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  5. "Today, I have gone."

"Today, I have gone."

Translation:Heddiw, dw i wedi mynd.

August 19, 2016



My understanding of word order is that heddiw would normally follow at the end of the sentence so it seems a tad harsh to say Dw i wedi mynd heddiw is incorrect, whilst giving Heddiw dw i wedi mynd as the correct answer!


"Heddiw" can come either at the end or at the beginning though (like in English) the intonation is different. e.g "Dw i wedi mynd heddiw" (I have gone today) vs "Heddiw, dw i wedi mynd" (Today, I have gone.)


Thanks Ellis. I stick by my feeling that for someone early on in learning a language, where it should be about confidence and being able to construct comprehensible sentences, marking an answer which is grammatically correct as incorrect based on nuancing is counter productive. I'd have been happy to have had a pop up telling me that Heddiw, dw i wedi mynd was a better literal translation. Hopefully one of the administration staff can pick this up for consideration.


This is another zombie. Although it makes sense, without any context it is a rather odd phrase.


Hi ibisc, I agree. Context would help, although I'm not yet at a stage where I'd be able to understand the subtleties of sentence construction to work that out....

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