"Is Finnish harder than Swedish?"

Translation:Tiếng Phần Lan có khó hơn tiếng Thuỵ Điển không?

August 19, 2016

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What is wrong with:

"Có tiếng Phần Lan khó hơn tiếng Thuỵ Điển không?"


In this sentence, if you want to use the "có...không?" structure then it would be, "Tiếng Phần Lan có khó hơn tiếng Thụy Điển không?" because in this case "khó hơn" acts as the predicate of the Vietnamese sentence so "có" goes directly before it.


"có...không' is not always necessary. In fact, sometimes it's not right--you can't use có with đã, sẽ, đang, chưa, and other expressions.

But usually you can use just không.


Is this really a yes/no question? Or is it asking which is harder?


Finnish is the easiest language to learn if estonian is your first language :)

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