rather than just points and level.


What really bugs me, is that I can't see the skill trees of my friends. It really always gave me a push when someone completed a skill in which I had only 2 or 3 lessons left. Also I hate, that individual lessons don't have strength any more. When I lost strength points on a skill I liked to practice the specific lesson. The only positive thing about the new design is the graph of your last week's progress at the end of each lesson. But I don't see why they couldn't have included that on your homepage so you don't have to do a lesson to see it. All in all I liked the old design a lot more.


I'm sure that over time they will re-add the features. I would be interested to know exactly how they worked out that 'millions' of people learnt better with it because it might just be that they stuck with the Duolingo longer because they were on a 'new beta' and so felt special and that they were helping the community more...


It also no longer lists the words in a skill set and their translations


what he said. i have faith in you duolingo and i believe you will give us back our beloved features.


First of all, thank you all at DL for your hard work in making our learning experience as pleasant and effective as possible. Given that premise, here my two eurocents:

  1. I find it faster. Good.
  2. big no-no, at least for me: everytime Flash (grrr...) crashes in the past I had the possibility to skip the question in exchange of a heart, by clicking "I don't know the answer". Now I have just to restart the exercise. Better if you either give this back or change technology, in my opinion.
  3. I don't hate the candy-interface in general, but I find the icons a little bit big and the colors quite disturbing. On the other hand, I do love the "life bar" near each icon. Also I like this new upper-bar, with lingots and streak counters on it.
  4. the new owl is lovely
  5. the new "wall" is a bit cluncky: I cannot write anything on it directly, I can just comment on something that someone else has written.
  6. I would add a small flag indicating everyone's mother language, a way to understand who gives you lingots
  7. I'd move the "Support" button from there: maybe it's just me, but I noticed it and I started using it at 3/4 of my first tree, just because a moderator told me about it
  8. Vocabulary: I didn't use it so much in the past. Maybe I'd keep a search function working in both ways (e.g. English-German and vice versa) finding the wanted word inside a core set of translated sentences taken from immersion. In this way we will keep on seeing words in their natural environment (sentences), without sticking on the relatively redundant sentences from the course.


i normally make use of the vocabulary tab to remind the words i've learn and i think there are more people who make use of it. Anyway, the new design is better and you may integrate those omitted features in a better way in near future.

Thanks a lot Duolingo


I actually don't mind the look of the new design at all. But as a keyboard person, I really miss being able to tab through the checkboxes on the multiple choice questions. I hate lifting my hands off the keyboard to grab the mouse. Thanks.


I would really like to be able to use the speed practice again for single skill-sets- will that feature be available again?


Still liked "Fix Mistakes". It made it more fun. And helpful.


I also thought it actually enhanced my learning experience while using this program to learn another human language.


So why not just allow users to switch back to the old design if they like it better?


Salut! My concern is that I was going over all of my "non-gold" lessons...and re-doing all the ones with "white squares" showing. Now I can't see the difference between the ones I already (re)did, didn't do and which levels I've fully re-done. Am I missing something? Sorry...but I've been doing duolingo everyday with my broken ankle and I had a system going!:) Merci beaucoup!




Here are some simple tools to get that pesky wad out of your panties: http://www.dict.cc/ http://www.wordreference.com/


No need for talking about someones panties, its a bit inappropriate.


One more bug with the new design - I just got given a bunch of pictures, and told to name them (in French). You no longer give me a hint of what the common element is supposed to be. You previously would tell me they were (for example) "shirts" rather than (for example) "clothing" - and yes, I've had sets of pictures in the past where I needed the help, not being expert at mind reading.

Also, in general - the more you go with a pictorial interface, lacking text, the more you lock out those who could handle a text and sound based interface (with the aid of text to speech or text to braille software). Why break accessibility just to be "pretty". (Which, by the way, you fail at, to my tastes.)


Thank you for the new design! It seems that I can get used to most changes quickly enough. So far so good. I don't want to be picky, but... how I miss the old icons representing the skills! They looked quite neat. I wish I had a screenshot before they are gone :P


I agree that the skill icons used to be so much better!


I find it very annoying that the vocab tab is gone now, I liked having a list of all the words I've learned . It prompted me to practice words I couldn't remember well. Fair enough you still have lesson practice but then you have to rely on Duolingo presenting the words you need to revise.


por favor, quiero volver a ver el progreso en cada lección individual


I'm fairly new here, but I was already pretty attached to the vocabulary tab. It was nice to be able to look over the words with which I should be comfortable, so that I know which ones to work on/think about between lessons. I'll be looking forward to getting that back, but other than that, I think the new design is fantastic! Thumbs up!


I miss the correction of spelling...


I'm fine with everything, just bring back the vocab asap please!


I need the vocabulary tab!!!!! However Duolingo is great when learning a language =) Keep up the good work and thank you for the oportunity you provide us to learn more =)


Lui, I wish to have the clock in time practice back.. when I sneak peek about how much time left, I think it is easier for me to look at a clock verse the digital timing. Thanks!


