"Mój przyjaciel ma czterdzieści książek."

Translation:My friend has forty books.

August 19, 2016

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Forty books is less than what i have


Me too. I think if I multiplied it by ten, it would come close to what I have.


When does it go from książki to książek? It is like lat and lata. I just can't tell when to use which form.


When I was studying Greek, there was a sentence to translate, like "Auto eihai (to biblio)" (the brackets mean I'm not sure), which means "It is..." And I accidentally translated it as "it has", but Duo accepted my answer. I asked why on the discussion about that sentence, and someone told me that it was probably because since both "it is" and "it has" are contracted to "it's", Duo considered my answer as correct. So I thought that for this one sentence, it would accept "My friend is forty books" (even though I know that for a human being, it's incorrect), I wrote like this and it marked it as a mistake.

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