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Esperanto Tree 2.0?

Saluton! I heard some mention of an "Esperanto Tree 2.0" that would be released in September. I've heard about other 2.0 trees in the past, but what exactly does this mean? Will more skills be added to it?


August 19, 2016



From the last incubator update two months ago.

In other news, we're 2/3 complete on Tree 2.0 for the Duolingo Esperanto course and I expect that will be ready around September.

A new Tree means the tree of lessons will be reorganized. In the Esperanto Tree 2.0, some lessons will change place, and there will be more lessons, more words, more sentences.


What happens to the progress on the current tree when the new one is developed?


I hate to be a wet blanket here, but it is starting to look more like November for 2.0. We keep chugging along, but there was more work to do than we realized. :-/


Esperanto on Duolingo is probably the most polished language course I've ever taken. It doesn't surprise me that you'd be careful about adding to it.


No worries, we all know it will be worth the wait :)


It's a great course already and there is a lot of other Esperanto material out there. (I can especially recommend doing the course on lernu.net in parallel, as it's really fun.) So I don't think making us wait a little longer is a big problem.


Is there anything we, the ordinary users, can do to help with any of this?


In practice (I have experienced the same thing in some other languages), it means that if you have already finished the Esperanto tree, it will suddenly have gaps. So there will be new lessons to learn! Of course that's extremely motivating.

If you haven't finished the Esperanto tree yet when 2.0 comes out, you will likely find gaps in what you have already completed, as well, but it may not be so motivating. You do not have to fill in the gaps right away, but you may well feel obliged to do so, and that will delay completion of the tree. And of course in the parts of the tree that you haven't completed yet, you will have to do all lessons to advance, including the new ones.

You could take this as motivation to complete the Esperanto tree before it is extended.


I've already done that twice over. Will there be random lessons among my completed lessons, or will it reset to a point?


Damn! I've got to finish the original tree before September then. At least that's a motivation to push on!

Took me about 3 months to get back to where I was at when the second German tree came out.

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