"Voice autoplay" and "sound effects" are not working for me on the new interface. They are checked as "on" on the settings.


i miss the vocab feature!!!! plz reinsert it into the new web desgin


I need that vocabulary section back! It helps to give me a more in depth definition of a word, which is so helpful!


issues from day 2 of using the redesigned website from PC:

  • use crtl- to zoom out in order to see more of the screen and reduce font size, which now is a bit small but preferred to exceedingly too large
  • not sure why the translation box has was relocated and why the font is super tiny
  • i think i lost my french streak bc there is no way to check skills received per day
  • no lesson skills practice or timed practice
  • its harder to tell how many points left to level up
  • half hearts was a test group, i experience those but was unaware of test group status
  • miss the old owl icons
  • the window that pops up for leveling up is weak, i miss the old one
  • can only see progress charts upon completion of a lesson



The previous version also allowed you to do a combined practice of the completed subsections of a particular section if you haven't completed the entire group yet. For example, I've only completed 3 of the 6 "Occupation" areas, and previously I could practice a mix of those three, whereas now I have to either pick a specific one to redo, or I have to rush through all of them to practice a mix. That was separate from just the complete "Vocabulary" tab.

I really am disappointed with this redesign, and not because I haven't gotten used to it. There were real, useful advantages that the old design had over the iOS version and this new design got rid of virtually all of them.


Please let us see the skill tree - other than our own.


I would like to agree with the comments below. I strongly urge Duolingo to 1) Return the vocab feature as fast as possible 2) Return alternate translations as soon as possible 3) change the lowercase letter t in this font. Apologies if any of these points have already been addressed.


I would like to agree with the comments below. I strongly urge Duolingo to 1) Return the vocab feature as fast as possible 2) Return alternate translations as soon as possible 3) change the lowercase letter t in this font. Apologies if any of these points have already been addressed.


To be honest, if I am spending more time on the site it is because it is harder to use and my lessons now take significantly longer to work through. My difficulties began the day I was switched over to the new interface and, suddenly, I couldn't do what was doing the day before. My skill points graph reflects this. I quit lessons more frequently. I am learning less and spending more time on other sites to do things I used to do here (memrise and anki, for instance, to train vocabulary). I've been on the new site for a couple of weeks now, so I don't think it is a matter of "getting used to it". Learning a language here is now harder than it was three weeks ago.

I am wondering what measures you use to decide that people are "learning(ing) more effectively"? That's not the case for me nor the people who have been complaining about the loss of functionality that supported our learning strategies. Setting aside my opinions about the graphical changes, the site seems to be, more than anything, dumbed down.

And that is a real shame.


Overall I really like the design update. However, I am really struggling to understand the removal of the vocabulary feature. Most people may not have been using it because it was not obvious to them or because it was not available on mobile. However, for the people who had discovered it, it was such a useful feature. I for one was using it so much to get a better understanding of verb conjugation. Please add it back ASAP!


Please bring the Vocabulary back quickly!! I am not able to do many lessons at one time and so I rely on the vocabulary to help remind me of conjugations and spellings. I can't remember all these words, and by the way it's repetition that teaches here, right? Without the vocabulary available I have no notes to reference. I need it to progress in my tree.


Please give us back the vocabulary tab. I am lost without it!! Why you didn't delay the updat until everything was ready?!!


Please give us back the vocabulary tab. I am lost without it!! Why you didn't delay the updat until everything was ready?!!


After four days of use it still isn't growing on me. Of course, I know it isn't going to change back. So can I point out another small detail that maybe be changed a bit? The background of progress bar as you complete a lesson is faint that it is difficult to tell how many questions remain. Thanks. Though I find the redesign to noticeably weaken the usefulness of Duolingo, you're still one of my favorite startups and I'll still tell everybody that Duolingo is great.


Not sure why, but the performance has actually been worse on the new site than the old. Especially going from the home page to Activity of Discussion. I had a notification that linked to a reply on a discussion board, clicked on it, and it took a good 7 seconds to load. Whilst on the old site it would load almost instantly.

Animations, scrolling and the like also take longer.



Please return the vocabulary tab! I used to use it with memrise. An export function would also be great :)


I have tried the new format sans the vocabulary tab and word strengthening for the last 55 days. I was one " of the small fraction of duolingo users [who] took advantage of [them]." I even made flash cards and verb conjugation cards to augment and re-enforce what I was learning. I guess I am one of an even smaller fraction of users who don't really care about points, and lingots and certificates and competition. I just wanted to acquire some facility in French.

You say "....these changes are measurably helping people learn more effectively" and "Millions of users have been upgraded, and their behavior indicates to us that they like the change after getting used to it." Something about that really grates. We're right. You're wrong.

The streak dies tonight. It's very disappointing.


Bless You!Pippa. I am with you. Unfortunately, Duo is not a democracy. No site is. What started out as a wonderful "People" thing just went the same way as any rule of thumb...... "You Will Enjoy The New Luxury We Have Given You" I am not going to say Zieg Hail I never would.. Somebody downvoted you and That is Another thing that Sucks in Duo. Anonymous bullying. For all its goodness, it insists on ancient history and refuses to learn from it There is this great big "WE" voice but I, for the life of me cannot hear it. So, I shall upvote you to cancel the anonymous downvote and please accept a lingot or whatever. Your JJ.


Okay, this is ridiculous. PLEASE FIX THE FONT/CONTRAST ISSUES!!!! Now I am making errors simply because I cannot see what is written: Lt. Grey, extra lt Grey, Lt yellow and lt blue are extremely hard to see. I loved the old version: it was just fine, Now I am hardly on here anymore because using duo lingo had become a chore, rather than something I looked forward to.


I think I was the last one, I got upgraded literally a couple of minutes ago! :D Very exciting. Although the upgrade has erased a couple of lessons I did on Adjectives. Still, never mind! Exciting stuff! :)


Did we lose a heart? I swear there used to be four for practice.


