"Oda és vissza"

Translation:There and back

August 19, 2016

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Just to make sure: oda and ide always imply motion, and ott and itt are always stationary?


Back and forth implies repetitive motion, like 'rocking back and forth' or, more than one trip between two points. Not really the same as just 'there and back' in English but, both answers are accepted for oda és vissza here. Is it really used both those ways? Also, would this be the correct subtitle for The Hobbit (or There and Back Again) ;)


I don't think the subtitle Oda és vissza actually appears on the Hungarian editions of The Hobbit, but it would be an appropriate translation, yes (in my opinion).


"To and fro" as DL suggest. I learned a new thing in english :D


This is how to ask for a round trip ticket?


You can say for example Oda-vissza utazunk (we are travelling there and back). If you're talking about a ticket and you need an adjective, I think you'll most likely hear/use retúr jegy (sounds more colloquial to me) or menettérti jegy (sounds a little more official, like what might be printed on the ticket).


I guess "retúr" or "oda-vissza" would be the most frequently used versions. Menettérti is indeed the official name.


why back isn't good for vissza?

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