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I posted this in another thread, but I thought many of you may be interested in it as well. With all users now on the new interface, there are no longer discussion topics associated with each skill section. I've compiled a list of direct links to these discussions that for any that might be interested in them.

I also have a list of links to all vocabulary words for every German lesson through "language" (the third lesson beyond the final checkpoint, which is as far as I've gotten in the tree). If anyone is interested in that, I can post it as well.

Here's the German list for anyone interested.

<h1>Main German Discussion Topic:</h1> -- Discussion

<h1>Current Lessons:</h1> -- Basics 1 -- Basics 2 -- Common Phrases -- Food -- Animals -- Plurals -- Adjectives: Predicative 1 -- Verbs: Present 1 -- Clothing -- Nominative Pronouns -- Family -- Accusative Pronouns -- Conjunctions -- Household -- Questions -- Dative Case -- Numbers -- Dative Pronouns -- Negatives -- People -- Travel -- Colors -- Formal You -- Occupations -- Comparisons -- Qualifiers -- Adjectives: Predicative 2 -- Prepositions -- Medical -- Verbs: Present 2 -- Dates and Times -- Feelings -- Adverbs 1 -- Frequency -- Verbs: Modal -- Nature -- Genitive Case -- Adjectives: Nominative 1 -- Adjectives: Accusative -- Places -- Adjectives: Dative -- Adjectives: Nominative 2 -- Adverbs 2 -- Verbs: Preterite -- Verbs: Present Perfect -- Verbs: Past Perfect -- Objects -- Communication -- Verbs: Future 1 -- Education -- Science -- Verbs: Future Perfect -- Verbs: Reflexive -- Business 1 -- Language -- Abstract Objects 1 -- Verbs: Present 3 -- Verbs: Future 2 -- Verbs: Conditional -- Abstract Objects 2 -- Verbs: Conditional Perfect -- Business 2 -- Sports -- Spiritual -- Arts -- Passive Voice -- Verbs: Imperative -- Politics -- Abstract Objects 3 -- Abstract Objects 4 -- Verbs: Conditional 2 -- Verbs: Present 4

<h1>Bonus Lessons:</h1> -- Idioms and Proverbs -- Flirting -- Christmas

<h1>Abandoned Lesson Topics:</h1>

Due to various changes to the German tree over time, these forum topics no longer have lessons associated with them. -- Genitive Pronouns -- Nominative Case -- Adjectives: Genitive -- Computers -- Masculine and Feminine -- Law -- Accusative Case

February 7, 2014


Bookmarked! Thank you so much!

February 8, 2014

This is beautiful work! Would you mind if I add it to the wiki?

Also, do you happen to know anyone who did this for any of the other languages?

March 16, 2014

Help yourself, man.

I created one for Spanish, but it accidentally got overwritten and it wasn't on my computer long enough to get backed up :/ At about the same time, another user (LauraGjovaag) created and posted a list for the Spanish discussions, so I never bothered to recreate it. Unfortunately, it's now gone from the forums. It looks as if she had her forum posting privileges revoked (like ReeQueen) as all of her posts (and any topics that she started) are now inaccessible.

After LauraGjovaag's list disappeared, I started to recreate the Spanish list, but quickly gave up because at some point between then and when I initially made the lists, Duolingo staff have changed the names of all of the skill-specific discussions to "Spanish Discussions" (or German, Portuguese, French, etc.) which makes figuring out what a given forum is for without a lot more effort than I'm willing to put into it at this point. I suspect that this is being done in advance of consolidating the skill-specific forums into a single forum per language pair, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this list become a collection of dead links at any moment.

March 16, 2014

If anyone is interested, I threw one together for Spanish

March 17, 2014

@pinkodoug and @wazzie, thank you both of you! I'm going to wait and see what happens with the user groups/vocab update and see what all comes with it. I've bookmarked this discussion for reference at the moment :)

March 17, 2014

Over at my "Individual Skill Discussions" post, I have one listed for all the languages but Italian.

March 18, 2014

So helpful! Thank you

February 7, 2014


February 8, 2014


February 9, 2014

Thank you. This is helpful. I would appreciate if you can provide a link/post for the words too. I was in the middle of making my Anki deck, but had to put it on hold because the vocab list disappeared. I am only at Dativ pronouns, so still a long way to go for me.

February 9, 2014

I'll be posting a link to the vocabulary list soon. My initial plan was to format it for this site and post it here in the German forum, but I ran into issues due to the formatting limitations of this site's markdown implementation. I expect to be able to post a link tomorrow.

February 9, 2014

Thank you.

February 10, 2014

Just wow. Another lingot!

February 12, 2014

Wow, this is a lot of helpful info. Thanks.

March 16, 2014


Welcome to Duolingo Barbrook! Here are some lingots for Timed Practice and the 7 Day Wager to start off your German course with a boost. ^_^

March 16, 2014

THANK YOU!!! Why did they do away with this feature? It was so helpful to know a few things going into each lesson.

June 16, 2014
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