That's just at the beginning. After that, you will always have 3 hearts.


mine just came a second ago


Wow Luis... 100% of users upgraded> Did they have a choice?


No they didn't. I want to go back! What a startling discovery when I refreshed my page. My eyes..they bleed.


I like the new look. The only thing is I lost the ability to test skills within a series of lessons (i.e., prepositions -- I can only review one lesson at a time rather than all the lessons I've completed to date)


You can use the "Strengthen <skill name>" button on the right of the skill page to practice your entire vocabulary for a given section. To practice multiple skills, you can use the "Strengthen Skills" button on the homepage.


Oh, that is helpful. Thanks so much!


I just came on and I was like whoa!! Thanks Luis!!!


It does look really good, but I miss the features mentioned in the text... Keep up with the great work!


I must have been one of the last ones. Fortunately, I got in a bit of vocab strengthening right before the change. :) I like that the skills farther along on the tree are labeled and have then number of lessons. I'm trying to get used to maneuvering around, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. (If anyone has a tip about the quickest way to switch between languages, I would appreciate it!)


There actually is an easier way. First you hover over the flag of the language you are currently doing(It is right beside your profile picture). Then you click the language you choose to do


Does that mean that you are working on adding a vocabulary tab to the new layout, I thought it was useful? BTW I love the new design.


I love the new design! :)


I like the update a lot. The website is much faster for me, especially when using a mobile device. I use my iphone quite a lot to check the discussion.

There is one problem for me though. When I zoom in to read, the top navigation bar gets cut off. To see the right side of it I have to fully zoom out and it makes it very difficult to change the language for example because I have to hit a tiny arrow with a big finger. Is there any way you can make the top bar zoom-able?


Thanks for everything you do! Also no need to be ashamed anymore for peeking :D


The screen is empty when I access my lessons, so I can't work. Help!


前のデザインのほうが好きだったなぁ(´・ω・`)ショボーン アップデートしたら重くなって 表示に時間がかかるようになっちゃった。


Thank you :-) I needed some time to get used to the new design, but after a few weeks I don't wish the old design back :-)


After using the new design for a while, I can say: It is really better. I am doing many more lessons. Before I was using it for half an hour, aproximately. Now I study for an hour and I can't even notice it.

Ps: English is my second language, so.. I'm sorry if I made any mistakes.


"I am sorry if I made any mistakes."


That's great that you can speak/type that well for a second language. One little mistake: "much more lessons" try "more lessons" or "many more lessons" :-)


i think I was the last one


I just completed my first lesson in the new design, and overall I have to say it's a big improvement! Thanks Duo team for all of your hard work!

I especially love the graph at the end of the lesson showing your recent progress. Giving the user access to personalized metrics like that is a huge motivational factor, I feel.

Thanks again!


HOOORAY!!! I've been waiting for the resign for months!!! :P As it stands now, it's worth all my expectation!!! XD


How do you look for friends? The thing at the top is gone.


In the leaderboard and in Activity, there is a button "Search". But I didn't try it, so I'm not quite sure if only searches your friends or in general.


Is there an ETA on when this design is coming to android? The website looks nice but I do everything through my tablet.


Having trouble with new upgrade. Can't work the lesson when I go in and click on the lesson the only thing I see is the background (white screen green rolling hills) but that's all no answer box no sentence. I can hear the administrator talking but that's it......PLEASE HELP ME.


Regarding the vocabulary tab, I'm one of those who rarely used it. However, the reason I rarely used it was that it never seemed to work properly, or perhaps I just found it confusing.

The idea behind it was great, but I think it was a poor implementation, and I wonder if that's partly why it wasn't used much by DL users as a whole.


oh bother - I can't correct my last comment, which you seem to have "hidden" - I found the text label. It just wasn't where I was used to finding it.


I like the updated look, but it's lacking the lesson tips and word lists (or it's not readily visible). This is a serious drawback in my opinion. I realize it shows a list of verbs (one conjugation) under each lesson, but this is not always enough to know whether the verb is -ir, -ar, -er especially if the conjugated form is first person. The word lists also provided information on gender, usage examples, etc. which is also helpful.


Thanks, guys, for your efforts. Looking forward to get the vocabulary tab back...


The new design is great ! It more fun to learn in this font and colors, but I realy thinks that the vocabulay page was very useful and I've used it almost every day but now it's gone. Please return it. Thank you very much !! Merci beaucoup !! :)


I am now unable to access Duolingo on any of my home computers. They run on windows seven, and have different web configurations. The software is up to date and I have the same adblock and malware plugins as my work computer where I can access the new design fine.

What I see when I go to the opening page is a white screen with an inactive <<support>> tab on the left side.



Passions in the posts!

There are so many arguments one way or another, in this thread. This proves, just one thing; Just how much we care about DL.

When I started DL on the mobile app, it became such a familiar friend, that when the first changes came, to that app (And I hadn't even used the computer version until 3 months later) It felt like the death of a friend and I vehemently hated the changes. Well I'm old, and we ancients don't care for change BUT.... You live with it!

Now I accept there will be changes and have read every post on this thread, I just have a few points to make.

