"Where do you arrive?"

Translation:Hova érkeztek?

August 20, 2016

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I wrote Hol érkezel? It should be accepted, how do am i suppose to know it is you plural?


Probably because you used "hol" and not "hova". Hungarian makes a distinction on where something is and where something will end up. Since arrival is about ending up somewhere, you need to use "hova". If it was something else like standing, reading, being, then "hol" would be used instead.

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    Is Ti really required?


    Is hova erkezol ok


    Yes, "hova érkezel" is accepted


    ------ but, your typo e'rkezOl is NOT accepted . . .

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    I cannot understand this. I learned that Hova is a movement to a place. (wohin in German) Where do you arrive, I understand as Wo kommst du an / Hol megérkezel. The hungarian Duo sentence doesn't yet make sense to me. (hova utazol, hova megy a busz.....)


    I guess it's just a difference between the two languages. In Hungarian it's "vhová megérkezik."


    ------ hunkies see / feel e'rkezni (arriving ) as a moving / directional verb . so it takes hova / hova' (either is ok ) . . .

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    This makes no sense to me in English. Is it asking where someone arrived from, or is it like you are waiting for someone at the wrong gate in a railway station and then when they come up behind you ask Hova érkeztek like which gate did you show up at.


    ... where do you arrive ? ... on your flight from budapest ? . . .

    ------- in english, i arrive in san francisco not in oakland. in hungarian i arrive TO san francisco . . .

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    Thanks, but in English we just would not say that. We would say "Where did you arrive from". The only instance where I could imagine it would make sense to ask "where do you arrive" is if you're speaking to someone to plan where you'll meet them on arrival--do you arrive at the airport, or the train station, or the bus stop, or something like that. Is that what this sentence is basically for?


    ------ exactly . . .

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