"The big dog runs into the sea."

Translation:A nagy kutya befut a tengerbe.

August 20, 2016



The English sentence doesn't indicate completeness of the action though, so I'm reporting ;)

October 5, 2016


No, it really is correct to use both BEfut and tengerBE, even if it sounds redundant to English speakers. Just a difference between Engl and Hungarian.

December 12, 2016


Is "be" fut needed and fut a tengerbe wrong? Maybe it has to be double in Hungarian? A tenger"be" means already into.

August 20, 2016


I believe the prefix on the verb marks it as a more "finished" action.

In German, too, one could say both Der große Hund rennt ins Meer. or Der große Hund rennt ins Meer hinein. - once with prefixless verb rennen and once with prefixed verb hineinrennen - even though ins already indicates direction.

It sort of emphasises that the dog actually ended up in the water, while the first one might also be used while he is still running and is perhaps still on the beach and not in the water yet at all.

August 20, 2016


Yes, perfectly put! :)

August 20, 2016


Super Antwort, Danke!

August 21, 2016


It is a nice comparison :-) I see that there is a difference in emphasis. But 'fut a tengerbe' was marked wrong. Should I report it?

February 2, 2017
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