1) I know that the Vocabulary Tab, is being worked on, and will be back soon, hopefully. It is a(present tense), great feature. 2) The new design has been criticised as Juvenile. I would suggest if you find it Juvenile, you may be suffering from a touch of post-pubescence yourselves. As an Oldie (Who doesn't like change) I actually find it quite charming, and in some cases clever; For example Una Balena (a Whale) as a symbol for animals; A pair of butterflies (Due farfalle) for plurals: Both units in the same section. And if you choose the plural section to do first, most of them are in animals, in plural. Then you get the singulars in the animal section; but this is great teaching. You've seen the plural word, for example with an '-i-' ending so it's no surprise when you come across it in masculine singular form. 3) At sometime I hope the DL team will sit down and just consolidate what they've got (or had) rather than concentrating on the constant development. Let's get the model as right as possible (Whilst developing all the new languages in the incubator) - how about a boring 3 months spent ironing out the (relatively few) bugs, before taking over the world?

We know a precious jewel when we see one. The team know it. All the bloody accolades that have been coming, recognize it (I even just wrote a US spelling)


Will the feature that allows you to view others' progress still be available? I am a Spanish teacher and I use this with my students. I relied on being able to view students'progress when they created accounts with their school emails. Also, I liked having the vocab lists because I used it with some special ed students who liked having the vocab list so they didn't have to concentrate on the spelling of the words as much. They could just look on the list. Thanks


Just got the new design. Im gonna miss Vocab and stalking other DL users' Tree. Im still happy though Thanks Duolingo! :D


I really like how my homepage looks on the iPad app and hope to it everywhere. It lets me see at a glance whether I've practiced that language, and (although I haven't used it) it has a "Set goal" button. Ipad seems to be leading the way in these design changes, and for me that's a good thing.


The tree had cleaner, more immediately accessible bar graphics for subject progress & top-ups. These new ones seem like helmets but to view the progress curve 'plume' my eyes feel like they have to scan backwards. Please give the helmets mohawk learning curves instead


I actually am happy with the "strengthen skills" option now...but please list WHAT skill it is, for context, and also I'm having some trouble with the contrast too...hard to see how many questions are left at the top with the green and white bars. Thanks duo-dudes and dudettes!


I don't mind the new design but I miss my vocabulary list....


duolingo is great !!! but with the new version you can not check your everyday progress, cause you can not count the experience points per day, also you can not have lists with the words from each lesson just some ideas about your great and free to everyone work

thank you so much for the duolingo , i am very very excited and happy yo learn with it


This new design causes my browser to freeze and unfreeze repeatedly when I try to scroll up or down


Ok, it's more colourfull...

  • 559

I miss the second tree. I've used that for several months now, and I think that's easier on the eyes than the new ones - esier to read at a glance.

  • 559

I miss the second tree. I've used that for several months now, and I think that's easier on the eyes than the new ones - esier to read at a glance.

  • 559

I miss the second tree. I've used that for several months now, and I think that's easier on the eyes than the new ones - esier to read at a glance.

  • 559

On the other hand, it does appear visually, to encourage practicing older skills, and makes this aspect of Duo easier.


I hope the DuoLingo team gives consideration to the highest voted comments here rather than simply interpreting their own usage metrics. That probably sounds more negatively critical than I intend. I'm still very grateful for it's existence.


I hope the DuoLingo team gives consideration to the highest voted comments here rather than simply interpreting their own usage metrics. That probably sounds more negatively critical than I intend. I'm still very grateful for it's existence.


The practice skill option in individual skill sets is a bad loss. Please could you reintroduce that as well as individual skill set vocabularies. The conjugate option in verbs in the questions was also very useful. When using the microphone option could we please not be given answers using words we have not yet learned, sometimes we get marked wrong for saying words that the previous written question has taught us were right, which is very irritating


The practice skill option in individual skill sets is a bad loss. Please could you reintroduce that as well as individual skill set vocabularies. The conjugate option in verbs in the questions was also very useful. When using the microphone option could we please not be given answers using words we have not yet learned, sometimes we get marked wrong for saying words that the previous written question has taught us were right, which is very irritating


I miss that when you made a little mistake it showed you, you were wrong and if you corrected your answer you got a half heart back. That was a useful feature. Without it I have only 4 chances which is really disturbing for me (as I'm not a native in any languages available here).


I miss that when you made a little mistake it showed you, you were wrong and if you corrected your answer you got a half heart back. That was a useful feature. Without it I have only 4 chances which is really disturbing for me (as I'm not a native in any languages available here).


The half-heart retry wasn't removed as a part of the redesign. It was a test only available to a limited group of users. If you had it, you were part of the test group, but most were not. Luis mentioned elsewhere on the forum that it didn't work out as well as they'd have liked, so they're retooling this and will be testing it again soon.


Ho ha ha! Berrilliant! My good main I am so glad we hun.derstend heech other. You are horlmost as good. Well done! My half-heart retry almost faded! AND I wasnt even part of the test grope! I am so glad that my tool will be re-tooled soon. My God You People are So Kind! I like how I look. Doyou?! Ho! How I loff them sites here so! Especially when I am looking so good. I Love DWANGOLANGOZ!!! So very special to me I take 'Im to my grave is me! Also retry is this must be not remove because is so good and getting better so There! End How is my Icelandic? Gut Bless thet Duolerwingos. This is serious! It it good looking if only it had eyes.


