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  5. "Eu não tenho medo."

"Eu não tenho medo."

Translation:I am not afraid.

February 6, 2014



I have no fear and I don't have fear are the same. This should be fixed.


"I have no fear" has a literary tone.
"I don't have fear" is a literal translation.
"I am not afraid" is the standard way to express this emotion.


I agree totally. "I do not have fear." is a literal translation.


So long as a literal translation is perfectly fine, it should ☆always☆ be accepted, imho, especially when one is not doing an English course!

Instead, a more common expression can and should be but suggested, rather than enforced.

Therefore, anything like "I do not have fear" must always be ok when learning Portuguese, no matter how many English natives ...which wildly vary... would more instinctively use "I am not afraid." x percent more often.


Yeah, there is a difference between translating and teaching someone a language. This is legitimate translation, but not good teaching.


So, "I do not have fear" is wrong? I thought "to be afraid" was "estar com medo."


From these examples, it looks as if "ter medo" may express a general fact while "estar com medo" expresses feeling afraid in real time.

I’ve always been afraid of cockroaches. (Eu sempre tive medo de barata.)
He’s not afraid of losing. (Ele não tem medo de perder.)
She was afraid to cross the river. (Ela estava com medo de atravessar o rio.)

source: inglesnapontadalíngua.com


Obrigado. That helps. :)


What about "I am not frightened"


So how do you say:"I have no fear" then?


An alternative is to say "Eu não estou assustado." literally meaning "I am not afraid." But in Brazil, that phrase is usually only used by children.


I agree with Ricardo. We use assustado more in the sense of scared. Imagine as if someone try to scare you, you could say, for instance:

-Você acha que me assusta?

Do you think you can scare me?


-Não estou nem um pouco assustado

I'm not even a bit scared


Eu não tenho medo.


Is "Eu não estou com medo" valid?

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