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  5. "מאיפה יש לכם עוגייה?"

"מאיפה יש לכם עוגייה?"

Translation:Where do you have a cookie from?

August 19, 2016



"Where did you get your cookie from?" Would be a more correct choice for the English translation.


or "where is your cookie from"


I'd agree with Kyla, "Where did you get your cookie from?" as a way of asking "Where should I go to get those delicious cookies?" "Where is your cookie from?" could work, but sounds to me more like referring to the origins (or migrant status XD) of the cookie, Is it a tasty butter traditional Danish one? A South American Alfajor? An American chocochip? A Sicilian Cuccidati? They might have preferred to translate literally, so we would exactly know what they are saying, instead of using the phrase that would be used in English for the purpose... ;-)


yep :) or just "where'd you get the cookie?" but it's good to know how they'd say it -


It didn't accept "whence do you have a cookie" either :)


Should we also add "whence hast thou a cookie"?

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O where ha you got a cookie, Lord Randal, my son


Where do you have a cookie from is a very awkward English sentence with an unclear meaning. Something like Where do you get a cookie from would be better.


I wrote "from where do you have a cookie" and it didn't accept it. That is the grammatically correct way to say it in english, but duo suggested I end my sentence with a preposition...


Duo is right. In proper English, if a question word is involved, the related preposition is always put at the end of the sentence. Moreover, a more natural way of expressing the idea would be "Where did you get your cookie from?"


There is no reason not to end a sentence with a preposition, all Germanic languages do it, and it sounds the most natural. Nearly all native speakers of English would use the current best answer, but I have added your suggestion too.


I am a little surprized..

I have always been used to saying and hearing the "from where" structure rather than the preposition being put at the very end.


Not correct American English.


Because you don't say "where do you HAVE your cookie from." You say "where did you GET your cookie". (Not accepted as of 5/28/18)


Because there's grammar differences and this is one of them; how we use have/get/take...

This sentence above was structured for Brits. It's telling all the Americans seemed to answer with get (as did I) and got it wrong. We think of British speech/grammar (like above) as Queen's English ... (although they might think of it as old fashioned, or think of how they'd speak if they were parodying a Brit...) It's beyond formal that with an American accent it would come across as snooty or anal... )



Native English speakers in U.S. would say, "Where did you get a cookie?" The 'from' is implied.


"Where did you "get" a cookie?" would be better. the way it is written now, sounds awkward. It wouldn't really be used in everyday speech.


The correct answer given by duolingo is nonsense: Where do you've a cookie from?


You don't end a sentence with "from".


what sort of english is this answer???


Where do you have a cookie from? Is wrong fix it please!


. How irritating 'from where did you get a cookie' marked as incorrect.


It's a literal translation from the Hebrew, but it's not how it's phrased in English.


From where did you get a cookie- ---is correct.

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