As i have opted to follow this discussion i get email updates of new posts. Can i say i am fed up with complaints about fonts and colors. this is an easy thing for you to fix yourself. In firefox click tools, options. the options box comes up. Choose content. You will see a default font and size option you can choose. you will also see 2 buttons, advanced and colors. if you click advanced it gives you the option to allow pages to choose their own fonts. the default is yes. if you unclick the box you will get your own chosen font displayed here. same for colors, choose your own and unclick the box that allows pages to choose their own colors. This will apply on duolingo but also on all pages you visit so you may need to practice a little to ensure you get good displays that suit your vision. this is firefox but i am sure chrome, ie and safari etc have the same capabilities. so can i have a few less moany emails in my inbox of simple things please, this is the 21st century take control of your digital input.


Bring back the vocabulary tab . NOW !


There's far, far too much white space on the homescreen. It takes forever to reach to the bottom of the tree and makes comparing skill strength difficult as it can involve scrolling up and down several times.

I really dislike the skill strength indicators and the 'minimalist' design. I think it's far easier to glance at when the bar is a line, instead of being wrapped around the circular icon. I think there's also something lost from the gaming aspect of the site removing the tree and lines joining up icons.

It's been a while since the change has gone through, but I'm finding myself spending less time on the site due to the redesign. It's a shame but I really feel the new interface is a step backwards for duolingo.

As mentioned numerous times the font is terrible.


There's far, far too much white space on the homescreen. It takes forever to reach to the bottom of the tree and makes comparing skill strength difficult as it can involve scrolling up and down several times.

I really dislike the skill strength indicators and the 'minimalist' design. I think it's far easier to glance at when the bar is a line, instead of being wrapped around the circular icon. I think there's also something lost from the gaming aspect of the site removing the tree and lines joining up icons.

It's been a while since the change has gone through, but I'm finding myself spending less time on the site due to the redesign. It's a shame but I really feel the new interface is a step backwards for duolingo.

As mentioned numerous times the font is terrible.


Please!!! the Vocabulary Tab! It was very helful, so when will it be back?


Please!!! the Vocabulary Tab! It was very helful, so when will it be back?


When is the vocab tab coming back? :'(


When is the vocab tab coming back? :'(


When is the vocab tab coming back? :'(


When is the vocab tab coming back? :'(


My skill set in German was improved, and I like the results. However, in Spanish I kept doing the same old exercises ad tedium, and they were never improved. Why?


It's not too good. I can't view the discussion within the lesson. They need to start adding stuff, not getting rid of it.


LF and CR after each word in the questions makes copy/paste of my choices into my external text file vocabulary list a mess ! Please change this to how it was.


I don't have a problem with the new layout, but is there any way to mute that vivid green that flashes up on the bottom bar when one correctly answers? I find it almost blinding. I don't think I'll be able to use it like this at all.


I feel extorted, especially when the entire premise of this program is/was designed to eliminate translation costs for google (see TED TALK link below): https://www.ted.com/talks/luis_von_ahn_massive_scale_online_collaboration Now, of course, the evolution has become, lets charge these unwitting users while they translate our pages and form a profit center - the fact that I lose "health" and am either unable to practice when I have the time or pay is enraging to me


I have tried the new web site and think I have given it a fair trial. I would love to know if there is a way I can learn on the old platform as I really do not like the new one.


Please change the look of the design. It does not look as professional as the previous design.


Why do I have Lingots and my friend (learning same language, have what she says are Jewels?


don't know if it has anything to do with the rollout but my speaking function only works occasionally. There is no way to bypass those questions so I'm out of Duo it is too frustrating to keep "reporting" "something else is the matter".


Ok so I see that the new interface is a step back in some things, overall I like it! :) It may be because I like new things in general, but also I trust the Duo folks to keep improving this. I think it's great that they still have the boldness to make big changes to their website and get rid of things that are not perfect in order to replace them with better versions (eventually). It shows me they have a vision. That counts for something if you are with only a few dozens of people while having millions of subscribers. So, patience people. In the meanwhile just appreciate what you have. A free way to learn many languages. I'm not a fan of complaining, but it's really great to see so many people offering constructive feedback.


I just joined yesterday so I don't know what the old interface looked like, but I'm really enjoying using the site so far. The design is clear and easy to understand. I don't find it childish. The missing features sounded really interesting, so I'm looking forward to their return.


Bring back the vocabulary tab . NOW !


Bring back the vocabulary tab . NOW !


YES!! i got it!! thanks to you awesome coders!


As i have opted to follow this discussion i get email updates of new posts. Can i say i am fed up with complaints about fonts and colors. this is an easy thing for you to fix yourself. In firefox click tools, options. the options box comes up. Choose content. You will see a default font and size option you can choose. you will also see 2 buttons, advanced and colors. if you click advanced it gives you the option to allow pages to choose their own fonts. the default is yes. if you unclick the box you will get your own chosen font displayed here. same for colors, choose your own and unclick the box that allows pages to choose their own colors. This will apply on duolingo but also on all pages you visit so you may need to practice a little to ensure you get good displays that suit your vision. this is firefox but i am sure chrome, ie and safari etc have the same capabilities. so can i have a few less moany emails in my inbox of simple things please, this is the 21st century take control of your digital input.


Lets break this contrast debate down a little further: perhaps it will help me understand why you are so passionate and insensitive to all of this "whining". 1. Before the change, did you find this site difficult to use because the contrast was TOO GOOD? 2. Before the change did you find older users intolerant to your frustrations suggesting browser adjustments that do not completely solve the problem? The way I see it, Duo Lingo has moved from a design worked well for most people to one that excludes a portion of their users. Is that progress?


you sad little person, why don't you grow up., older users like me, 59 with sight problems are used to having to adjust site colors and contrasts.. you sound like a lazy little kid whining for your mum to fix it for you. perhaps as it is a free site and you may have noticed they continue to improve the new version you can get your toys back in your pram and wait until they get round to fixing YOUR problem. Alternatively there are lots of paid language sites who i am sure have contrast and fonts to suit YOU right NOW!!!!


calm down young man, this is supposed to be a discussion, not a flame war.


