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"Dlaczego ta rzecz jest droga?"

Translation:Why is this thing expensive?

August 19, 2016



Perhaps "item" should be accepted as rzecz?


I'd probably translate "item" to "przedmiot", but okay, added.


Ok, as an experiment I tried "Why is this expensive" and it was rejected. In English, in a sentence like this, thing is implied and is very rarely explicitly stated. Hmm. Come to think of it it might be a step too far. I suspect "Dlaczego to jest drogie" would be the equivalent, but I'll leave this here anyway.


"Dlaczego to jest drogie?" (or even more probably, "takie drogie" = "so expensive") seems to be a more probable question in Polish as well. But well, it's not what was written here ;)


"Why is this thing so expensive?" was rejected. I see a comment suggesting "takie drogie" would be "so expensive". Can you elaborate?


In this particular sentence, the grammatically right form would be "taka droga".

I don't know what to say more, "so" is an intensifier, and so is "taka".


"Why this thing is expensive" has been rejected


Yes, "Why this thing is expensive" is not a correct question in English.

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