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"I put the clothes on the chair."

Translation:Kładę ubrania na krześle.

August 19, 2016



Dałem should also be an acceptable verb.


"Dałem" is "I gave".


But it is often used to also mean put. It is a less formal and more general substitute for kłaść.


Perfective verbs like „dać” cannot be used in the present tense – „dałem” is a past tense, so cannot be used to translate this sentence(which is in present simple tense).

Also, please note that this use of „dać” is quite colloquial.


Actually, this sentence can be either in present or past tense since the past tense of "put" is also "put". However, "dać" doesn't really fit here. Neither "Daję ubrania na krzesło" nor "Dałem ubrania na krzesło" sounds natural.


I have exactly the same point about 'put': it didn't occur to me it was a present tense, as past was so much more natural.


The past tense interpretation (położyłem/położyłam) is accepted here as well.

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I agree that it makes no sense to keep the ambiguous "I put" as a translation, if "I am putting" is undoubtedly Present Tense and a good equivalent of "kładę". I changed the English answer now and removed the Polish Past Tense interpretations.

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