I really like this new layout. It may take some time getting used to, but I can see it's better. But I really need the daily progress counter! I always aimed for around 100 points per day. Now I can't see how far I am, or I have to note down the week score at the beginning of my training every time.


The new interface is amazing!


i love new face of duolingo


I think the new look is perfectly acceptable, for the most part, and it certainly won't put me off using it. I will be interested to see what it looks like on the tablet, as I sometimes use the app on that instead of the PC. Only complaint - the contrast on the Whoops, you got it wrong and the display of the almost right and alternate translations is a tad hard on the eyes. The background color is great but a little more contrast on the font would help immensely.


I just wanted to say thank you to the whole Duo team, because this is a BEAUTIFUL update. I can tell that an amazing amount of thought went into the re-design, it really shows. Yes, it's different, and it'll take some getting used to, but thank you for all the hard work. Don't let the naysayers slow you down ;) I'm sure you'll continue to make it more and more awesome, usable, and helpful for learning. Just wanted to add my two cents and say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!


As i have opted to follow this discussion i get email updates of new posts. Can i say i am fed up with complaints about fonts and colors. this is an easy thing for you to fix yourself. In firefox click tools, options. the options box comes up. Choose content. You will see a default font and size option you can choose. you will also see 2 buttons, advanced and colors. if you click advanced it gives you the option to allow pages to choose their own fonts. the default is yes. if you unclick the box you will get your own chosen font displayed here. same for colors, choose your own and unclick the box that allows pages to choose their own colors. This will apply on duolingo but also on all pages you visit so you may need to practice a little to ensure you get good displays that suit your vision. this is firefox but i am sure chrome, ie and safari etc have the same capabilities. so can i have a few less moany emails in my inbox of simple things please, this is the 21st century take control of your digital input.


It's ridiculous for so many DuoL users to feel compelled to override the new font and colour scheme. DuoL designers should have a better grasp of what the site's function is. They need to know what font(s) are best for reading; they should also understand about contrast and make the appropriate choices rather than choosing things simply for looks.

Aside from the fact that I can't do what you are suggesting, (because I am using Chrome and as far as I can tell - I just spent about 20 minutes searching on the Chrome Help pages - there is no way to override a site's chosen font(s) and colour(s)), I don't want to take the time to do it.

(If you don't want to get the emails on this thread, simply unsubscribe.)


I agree, but, FYI, you can go the the "Chrome Web Store" and search for and install a plugin called "stylebot". It allows (limited) customization of page fonts and colors. After you install stylebot, you can go this page and install a style set that jgreaser made for duolingo: http://stylebot.me/styles/4922 That style set improves contrast and changes the font in places. You can further customize the page colors and fonts with the plugin. Let me know if you need help with that.


@ejm_etherwork: I agree. I also wonder if Duolingo designers can tell if users are overriding the font and color scheme- whether that information would be helpful in determining whether and how much it changes general usage, or if people find it a minor inconvenience or unpleasantness in an otherwise exceptionally positive experience, as I do. I also find that the appearance of the site is slightly different on my mac at home than on my pc at work. I find myself squinting a bit at the screen at home sometimes, but not at all at work.


Thank you for the information. When I do this, all images disappear, and some text does not display correctly. My old laptop graphics card had the option to invert all colors, which actually helped when I had to use a similar site that hurt my eyes. I currently cannot find any reasonable solution to allow me to continue to use Duolingo.

A lot of people have issues with bright low-contrast scenarios causing eye fatigue after prolonged exposure. Because this website is meant for prolonged usage, I think it is a poor design choice to go with a visual scheme that promotes eye fatigue.

EDIT: jgreaser directed me to install "stylebot" on Chrome and then apply this style: http://stylebot.me/styles/4922 This improved the duolingo layout for me, and I see that I can use stylebot to further adjust the coloring of many elements on the page to my needs/preferences.


Please remove heart system in practice session.


What a surprise! I've been eagerly awaiting the change since Duolingo started rolling out the new interface. It's so colorful and pretty. I haven't had much time to look around yet, but so far: mi piace. Es gefällt mir. ^o^


Thanks luis! :):):):):):):):) :D:D:D:D:D:D


Pretty smooth !


Oh that's great! I'm using this amazing design now


I love it! So happy I have it now! (:


New Layout is wonderful , Thanks so much


Looks good. And it's user friendly as well. That's a big plus.


Love the new design it looks great


Thank you Duolingo! I absolutely LOVE the new design, especially with the immersion/translation feature, where everything is easy to find and navigate!


Loving the new design


I must have been one of the last ones! It is so pretty!!!!


Great Job! I didn't use the vocabulary tab too much from the time i learned that it was possible to refresh the weak words by using the Strenghten skills


Edit to original post: As with any major change in user interface, this change takes some time to get used to, but I hope that you give it a try for a few days before jumping to conclusions. Millions of users have been upgraded, and their behavior indicates to us that they like the change after the initial shock.


