"Pisarz sprzedaje swoją książkę."

Translation:The writer is selling his book.

August 19, 2016

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Should 'The writer is selling their book' not also be acceptable? The swój/swoja/swoje thing only changes with the gender of the object right, not the subject as well?


I agree that "their" is pretty normal everyday use English in this case.


Yes, of course! Especially those who publish on their own. Are you a writer?


'they' and 'their' are very often used these days as non-gender-specific singular pronouns. I would say this is now very much the preferred form. A few people still write 'he' and 'him' when the gender is unknown, but this is widely considered to be undesirable. More recently still, it has become quite common to use 'they' and 'their' as singular pronouns even when the gender is known.


I understand that, I use it myself in English, but still, using "their" doesn't guarantee that you understand that "pisarz" is definitely a guy.

Oh wait, I absolutely don't understand why you would use "their" when the gender is known, but nevermind my opinion, we will keep to "his" to be sure the learners understand everything about the sentence.


The word 'pisarz' is male but the writer themselves is not confirmed to be a guy so although this literally translates to his, a more correct translation into english would surely be their.


Yes, we accept "author" here.


Why not "swój" or "swojego" here?
Doesn't the word "his" refer to the writer, not the book?


First and second person possessive pronouns work like adjectives, so they take the same gender and case as the nouns they modify.

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