"Feketéket és pirosakat fest."

Translation:She is painting black ones and red ones.

August 19, 2016

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Shouldn't he or she work? Also "black and red ones" should be correct


Not necessarily. Black ones and red ones are differently colored things while black and red ones are items which are bi-colored things.


It could be either "he" or "she", yes.


Am I the only one who has a hard time with these sorts of questions? Any tips to help differentiate the words from one another?


I listened over and over and over and over. Wrote down the sounds as I hear them. Listen again. Try and clarify words from the sentence. If I get it wrong, I listen again as I read the translation.


Time and practice.


As a native speaker of Hungarian I am bored to death by the Hungarian learning material. If I were a foreigner I would give up learning Hungarian. The sentences are not real.life like. Outdated. Not inspiring. Nothing interesting or uniquely Hungarian. Im wondering who compiled this curriculum?????


Fekete bikapata kopog a pepita patikaköveken )


How would I say "She is painting red and black ones?" In other words each of the things are red and black (bicolor).

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