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  5. "Venga con me!"

"Venga con me!"

Translation:Come with me!

February 3, 2013



As far as I know, this one is a tricky one: "venite!" is for the 2nd plural imperative: (You all) come! 2nd singular would be: "Vieni!" "Come!"

"Venga!" is however 3rd person singular ("he shall come!") which is used in this context as a formal you: "(Sir,) Come!

I'm sure it is explained in more details elsewhere, but here it might be enough. It also make senses to examine a bit full conjugation tables (Imperative column) to understand better. You will find a good one here: http://www.italian-verbs.com/italian-verbs/conjugation.php?verbo=venire


Thank you for this resource!


Venga is in the subjunctive, used for polite requests. I think it's confusing to toss it in here with all the informal stuff (like 'dimmi') if there's nothing in the sentence to give you a clue about context. Anyway - it's a formal way of ordering someone about. :)


...se vuoi vivere!


Sono venuto qui per dire questo.


I've seen "venga" used to mean "come" but also "venite"...what is it that distinguishes the italian infinitive?


I believe "venga" is the singular imperative while "venite" is the plural.


Your question is a bit unclear, but as SamMWBlake has answered parts of it, I'll try to answer the rest.

The Italian infitives I've seen so far end in either -ere, -are or -ire. You may also find infinitives being used as negative imperatives, e.g. "Non venire qua!" ("Do not come here!").


the third option is the best! hahhaa :D


I have never understood why Duolingo does not indicate whether it should be singular, formal or plural when translating from Italian to English. Since the word you can mean all three, this is very confusing. Is there a discussion about this somewhere? (By the way, same problem with Google translate)


For those familiar with Vengaboys, this is where their name comes from (i.e., 'come [party with us], boys' Nice little mnemonic.


Not so long ago (18th-19th century) it was meco (from Latin "mecum") instead of con me.


Come with me if you want to LIVE!!!

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