"Igen, ezek híres és drága autók."

Translation:Yes, these are famous and expensive cars.

August 19, 2016

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I don't understand the difference between "Yes, these are famous and expensive cars." and Yes, these cars are famous and expensive." To me it is the same and English is not my nativ language and I am not learning English but Hungarian!


When I see there is one comment under an exercise, I secretly hope it's not about this...

The main and most important difference is the syntax. In the first sentence, "famous" and "expensive" are basically attributive adjectives and "these" is a demonstrative pronoun. In the second sentence, "famous" and "expensive" are predicative adjectives and "these" is a demonstrative adjective. Just like for the Hungarian sentence (mind you), this isn't just a difference in the word order, the very syntax of the sentence changes. This is even more noticable with "This is my car" and "This car is mine".

In addition, the information structure is also somewhat different - you are less likely to say the second sentence if the listener hasn't been introduced to the cars, at least to the extent that cars will be discussed.


Yes, I have the same question - why is this wrong? Yes, these cars are famous and expensive


Ezek híres és drága autók. = These are famous and expensive cars.

Ezek az autók híresek és drágák. = These cars are famous and expensive.

You can notice that the sentence structures are different, in both English and Hungarian.

While the meaning is similar, we insist on not accepting these two sentences interchangeably.
It makes the learner pay attention to the differences:
predicative adjective vs. demonstrative adjective,
plural adjective vs. singular adjective,
"ezek az" vs. "ezek"


Thank you very much för your answer. I can better understand and accept your explanation.

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