"Nem, unalmas filmre nem ülök be!"

Translation:No, I do not go to see a boring movie!

August 19, 2016

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how could beülni become "go see" (which should be "go to see", btw)?


I am a native Hungarian speaker. Literally "beülni" means "to sit in", which can be used for some different meanings, for example when somebody sits into the car, then we say "beül az autóba".

And when we say "beül egy filmre" it means 'he/she sits in(to the cinema to watch) a movie'

So it is just a sentence which is perfect in the spoken and written Hungarian language, and when we try to translate it, it sounds odd in English and I honestly don't know which verb would be better than 'go see'.


As OP noted "go to see" would be better.


Idiomatic match.


Seriously, after all these months I still can't say film?? Only movie? How many times does this have to be reported???????


If we are talking idiomatic sentences here then perhaps "No, I am not sitting through a boring movie/film" would be a better match.


Would "No I am not going to watch a boring film" not be OK ?


Or - "I'm not going to a boring film". No need for the "see".


I put, "No, I'm not going in to see a boring film." I've reported it because it wasn't accepted and, unless persuaded I'm wrong, I can't see a problem. I have added the word "in" which corresponds with "be" and doesn't alter the meaning.


Ülok değil paşam ULOK


How about literally, "No, I am not sitting in for a boring film." We can say that in English and people would know what it meant. They would think in terms of staying in at home to watch it rather than going to the cinema. Is that how a Hungarian would view the sentence? There's no mention of going anywhere, no use of the verbs látni or nézni although I do realize, (and how!!) that literal translations don't always work terribly well from Hungarian to English.


There's no mention of going anywhere

The "be" implies motion.


No, I am not going in to watch a boring film. Not accepted, reported because the Duo answer is equally bad. In fact, I agree entirely with Judit and there's no mention of going anywhere but I see that the expression is used idiomatically so that movement is inferred. It's a bad question because it becomes a memory test as to which way of getting at the idiom in English is recognized by Duo. I will just write down the answer but this isn't helpful.


Mu vote is with 'No, I am not sitting through a boring film'

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