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  5. "May I use the toilet?"

"May I use the toilet?"

Translation:Ga i ddefnyddio'r tŷ bach?

August 19, 2016



Just for fancy, I tried Ga i ddefnyddio'r lle chwech? , but it was not accepted.
Is it wrong to use lle chwech, or is it simply missing from the database?


"lle chwech" is one of many, many Welsh terms for a toilet. I guess if you starting by putting in another word for toilet in, you'd have to put then all in.


Anybody know the etymology of y lle chwech?


On Stack Exchange (https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/397677/what-is-the-origin-of-six-as-a-word-to-refer-to-the-toilet#:~:text=A%20common%20euphemism%20for%20the,than%20the%20porcelain%20throne%20itself.), several possible explanations are given. They include:

  • It comes from the use of "six" in English as a slang term for toilet
  • It used to cost 6d to use a public toilet in the old days (c.f., English "spend a penny")
  • It was common to build blocks of six toilets for workers

So, ya pays yur money and ya takes yur chances


Apart from chwech the number, there are older words chwech and chweg meaning 'sweet, pleasant, etc', so perhaps an ironic term for a toilet:

  • y lle chwech - the sweet(?-smelling) place


I read the sentence rhy gyflym and thought it said 'Ga i ddefnyddio'r tô bach?'

I was confused at why the grammar student was being so polite, speaking about punctuation, hahahaha

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