"Pozsony egy szép, régi város."

Translation:Bratislava is a beautiful, old city.

August 19, 2016

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The answer says Pressburg. I hadnt heard of it so although there were no comments I looked here and it is Bratislava


Pozsony - used name by Hungarians

Pressburg - used name by Germans / Austrians

Bratislava - current official name of the city after conquering it by the Czechslowakians in 1919

Please do not discuss which is the real name, it is only politics and causes unnecessary anger. Me, as a hungarian will always use Pozsony if I speak hungarian, but Bratislava if I use any other language. I think this is fair, and everyone should respect it, thanks!


The issue here is that the course doesn't use Bratislava in "any other language" i.e. English, which is confusing for both native and non-native English speakers who are unfamiliar with (austro-)hungarian history. It is helpful for them to learn the Hungarian names of Vienna and Bratislava, but when seeing Becs or Pozsony in English sentences most foreigners will assume those are names of some towns in Hungary they've never heard off before, like most haven't heard of Szekesfehervar or anything but Budapest really.


I agree with you. As a slovak citizen i think this is the best explanation.


As an Austrian, I'd like to add that hardly anybody under 50 years still says Pressburg - we say Bratislava too now.


Well, one thing you should not forget. If you speak hungarian with a Hungarian, you will never ever hear Bratislava / Vienna!

You will always hear or read Pozsony / Bécs. If we speak English, of course we use Bratislava and Vienna.

So it depends what do you want to learn... hungarian? Then get used to hear / read Pozsony and Bécs. If you don't like it, don't use the hungarian language.

C'est la vie!


the task is to translate the sentence to english. not to hungarian english. almost nobody outside of hungary really knows what the pozsony stands for. szia.


Yeah, it hasn't been called Pressburg for like a century.

Here's a pretty decent reading link about the city and its place in Central European politics:



I dont know whether this is a joke or what, but I think that some more correctness would lead to usage of 'Bratislava'.


In the sentence I just did it's been changed to Bratislava, so they are working on it.


Now it's back to Pozsony. I don't see the point of including it in a course if they don't translate it to Bratislava.


Igen tenyleg nagyon szep ez a szlovak varos :)


at least they didnt use felvidéki város :))

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