Hi Luis. As I mentioned in my post, I love the site, but there are some legitimate concerns regarding color contrast in text, which is an accessibility issue. I posted screenshots of the color contrast reports, this isn't just my opinion—it's actually failing color contrast accessibility tests. All the other complaints are just stated preference...which we both know doesn't necessarily translate to actual behaviors. I suspect most of the complaints about the brightness of the design stem from this contrast issue (and not understanding the issue is low contrast, not high contrast). [for reference - Feedback boxes: http://screencast.com/t/Mn702oOQkj Highlighted text in prompt: http://screencast.com/t/EQG7mMwB Blue text in prompt: http://screencast.com/t/NSlAP9OH6 (reverse also fails) White on Green (buttons) http://screencast.com/t/O846JlEpwx Site I used for contrast check: http://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/]


I haven't noticed any issues with the contrast on my tablet or computer. You, along with everybody else who have issues with contrast, should check your monitor or display settings.


jgreaser was pointing out that the site isn't doing a very good job of following web accessibility guidelines.

It's really nothing to do with whether you personally, or any other specific individual, has contrast issues or not. That'll always vary somewhat by monitors and settings. The post to which you're responding was specifically in regard to suggested standards to make sure that sites are accessible and easy to use to a broad range of people.


Good design means not putting weak contrasts in and taking into account that browsers render differently, monitors display differently, and people see differently. Weak contrasts means you're more likely to trip over at one of those points and make it unnecessarily hard for your users. You've posted a few negative comments so I'll assume you're a Duolingo fan and leave you with this:

Relax. Everyone likes the site, no-one is saying the site needs to be gotten rid of. They're simply noting a few usability problems which could use a quality of life update. Duolingo themselves have stated that they'll be bringing some left out functionality into the new design, they just didn't deem it important enough to include in the official roll out. The comments here are letting them know that people do in fact find the left out and removed functionality useful, and they'd like it back. That's useful feedback for companies which actually care about their users, and everyone leaves here happy. Regardless of how much you love and care about Duolingo, letting them know where they're going wrong helps them and isn't a criminal act.


Not sure why you're getting the downvotes for your suggestion... But - my post was based on color values pulled directly from site graphics, which were run through accessibility contrast tests. Which sounds complicated, but I really just put some numbers in boxes and took screenshots of the results. Then I shared them in a way that was useful to developers. They haven't sent me a congratulatory email or company stock, but I like to think they read over my results and said, "man, that guy is GREAT! Let's all have a whiskey and three cheers for jgreaser!" There might have been more shenanigans in my vision of this...

You may not have noticed the low contrast as much as others because DuoLingo is agile. They're constantly updating the site. I suspect they made site-wide updates the day following the release. I certainly noticed that the yellowish highlight in text prompts is darker now. I pulled the old and new colors and put them side by side: http://screencast.com/t/ddd9aMpy3hqT

Now that still fails accessibility tests, but it's better!

Also, if you're in your 20's or younger and have no vision issues, you probably wouldn't notice low contrast as much as someone with vision issues or is 30's or older.

One last note in my diatribe: color schemes are easy to manipulate dynamically, I wouldn't be surprised if a mature duolingo site has settings for low/high contrast users. Believe it or not...high contrast is actually an issue with a small subset of people with vision issues. If they were smart about their site architecture, it's trivial to add the functionality (designing it is the hard part).


I'm not too sure, either.

The reason I wrote that message is because I remember having a really, really old monitor once, and due to wear and tear its display capacity was distorted over time.

But, in addition to that, I'm somewhat skeptical of these accessibility contrast tests that you make mention of, simply because, as I've already stated, the website (and its contrast) displays perfectly on all of my devices; though I wouldn't be surprised if they've already addressed the issue.

Anyways, GL with your contrast issue!


On the translation section, the grey text is very light coloured against the white. So is the green. The only one that is good is the black (checked by the community)

As for jumping to conclusions, if there were an actual time frame and/or a good explanation for why the vocabulary tab has been removed, people might be less inclined to grouse about the layout.


I fail to see how your data can tell you whether people like the website changes or not. I don't think I "like" any of the changes. I think some of the changes made the site worse, and others just seemed like change for the sake of change. But I still use the website. Why? Not because I like the changes, but because the core product is the same. (And I can't do translations, report errors or work on the bonus lessons on the mobile app.)

I see DuoLingo as a convenient way to practice what I've learned elsewhere. I don't think it's a great way to learn a language from scratch. It's worse now that you've removed the subject-specific discussion areas. To me, getting advice from native speakers or tips from other students was as valuable a resource as any of the lessons.

For what Duolingo offers for free, however, I'm forever grateful.


Gah, thanks for saying this. You're the only person these people will take seriously; yes there are a few bugs like the scrolling issue and the vocab page thing, but it'll be fixed in time. Just wait a week or two and we'll have forgotten what the old diseño looked like.


I've been on this design for weeks now. It's taken me from being a very active and happy user to being someone who finds the experience of using the site an unpleasant part of my day.


If you find using DL is an unpleasant experience, stop using it; It's really that simple!


Great design! New is usually better!

Just one tip for those struggling with antique 1024x768 resolutions: Go fullscreen (F11 key), it's so much better!


My screen resolution is 1366x768. I still have to scroll down to see answers. Too much whitespace.


Totally agree. I'm sure I'll get used to the new design and colours but there's way too much white space. It makes it difficult to read the forum answers/topics as well (It takes more effort to browse them as I can see maybe 3 topics or forum answers at the same time) and the icons of the tree seem a little too big for my taste (it's more difficult for me to have a glance on my tree).


