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"A japán gyerek felmászik az autóra."

Translation:The Japanese child climbs up onto the car.

August 20, 2016



Doesn't maaaszik mean both to crawl and to climb?


Crawl is horizontal, climb is vertical and fel- is added to mászik, so it is vertical.


Well, yes, I guess crawl should be accepted. Also, if you don't have th special characters, that alright, but then please write mászik as "maszik." "Maaszik" was used ages ago (exclusively in telegrams), but now it looks jarring.


Yes. Mászik = crawl and climb


Not in english.. A worm crawls. a monkey climbs. A baby crawls. A child climbs. A man who is a soldier crawls on the ground to sneak up on the enemy. A man climbs a ladder to get over the tower.


Does this mean climbing onto the outer surface of a car or getting inside (or both)?


It means the outer surface only.


Well then how would you say he climbs into the car (like a toddler would)? Is this sentence trying to say the child had climbed up onto the hood of the car? Or the roof? Naughty!


Why isn't it "kid" accepted the same as "child"?


Could someone please explain why "climbs onto the car" wrong? Why do we need up onto? Also sometimes Duo wants up on and other times upon. Are these beta problems or translation errors?


Since when do a child and a kid have different meanings?


In the last hundred years. Until then kid mean a baby goat. Kid is more recent English slang for child that has been accepted into daily use.

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