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  5. "הן מטיילות שם כל הזמן."

"הן מטיילות שם כל הזמן."

Translation:They travel there all the time.

August 19, 2016



Why can't you say: They travel there all of the time?


Is it not necessary to say לשם?


It's not necessary and it's incorrect. לשם means "to there". You are going somewhere to travel in there, you are not traveling to there.


Actually, I had the same confusion as AniKelly - it is possible for the (English) sentence to imply traveling to somewhere as well: "Do you like going to China?" "Sure, I travel (to) there every chance I get." Obviously it's necessary to get to "there" first...and then, presumably, one would also travel in "there". I guess that's where לנסוע comes in, huh? " אני נוסע לשם ואז אני טייל שם " ?? But if לטייל means to walk or hike, couldn't one use it to say "I hike (travel) to the top of those mountains every weekend."?


Every time is כל פעם.


I thought "הן מטיילות" meant "they hike" or "they stroll" or "they wander around" more than "they travel."


I thought so too. then there's לנסוע?


I thought לנסוע was to travel, too. Is there a difference?


If I understand it correctly you travel to a place (נָסַע לְ־), which emphasise that you arrive somewhere, or you travel somewhere (טִיֵּל), which emphasise, that you journey around.


It also mean to hike. You should check the box under the link that says something like: my answer should be correct


At other places I have seen another spelling of מטיילות, namely מטילות. Is there a rule that DL is following here?


Well, in defective script it is מְטַיְּלוֹּת, but in full spelling you express consonantal Jod in most cases by doubling it.


I am wondering if the audio is correct for the pronunciation of the word "travel" (מְטַייְלות)? I would think that there should be a long "I" sound because of the diphthong that is formed between the "patakh" (פַתַח) "ַ " vowel and the letter "Yod" (י). Instead, I hear a long "A" sound in its place.


The whole time?

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