"On chce władzy."

Translation:He wants power.

August 19, 2016

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Palpatine chce wladzy


Shouldn't it be: "On chce władzę" ?


The verb "chcieć" is followed by a genitive:

  • On chce władzy (He wants power)
  • On chce samochodu (He wants a car)
  • On chce telefonu (He wants a phone)

The word "władzę" is an accusative. You could say:

  • On ma władzę (He has power)
  • On ma samochód (He has a car)
  • On ma telefon (He has a phone)

However, in spoken Polish you can say "On chce władzę" and no one will even notice.


It's not so easy. "Chcieć" can connect with Genitive or Accusative. In this sentence it should be Genitive. More information here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16675367


I don't understand why the genitive form is used for the noun after the verb chcieć? For the use of this verb, my grammar book give an example with the accusative form Dziecko chce tę zabawkę.


As mentioned in the comments above, "chcieć" is a more complicated verb. It takes either Accusative or Genitive. I don't exactly understand it well myself. The thing about "władza" is simpler, it seems that abstract notions simply need Genitive. It's the 'normal' objects that are problematic.

I think that it's more or less like that:

Normal usage takes Accusative (Dziecko chce tę zabawkę)

Using Genitive is a bit more like... desiring something? (Dziecko chce tej zabawki)

And also Genitive is used as partitive. That's why "Ona chce kawę" is simple "She wants [a/] coffee" and "Ona chce kawy" is more like "She wants some coffee".


Thank you very much for your precise answer !!!!


Or if you keep "On chce wladzy", then the solution should be "He wants powers" and not "He want power". (Thanks for your help).


But plural "powers", sounds rather like "superpowers", and that's (super)moce... (sg supermoc)


Hi Marek. Agreed. Ale, mam pytanię - "How would we translate "power" as in "The powers of the President", as in what he can do? - "zdolność"?



'zdolność' would be closer to ability. Out of those you listed in the other comment, "uprawnienia" sounds really fitting.


As others have said, "władzy" isn't plural here but genitive singular. But also, "power" in the sense of control ("władza") is uncountable in English and has no plural.

When in English we use "power" as a countable noun I think Polish would use a different noun, for example, "siła, moc, zdolność, uprawnienie", depending on the context.


On he władzy translates to "he wants power" but in a way such as to rule

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