"Péter is looking for something."

Translation:Péter keres valamit.

August 19, 2016

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This is probably a stupid question, but if I wanted to say "Something is walking outside", would it be "Valami kint setal" instead of "valamit kint setal"


Yes, exactly. The basic, nominative form is valami and it can take endings, like the accusative -t, just like any other noun.


So ... first I'm expected many times over to type Éva in English, where diacritics from other languages are strictly optional, and marked wrong for typing Eva. (But Eve is permitted. So, apparently we either have to use all the diacritics or "translate" the name. This is a bit like insisting that anyone called François be referred to as Francis if you can't or don't want to type "ç" ...)

But now I am expected to except that someone who is called "Péter" in English can either be "Péter" or "Peter" in Hungarian? What?

I reported it ... I'm just venting here.

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