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  5. "אנחנו לא שומעים ממנו."

"אנחנו לא שומעים ממנו."

Translation:We don't hear from him.

August 19, 2016



How would you say "from us"?


It's grammatically correct to say מִמֶּנּו for both "from him" as well as "from us", but to be clearer you should probably use a different word, such as מאיתנו as @airelibre said or מעצמנו ("from ourselves").


Then why isn't "from him" "מאיתו"?


You're basically right, "from him" is מאיתו. In the bible, Noah sent the dove מאיתו, "from him", from his Ark.

However, "to hear from him" translates better in modern Hebrew as לשמוע ממנו, while "to hear from us" translates better as לשמוע מאיתנו.

(all of that, despite the fact that לשמוע מאיתו is also correct in more ancient writings, and לשמוע ממנו is a valid translation to "to hear from us", but will sound weird/unclear to modern speakers...)


So "hearing from" is simply a special case where I should deviate from the usual logic? :)


He talks too fast doesn't he?


Audio says: mimenu, (not mimeno). Isn't mimeno the best pronounciation for: from him


Well, מִמֶּ֫נּוּ (with -u) is the historically correct form, in colloquial language [mimeno] is prevalent as part of the tendency to differenciate the third singular masculine from him from the first common plural from us.


I am not a native. What is the difference. 'I cannot hear him' and 'I do not hear from him.' Is it the meaning as: 'I have not heard any lie from him.' Or what? :-(


I am not a native either, but when you want to say you can or are able to do something, you use the word יכול (yachol). I do not hear would be אני לא שומע (ani lo shomeah) and I cannot hear would be אני לא יכול לשמוע (ani lo yachol lishmoah) I hope that helps

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