"Mikörülöttünk sok zebra, zsiráf és elefánt játszik. És tekörülötted?"

Translation:Many zebras, giraffes and elephants are playing around us. And around you?

August 19, 2016

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What is the function of ott in 'mikörülöttünk' and 'tekörülötted'? Why is it not 'Mikörülünk' and 'tekörüled'?


If there ever was a difference between those, it does not exist anymore. You can think of these as just variations. The "-ött-" version is the generally used one.
"Körül" is used as a postposition, that is, after a noun.
"A ház körül".
"A fák körül".

Without a noun, in an "around"+pronoun role, the "körülött-" version is generally used.

Én - körülöttem
Te - körülötted
Ő - körülötte
Mi - körülöttünk
Ti - körülöttetek
Ők - körülöttük

The personal pronoun is usually NOT placed at the front. It is only there for emphasis in the sentences above.
The emphasized version of the 3rd person plural is "őkörülöttük".

Another version is "körött-".


Thank you for this. I had wondered about the person pronouns at the front, as they seemed redundant, so it's good to know that I shouldn't expect to see them 'out in the wild'.

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