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  5. "Elnézést, helyiek vagytok?"

"Elnézést, helyiek vagytok?"

Translation:Excuse me, are you locals?

August 19, 2016



This is a weird sentence... if your asking if a person is from the area, they would be "A local" if singlular or "locals" if plural. I suppose a business or something could be just plain "local," if you were wanting to know if they were based nearby or has a store nearby... but thats the only time i can think of you would ask multiple people if they were "local"


This is a local shop for local people!


There is a helyek and a helyiek in the Word Bank.
Yes, I should have been burned for selecting helyek, but Duolingo was nice and accepted and corrected my answer, so I am at least relieved, but upset at the trick.


------- you can always choose to report that your answer should not be accepted . . .

Big 15 aug 20


It probably would have been accepted as a misspelling if it had been typed out. To see the two words so similar in the Word Bank threw me off.

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