Damn! That works indeed, I had no idea about this feature! You just saved my day! :)

But I wouldn't really call such a resolution antique, I just saw a new notebook in the store yesterday with 1300 x 800 resolution.


I almost wept when I discovered the changes today. The childish design style made me feel I was on a web page designed for toddlers.
Also as someone who used the excellent vocabulary section on the old board a lot discovering its loss today was very depressing. I know that it will be reinstated, but having seen the new board I now dread the new format the vocabulary section may be squeezed into.

However, despite these reservations I thought I would give the new board a go.

These are the problems I've noted so far:

• When typing in answers the tails of letters such a 'g' and 'q' disappear making it hard to know if I have typed in the correct letter. • On longer sentences answers which disappear off the screen when they are typed in whenever I make the last few words of the sentence visible and then press the slow version so that I can focus on checking these last few words as I listen to the audio, the words in the answer box jump immediately back to the beginning of the sentence I've just written. I find I then have to quickly scroll through my answer once again to get to the section I want to concentrate on. Very irritating! • The dots under the question make it difficult to read the question. • The size of the font is far too small for the question. This makes it difficult to read. • The white background is far too dazzling. Far too bright. • Having the correct solution directly beneath the answer as in the old board was in my opinion a good sensible arrangement. Looking diagonally across the page to find the correct answer does not in any way feel easy or comfortable. I find it is now far more difficult to compare and contrast my answer with the correct one. • The translation answer is far too small and very difficult to read. I mean it is really tiny. Why?


• I've just understood why some sections of my tree are coloured. So yes, I can now see which sections need more practice a bit more easily.

I had already read many of the comments raising concern about dazzle, missing vocabulary, font size and childish layout when this new board was first being rolled out; so I am surprised and dismayed that these issues and concerns have not been properly addressed and put right before it was rolled out for the rest of us.


I absolutely agree with your assessment of the new website design, Denny, and wish they would roll back to the old version until the features are reinstated. The new fonts are hard to read (light blue on white for the 'choose one out of three sentences' is very difficult for me), I sorely mis the vocabulary, and now I cannot view my kids' progress through their trees as I used to. The layout is cartoonish and silly.

This has the look and feel of something that was never beta tested -- just rolled out after somebody got the orders to make it "bolder" and "add flair". I honestly don't know what was wrong with the old design; change for change's sake?


Do your children prefer this new site, Mandomaj? I wonder if it has more appeal for certain age groups. It is a shame you can no longer view their trees and watch their progress. Hopefully, bit by bit things will gradually improve.


My kids (age 11) are learning Italian with me. They do not like the new graphics and have complained about it too. Not so much about the poor contrast (they don't care as much as us old folks) but they liked being able to track each other's progress and stoke the competition. They also don't like having to search around for the correct answers way down in the corner of the screen.

The thing that bothers me is that to "improve" the site, all they would have to do is to offer users the ability to revert to the old design. There was nothing wrong with it.


I agree with you regarding the childish design. I almost feel embarrassed using this site in public now. I even feel a little offended that someone would think this design would appeal more to me/us, the users - we are not toddlers. I'm sorry otherwise awesome Duolingo developers - but please see what you can do about it.


Lots of people love bright and colorful things, including me. It's fine that you don't like the new design, but to call it "childish" is just stupid. Also, this design does appeal to the users, as the majority approve. See Luis' opening post in this thread. Duolingo would have no reason at all to go with a decision that the majority hated.


I have the same problems as you. Thank you for taking the time to write this post. Could you copy it and submit it by clicking "Support" on the left-hand of your screen? I don't think the staff will read any of these forum posts but if the bugs are submitted enough times perhaps they will fix these problems.


Thanks for your reply. Yes I will do that.


Also I suggest you try the keyboard shortcut for the sound, so you don't have to leave the answer box and use your mouse to click the buttons:

  • CTRL-SPACE for normal speed
  • CTRL-SHIFT-SPACE for slow speed


Thanks Lloydo3000 for your solution too. (Oddly there is no reply button visible below your post so I had to write above it)


"so I am surprised and dismayed that these issues and concerns have not been properly addressed and put right before it was rolled out for the rest of us"

This is what we call an "upper management initiative". So there's a prominent store in Melbourne, Australia which has their busiest days on Friday evening, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday, and they restock on a Monday. Everyone who works there knows that a lot of customers leave the store disappointed because the store doesn't have what they want in stock, and few people would disagree that restocking any time Thursday or on a Friday morning would benefit the store considerably.

Not going to happen though. When upper management decides that a graph has told them something is cool, they do it. They're usually disconnected from the day-to-day operations of a company or product but they're the shotcallers so odd things happen. Like this. Marketing said it was a good idea, management said go for it, your opinion doesn't count.

Unfortunate but funny.


Quite insightful. I believe that this is quite similar conceptually to the fact that there are people who get educated to trust the numbers that represent some metrics of some situation and actually think that the numbers are the reality instead of reality itself


Love the story. Let's hope that will not be the case here.


You can also zoom out in your browser. That has helped my a bid. It is now a perfect solution, as some icons and gifs tend to move around a little clunky when zoom is used... (this is not just for Duolingo)


Great idea, Bodilsen. Thanks for the tip. However, I tend to have various tabs open at the bottom of my page so that I can take notes, or check my answer on Google Translate using full screen I lose easy access to these links.

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