"Nie planuję nigdzie pracować."

Translation:I do not plan on working anywhere.

August 20, 2016

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I would say "Nie planuję gdziekolwiek pracować"


That's also accepted.


The double negative tricked me! It has been a long time since it tricked me, but I thought it meant "I don't plan to never work" (which is an odd sentence, of course).


As long as you don't leech off of me...


Does this express the intent of the speaker to literally not plan on going to work anywhere; or does it refer to the speaker still going to work in places, but never planning the method of the work?


My first impression is that he plans to not work anywhere.

but it can be read as amibiugous, if it's a prophecy or something.


Would "I do not intend to working anywhere" be acceptable? I didn't try it, changed it as I thought it might want plan specifically


After "intend to" you need the infinitive form of the verb, not the gerund. "intend to work" is the right way.


However, it wasn't accepted so far. Probably for the reason that I don't plan on and I don't intend to are a bit different in meaning and there is a more or less exact translation for the latter, which is nie mam zamiaru.


oh yes, sloppy copying, I did mean 'work'. Thanks so much for replies


I presume one can also say, "I plan not to work anywhere" ("Planuję nigdzie nie pracować").


That sounds correct.


Wow, this really sounded like ,,Nie planujemy..." during the first four times I replayed it. I was able to pick out the word "nigdzie" only when I replayed it again on the really slow setting. At regular speed the words get completely mashed together and lose some of their syllables. Does this sort of communication mishap occur often in real life?


No, I don't think so... and you probably won't be surprised that I don't hear any problems here. "my" and "ni" are quite different...

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