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  5. "לאף אחד אין לוח שנה."

"לאף אחד אין לוח שנה."

Translation:Nobody has a calendar.

August 19, 2016



Does שנה not add anything here? I put "calendar of the year" to distinguish from, say, a weekly calendar, which would presumably be לוח שבוע, and לוח by itself could mean either of these.


I will reply here too, in case somebody else has the same question - לוח by itself rarely means לוח שנה, not without context. The term is לוח שנה - calendar.


A לוח is like a table, a graph, a chart. So לוח שנה is "table of the year": "calendar".

So for another example, לוח שידורים is the TV listings/schedule, literally "table of broadcasts".


לוח means board

[deactivated user]

    What does לטף mean?


    You mean לאף? It in itself doesn't mean anything (except "to a nose"), but the phrase אף אחד means nobody


    Funny, but I thought this meant "nobody is without a calendar" :) Then, how would you say that in Hebrew?


    לאף אחד לא חסר לוח שנה


    Thank you for your answer!!! I had to look up חסר in the dictionary though, as I had never come across that word up to now...


    Look up חבר, אתה חסר, and you will never forget this word.

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