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"Íosfaimid le mo chlann agus mo chairde roimh an gceolchoirm amárach."

Translation:We will eat with my children and my friends before the concert tomorrow.

August 19, 2016



In other lessons in Duolingo clann has been accepted as family. I used the word family and while It said the answer was correct, it wasn't accepted!!!!!


I think duolingo would be much better to use teaghlach or muintir for family rather than "clann", which is a relatively recent meaning attached to "family". There is a huge distinction historically between clann and the others.


In the above sentence, the translation for clann is "children", so I think it's correct.

According to teanglann.ie, clann means offspring, and I rarely hear it used to mean "family". Teaghlach would generally mean household, which would be used in the context of a nuclear family. Muintir kinda means "folk" or "people". e.g. Mo mhuintir = my people.


Definition (c) of the eDIL entry for clann includes “family”, so I wouldn’t call it a relatively recent meaning. (Remember also that “family” has multiple meanings in English.)


Why does Duolingo mark "we shall eat" as wrong when it is or was correct UK english ?


Duolingo is an American company, the course was developed by Irish people. "shall" is not a natural way to express the future tense in either US or Irish English. Indeed your own question acknowledges that it is falling out of use in UK English too.


Doesnt accept Kids.


Does Duolingo not realise that páiste (child) and páistí (children) exist? In ainm Dé cad a tharla leis na fhocail sin?


Do you not understand that your children are, by definition, do chlann?

If you're happy with a google-translate level, béarlachas-style translation, go ahead and use páistí in this type of situation. But if you'd prefer a richer Irish, that recognizes that Irish is not English, and English is too impoverished a language to catch all of the nuances of Irish, then don't complain when Duolingo helps you to understand some of that saibhreas.

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